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There is an incomparable feeling that accompanies sleeping with an air bed and sleeping without one. Seeing that there are a lot of situations that may arise and would warrant anyone to take a nap or inevitably sleep in his/her car, it is important to have a car air mattress as a useful alternative. This is to ensure you don’t eventually wake up to excruciating neck or back pain from sleeping in a manner that’s not comfortable. Car air beds are convenient, reliable, and will enable you to get the rest you desire in a way that is highly recommended. This further sheds some light on our selection of the best car air beds for use.  They have been carefully selected to bring to the table all the necessary features that accompany comfort and convenience.

The Best Car Air Bed

When picking a suitable air mattress, an important feature that is usually on the mind of a buyer is choosing a product that will last long. Its durability is an advantage that will ensure a wrong choice isn’t made, and coherently, that the cost spent on the purchase isn’t in vain. Hence, this pushes manufacturers to put in their absolute best to produce a car air mattress with the best span possible. This is exactly what the HAITRAL Car Inflatable Air Mattress provides for all intending buyers. This backseat air mattress has a lot of amazing functionalities accompanying it, but on the topic of durability, it supersedes expectations. This is accurately done with the gentle and soft PVC/Oxford material used in production. What embraced this air mattress as our best choice today was mainly because of its features of comfort, with an incredible span. For the mattress seekers looking for an alternative bed advantage while on the go, the HAITRAL Car Inflatable Air Mattress is a more than a suitable option.

Key Features
  • Inflation dimensions of 53.5 by 16.5 by 32.2 inches
  • Comes with 2 pillows
  • Waterproof
  • Air pump included
  • Brand HAITRAL
  • Model FBA_G1
  • Weight 5.1 pounds

Extremely lightweight when deflated

Wide enough to fit most cars

Easy to maintain


May deflate after hours

Will not fit all cars

Can be punctured easily

A useful consideration to put in mind when looking for a car bed mattress to purchase, is picking one that can be used for more than one purpose. When seeking to provide comfort within the car, it’s somewhat inevitable to think of scenarios where you can enjoy your car air bed even when outside the car. This lingers to the need for a multipurpose car back seat bed. Fortunately, one that provides the best functionalities with a suitable multi-purpose advantage is not far out of reach. We introduce to you the FBSPORT Car Travel Inflatable Mattress. With its unique features for both inside and outside the car occasions, it has become a generic sought after product. For the camping needs, travel options, even to napping inside the house, this inflatable air mattress is an ideal go-to option. It presents on a platter, a comfortable feature with a useful convenient solution that many are in need of. With a simple pump and go feature, you’re guaranteed to get the necessary rest time wherever you may need it direly.

Key Features
  • Storage bag included
  • Air pump included
  • 2 air pillows provided
  • Inflation dimensions of 143cm by 87cm by 45cm
  • Brand FBSPORT
  • Model SG_B01EKT08U8_US
  • Weight 5 pounds

Great for other indoor and outdoor activities

Soft and comfortable material

Wide surface area for more comfort


Can easily be punctured

Deflates with time

Longer inflation time

With a lot of specifications given on choosing the right air mattress for your car, there are still slight chances you could make a wrong choice when it comes to size. For a car mattress you have purchased not to fit into your vehicle of choice, could truly serve as a disheartening adventure. Talk less of it fitting into one and not in another, leaving you with no other option than to get more than one air mattress for different vehicles. To completely erase the complications involved in picking a suitable inflatable air mattress to fit into your car, and not just yours, but several others as well, we have provided you with the right product that brings a solution to this problem. This product is none other than the Goldhik Car Travel Inflatable Mattress. It is notably one car mattress with the ability to fit into 95% of cars and vehicles, giving your purchase an all-round identity of a car mattress. Combined with the best features for supporting convenience, this is one product that is a go-to car air bed you can always bank on.

Key Features
  • 2 air pillows included
  • An inflating pump provided
  • Inflation dimensions of 53 by 12.6 by 33 inches
  • Flocking fabric material
  • Brand goldhik
  • Weight 5.8 pounds

Comes with a handbag for storage

Wide enough for maximum relaxation

Lightweight to carry when deflated


Leaks after a while

Can be punctured easily

Material isn’t as thick

A major concern when it boils down to using a car air bed is the topic of air pumps. More often, when a manual pump isn’t available, it’s a question of how exactly the inflatable mattress will be inflated, if peradventure an electric pump is not available, neither is there a socket outlet present. Putting all the statistics together, the manufacturers of the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress have thought of a reasonable solution to this problem. They have provided, which is included in their package, rechargeable air pump. This is a wonderful opportunity for effective future journey plans by plugging this pump to an outlet socket and reserving the pump for whenever you may need it. Peradventure there isn’t room for that procedure, there’s no call for alarm as the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress’s air pump, can be charged with a car charger while on the road. For solving major errors that are basically inevitable when planning to use a car air bed, choosing a bed that directly gives maximum security is a great product to consider.

