About Us

Car Bibles is the prime resource for anyone looking to buy, drive, and maintain or modify their cars. It’s everything you need to know about automobile ownership and a guidebook to car culture.

For casual car owners and shoppers, Car Bibles stocks painless automotive advice and clear how-to explainers for all budgets and skill levels. This site will empower you to feel some confidence around that big lump of metal you need to get to work and school.

For those already deeply indoctrinated into automotive culture, consider us your new favorite resource for buying, maintaining, and upgrading enthusiast cars. You’ll also get our perspective on the current state of the automotive scene and candid rundowns of cool happenings in the car world.

Put simply: The primary objective of Car Bibles is to sift through the internet’s abyss of automotive knowledge to point out what’s good. Or at least help you avoid wandering into a thicket of factually questionable nonsense.

Car Bibles is a part of Brookline Media and North Equity , which includes The Drive , The War Zone and Task & Purpose .

How We Curate Products

Car Bibles aggregates reviews and research from all over the internet to figure out which cars and products are worth buying. We also put out shopping guides to help you understand how to assess the value of these things on your own. Knowledge is horsepower!

Featured products are vetted in various ways:

  • Real-World Experience: Some products are tested in-house or used in the field by our own staff.
  • Expert Recommendations: Car Bibles consults subject matter experts on specific issues when prudent.
  • User Reviews: Customer feedback helps us understand how something might last in the hands of its end user.
  • Brand Reputations: Historical performance of a given brand or product gives us context for what to look for in the latest version of something.
  • Sales Stats: The popularity of an item can be an indicator of whether or not something is worth further investigation or scrutiny.

We can’t put our own hands on every item available. But years of journalism, research, and product testing experience gives us the context we need to make prudent picks. Items that are used by our own staff may get earnest endorsements as well, but we’ll never take bribes or bonuses to sell you stuff we’re not actually excited about. Affiliate revenue is always disclosed.

And any time a company covers logistics for a product test or provides hardware for evaluation for free, you’ll see a full disclosure in the review.

Affiliate Disclosure

Car Bibles is owned and operated by Brookline Media Inc. and may contain advertisements, sponsored content, paid insertions, affiliate links or other forms of monetization. Any paid content, advertising space or sponsored posts will be clearly identified as such.

Decisions about what we write about and how we undertake our work are made solely by our writers and editors. Advertisers, direct or otherwise, have no sway over news stories, product reviews or any other kind of coverage. We will be transparent about any relationships we have that might appear to influence our coverage, and surround any and all product and affiliate stories with proper disclosures.

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If you like what you’ve seen on the site, please link up with us on Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , LinkedIn , or Pinterest ! Exclusive Car Bibles content makes its way onto every platform. The best way to reach out directly about a post is to leave a comment, but if you’d rather send us an email that’s an option too. Reach us at contact@carbibles.com . We answer as many as we can.

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