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A motorcycle is quite a thrilling vehicle to own; its sporty, fast and would probably help you beat traffic on a daily basis. While owning a motorbike could be one of the coolest things ever regardless of the type and brand, you may find yourself in a heated situation when you need to fix, park or raise your bike for proper maintenance. A motorcycle stand brings a quick fix to this issue; it is meant to adequately support your bike whenever you need to clean and maintain, fix or tweak a few things; or even when you need to park it after an exhilarating ride out. There are many bike stands available in the market, however, you and your bike deserve only the best; hence why we have compiled this generous list of the best motorcycle stands.

The Best Motorcycle Stand

The Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front and Rear Combo Wheel Stand is one of the most convenient and functional paddock stands you would find in the bike stand market. It is has been built with heavy duty steel that is sure to withstand wear and tear, with increased tenacity and durability.

The rear wheel lift stand is engineered with a force ratio that ensures an easy and convenient user experience, anytime you need to store, clean or repair the bike. The stand also offers four wheels that ensure it is manoeuvrable and stable regardless of the environment or landscape you are in. This makes it easy to use the lift stand to raise your rear tire safely, securely and hands-free. And when the need arises to give your bike a boost, simply push down and the bike will lift.

Key Features
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Made with Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Designed to Adequately Lift the Whole Bike
  • Suitable for Most Sport Bikes
  • Brand Venom
  • Model SMI6010
  • Weight 20 pounds

If you own a bike, it probably came built with a kickstand. However, in all honesty, it may not be so reliable when lifting your bike for various reasons or storing it. Hence why there are bike stands such as the Safstar Motorcycle Stand which is engineered to stably and adequately lift your bikes so you can clean, change tires or simply store it away after usage – all completely hassle-free.

When you talk about getting great value at a steal price, the Safstar is all about that. With an extra strong and welded construction and a high gloss and powerful black finish, you can be assured of durability and continued satisfaction with your bike looking absolutely stellar in its strong and shiny form. It is quite simple to install and once set up, it can be suitably adjusted to fit most bikes. What’s more, its universal design makes it compatible with almost all motorcycle brands and thanks to its solid build, it will adequately hold the bike up while you clean and make the necessary light repairs.

Key Features
  • Strong and durable welded construction
  • Four wheels for extra stability
  • Designed and adjustable to fit more bikes
  • Black and glossy powder coat finish
  • Brand Safstar
  • Model 5559122659

Not all bikes have a kickstand, and without doubt, it could be hazardous to simply lean your bike on the wall or lay it down on your garage floor. The Excel PST-004 Gold Universal Triangle Motorcycles Stand is perfect for bikes without a kickstand. Its small yet concrete form will adequately solve your bike stand issues and ensure you can go to bed knowing that your bike is safely and comfortably parked.

Only a stand made of high-quality material and the tenacity to hold up weighty vehicles can stand the test of time when it comes to supporting the weight of your bike. That’s why the Excel triangle motorbike stand made it to the top of our list because of its phenomenal heavy duty steel construction. This ensures this functional equipment will be able to withstand wear and tear caused by harsh weather conditions, dust, different terrains and surfaces and even the usual day to day weather. Its petite and sizeable structure takes up a small amount of space allowing you to easily park it in your garage or walkway. It won’t take a minute to mount and dismount the bike – so even when you are in a hurry, you’ll achieve that in no time.

Key Features
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Universally compatible with most bikes
  • Space saving and east to use
  • Cost effective
  • Brand Excel
  • Model PST-004
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

Are you looking to clean out your bike, oil your chains and change your tires in a lot less time and less hassle? Then the Motorcycle Sport Bike Rear Stand is perfect for you. If you are a do-it-yourself bike owner, this is the best time to purchase an effective and durable bike stand, especially if your bike has spools instead of swingarms. However, regardless of which one your bike features, you can still use this equipment as it offers larger and softer rolling urethane wheels which help bear the weight of the bike to a relatively larger extent than smaller and stronger wheels.

Whenever you decide to clean out your bike and carry out general work on it, this sport bike stand will be your most handy assistant. Setting up this stand is not hard either, however, if you get stuck, there is an online installation video offered by the manufactures which can watch to put together this masterpiece quite efficiently; rather than cracking your brain trying to figure it out on your own. It is designed with a high quality large tube construction that will ensure this rear stand will keep serving you efficiently for a long time. It is also finely finished with a rich black powder coating giving this stand an attractive and phenomenal look.

Key Features
  • Long lasting large tube design
  • Large rolling urethane wheels
  • Rich black powder coating
  • 1 year warranty
  • Brand SMI
  • Model SMI3000
  • Weight 11 pounds

Rear ended paddock stands are relatively very easy to use and that is why you see a lot of them in the market nowadays. The Trackside Rear Paddock Stand is one that shines out in the crowd with it tough and sturdy build and a durable powder coat finish that sustainably prevents rusting and corrosion. It will work great regardless of the environment or terrace you place it on since it is strong enough to hold your motorbike in place when cleaning out the tires and wheels.

Usually, when oiling a bike, you have to depend on the kickstand and a lot of hands-on work to support the bikes weight which may end up taking more to perform a simple task. Luckily, with the Trackside paddock stand, you can securely lift up your bike to sit stably while you work on the bike in the course of minutes.

Key Features
  • Versatile support brackets
  • Retractable Handles
  • Heavy-Duty 38mm steel tubing
  • Dual wheel casters on each side
  • Brand Trackside
  • Model SL17R

Most times, when users purchase a rear paddock stand it is only normal to go ahead and buy a front lift stand so you can properly lift the front wheel alongside the rear one. In situations where the front and rear paddock lift do not come together, the best option is to get a high quality front stand. The Venom Motorcycle Triple Tree Head Stand is a high-grade stand made from a heavy duty steel construction that was built to last. It will adequately lift your front tire to make oiling your bike, cleaning out the tires and efficiently maintaining them much easier. The process of maintaining your bike could seem stressful and time-consuming, but thanks to the impressive features and the capable build of the Venom’ motorcycle stand, you will be able to do so much more in a short time period.

The stand also comes with 5 triple tree pins of 13mm, 15mm, 16.5mm, 17mm, and 18mm which can be placed in the centre of the stem. When pushed down, the stand will stably lift the bike and with the front tire completely lifted, you can perform necessary tasks safely. There are also four tires on the side to ensure the stand stays stable and secure regardless of the type of surface or terrain.

Key Features
  • Includes 5 Triple Tree Pins to fit most bikes
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Four wheels for increased stability
  • Triple tree lift plus front wheel lift combo
  • Brand Venom
  • Model SMI3020

Who does not like a 2 in one combo offer? When you buy a rear stand, you often also have to think about buying a separate accompanying front stand. This may be tricky, especially if you prefer to use one brand for consistency and top-notch performance. The OxGord Universal Motorcycle Stand is a spectacular and distinct stand because of its inclusive combo feature; now you can have a paddock stand that can completely lift both the front and rear wheels up without buckling or swaying.

It’s a great choice for most motorcycle types such as ATV’s, sports bikes and dirt bikes making it one of the safest and most suitable options for motorbikes in general.

Key Features
  • Aids in safe and easy conveyance of your bike
  • All in one rear and front paddock stand
  • Supports bike of up to 400 pounds
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Brand OxGord
  • Model UMSK-02
  • Weight 19.3 pounds

This is yet another 2-in one motorcycle front stand that should not be missed. Getting two paddock stands separately may incur more costs, however, when you purchase the Motorcycle Front and Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stand, you get both equipments at an affordable price. The Rear wheel Stand conveniently foots the weight of the rear wheel while lifting it up to easily change your tires, oil the chains or move your bike to the desired spot where you can properly maintain and store it. With a good quality and durable steel construction, it is sure to last long and stay in form thanks to its rich glossy powdered black coating. This rear stand is also well-suited for a good range of bikes; it is pretty much universal and will adequately get the job done on time. However, we can’t finish without mentioning that this purchase does not include swingarm spools or sliders.

Key Features
  • Front and rear spool Paddock stand
  • 1 year warranty
  • Long lasting welded construction
  • Great for changing tires, maintenance, and storage
  • Brand SMI
  • Model SMI3000 3010

We can comfortably say that the Pit Bull Hybrid Dual Lift Front Motorcycle Stand sets the pace when it comes to a quality, durable and sturdy cycle stand. It is a common stand used to measure the performance of other paddock stand and is made from high quality steel whilst being coated with zinc to ensure it can withstand the elements. Although the price is much steeper than other brands, it is well worth it. With its premium modular design, you can easily change the lift patterns to either lift from the forks or the triple trees which are lower. This can be achieved by replacing the necessary parts.

The Hybrid dual front lift comes with seven height adjustments which will simplify the task of taking out the forks on the motorcycle or bearing up a bike with uneven forks. There is also an option of getting a standard pin delivered with your purchase and the manufacturers have included a size chart that can be used to ascertain the most suitable pin that fits the bike. And although the hybrid head-lift usually features a detachable handle, this model comes with a fixed one.

Key Features
  • Premium quality motorbike stand
  • 7 height adjustments
  • Convertible lift styles
  • Great return policy
  • Brand Pit Bull
  • Model F0100-100
  • Weight 18.85 pounds

While the CHN FW-1 Front Wheel Stand looks quite simple and slim tubed, it is made from heavy-duty steel construction that reinforces its tenacity and capacity to safely and securely keep your bike in position while you work on it. It is quite easy to assemble so it won’t much to figure out. Its long and sturdy build makes it easier to grip and pull down when lifting the bike up and with a phenomenal capacity to fold out conveniently, it provides an easy and user-friendly setting up process. This allows the motorbike to be securely lifted by the front steering head tube.

During all necessary repairs, it is vital to have enough access to the front of the bike in order to adequately reach all target areas and the CHN FW-1 front stand ensures you enjoy maximum access when maintenance, cleaning and tire changes are on-going. As it comes with lift pins in the five most different and common sizes and four wheels that keep the stand stable and secure, this allows for easy removal of the front forks.

Key Features
  • Kit offers 5 most common lift pins
  • 4 wheel for extra stability
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy removal of the front forks
  • Brand CHN
  • Model FW-1
  • Weight 16.35 pounds

Best Motorcycle Stand Buying Guide & FAQ

Owning a sport bike is great but what is even better. is having a stand that will assist with bearing on the weight of your bike and lifting it up for proper storage, maintenance, and cleaning. However, before procuring one, there are a few important things to know and consider.

What to Look for When You Buying a Motorcycle Stand

  • Durable materials

The stand and all its parts should be made from quality materials with a durable finish, the construction should be made to last and withstand rusting and corrosion especially in wet areas or in times when it rains.

  • Stable wheels

All motorbike stands and dirt bike stands need solid and sturdy wheels to maintain the balance after lifting the bike; it should also be effectively suitable for all terrains and environments.

  • Lightweight and easy to store

You will not use your bike stand all the time so it’s best to store it away. However, it needs to be light enough to move and either foldable or detachable.

  • Safety

It is vital for a motorbike stand to lift and lower your bike securely without tipping over or wobbling under the pressure. If you are a bike owner, you understand the importance of having a piece of equipment that firmly holds up your bike during regular cleaning and maintenance procedures. It makes it a lot easier and dependable than using the kickstand.

red motorcycle

Benefits of Dirt Bike Stands

  • Convenience: One advantage of owning a motorcycle stand is the stress it takes off your shoulders as it eases off all the heavy duty.
  • Stability: While it is quite easy and rampant for bikes to tip over when supported by a kickstand, a durable and sturdy bike stand will effectively work to keep your bike in position regardless of collisions that may occur.
  • Maneuverability: Another great advantage enjoyed from owning a dirt bike stand is the luxury of being able to move it around your garage or sidewalk as opposed to trying to convey it around yourself. The wheels and stability on the bike enable it to transport around quite well.

Types of Motorcycle Stands

  • The Triangle stand:

A triangle stand comes in handy for bikes that do not have a kickstand or need extra reinforcements to keep the bike in place. As the name implies, they have a simple yet strong and durable triangular form.

  • The Static or Fixed stand:

A static stand is used for balancing and truing wheels.

  • The Lift Stand:

Lift stands do not just support the bike but act as a lever to lift it up, so the necessary work can be carried out on the bike.

  • The Hydraulic Scissor Lift Stand:

This is an adjustable stand constructed on a hydraulic jack that enables you to lift and lower your bike via an incorporated foot control system.

How to Use Dirt Bike Stand

Using a dirt stand depends on the type and how they operate. A bike stand will either be fitted on to your bike using spools or frames. This allows it to hook on to the motorbike by the wheels and when pushed down, it will adequately lift up your bike from the front, rear or both sides.

Best Motorcycle Stand FAQ:

Q: What is a motorcycle stand?

A motorcycle stand is a piece of safe and sturdy equipment that helps to support and lift up your bike to ease up cleaning, maintenance and storage.

Q: Are motorcycle stands universal?

Not all stands will be compatible with your bike;  it is important to look out for those that are best suited to the brand of the bike.

Our Top Pick

The Venom Sport Bike Paddock Stand is built to withstand corrosion and is well-engineered with four wheels to fit any terrain. The front and rear stands are designed to lift the whole bike and are suitable for use on most sport bikes.


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