Key Features
  • Mattress coil technology for comfort
  • External air pump included
  • Storage bag included
  • Eco-friendly materials used
  • Brand SoundAsleep Products
  • Weight 9 pounds

The air pump is rechargeable

Comes with 1-year warranty

Thick material


Deflates easily

The valve may seem tedious to operate

Can be punctured easily

What an easy breeze of convenience it is to have the shortest time possible to inflate your car air bed. This gives a faster approach to having your convenience delivered to you, and without a waste of time, you get your car mattress up and running in seconds. Coherently, this leads to an ideal purchase choice – the DYZD Car Inflation Bed. This bed brings a conventional approach towards mobile comfort and comes with a fast 2-minute full inflation time period. It completely erases all the unnecessary hassles involved in inflating an air mattress. For an even sweeter ride, the inflation mattress can be plugged directly to the car using a car charger, and the inflation process starts right away. With reasonable effort, to ensure you don’t miss a second apart from your comfort, or the intent for which the car blow up bed has been purchased, the DYZD Car Inflation Bed has put the control into your hands.

Key Features
  • Inflation dimensions of 55 by 18 by 35 inches
  • Air pump included
  • 2 pillows included
  • Pressure-resistant material
  • Brand DYZD
  • Model FBA_AEC1301016
  • Weight 5.6 pounds

Extra thick material

Waterproof advantages

Eco-friendly materials used


Slow leak disadvantage

Can be punctured easily

May lose shape after a while

One thing that is inevitable when planning to sleep in a car, or for camping purposes, is to be susceptible to the extreme weather climates. More so, the right safety methods needs to be fully put into place all the time. Winterial Back Seat Car Mattress is one delightful product from Winterial Manufacturers that offers a solution. As the name implies, it’s a good winter car air bed, that as well, can be used for accommodating other seasons as well. This is an option for a car bed that provides a helpful solution to climate conditions. With the Winterial Back Seat Inflatable Car Camping Travel Mattress, you get the advantage of a cold-resistant car air bed suitable to keep you warm and cozy even when the weather is extremely cold. For temperatures ranging between -10 degrees Celsius, and 60 degrees Celsius, this inflatable air mattress is capable of maintaining a stable temperature. This is an extra advantage and a plus bonus that contributes to comfort on all levels.

Key Features
  • Comes with an air pump
  • 2 pillows included
  • Double-sided flocking material
  • Flexible design
  • Brand Winterial
  • Weight 5.6 pounds

Suitable for other occasions

High-quality tough material

Weatherproof advantages


May not fit most cars

Can be punctured easily

Pillows may deflate easily

When it comes to a sweet sleeping experience, it solely revolves around the type of mattress being used. Have they been constructed in a way to provide an easy sleeping experience? Indeed it’s quite satisfactory to know that a bed delivers exactly that, and more particularly, a car air bed you desire to purchase. This further leans to the insightful features of the SmartSpeed Car Air Mattress. This car air mattress has an innovative method of guaranteeing sound sleep, and this is done by the practical curve design implemented on this air mattress. It is layered in an appropriate manner to induce sleep faster and ensure it is indeed a comfortable one. It also helps to take care of the body parts, ensuring you don’t wake up with body pains or fatigue. This is a resounding feature about the SmartSpeed Car Air Mattress that put it at a reasonable spot for purchase anytime, any day.

Key Features
  • Comes with an air pump
  • 2 car air bed pillows included
  • PVC material used
  • Inflation dimensions of 53 by 18 by 34 inches
  • Brand SmartSpeed
  • Weight 6 pounds

Soft and comfortable material


Short inflation time


Cannot accommodate 2 adults

Can be torn easily

Cannot accommodate tall people

More or less, it’s admittedly inevitable for accidents to happen when using an air mattress. The probability of punctures occurring is quite likely. Peradventure in the midst of a camping trip or a car rest, a situation like this occurs, and there seems to be no instant solution, this could pose as a defeat on the intent of the use of the mattress at that point. However, what if there is a car air mattress that adequately provides safety tools to aid in the midst of accidents. Gladly, there is – which is none other than the Drive Travel Heavy Duty Car Travel Inflatable Mattress. One helpful thing included in this package is a repair pad that helps in the midst of accidents when there are no other solutions to resort to. Another insightful thing included is glue kits for patching up punctures effortlessly. This leaves no room for mishaps that could prevent you from enjoying the comfort time you have so direly prepared for.

Key Features
  • Repair pad included
  • Glue kits included
  • An electric car pump provided
  • PVC material used
  • Brand Heavy Duty
  • Model JE-KWMO-M2LZ
  • Weight 10.6 ounces

Comfortable feel

High-quality material



May leak after a while

Can easily split or puncture

May not fit all cars

Best Car Air Bed Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Look for in a Car Air Bed

  • Durability

This is the first feature to look out for because no matter how accurately effective a car air bed is, if it doesn’t have the resounding qualities to last long, it will eventually mean a loss for the costs initially incurred. Hence it is important to take note of the materials used for production and put into consideration other features as well, that will contribute to the general span of the car air mattress.

  • Comfortability

The topic of comfort cannot be overemphasized as this revolves around the sole intent of purchasing an inflatable car bed. Your comfort should be guaranteed, and this is a feature that must be identified with the car air bed you desire to buy. It’s important for an inflatable mattress to have the right inflation volume capacity to give you the desired comfort you’re looking for, which demands closer attention to the subject of comfort.

  • Added accessories

Some of these added accessories may include items that in general, aid in the convenience that your inflatable air mattress will provide, or easy solutions to problems that may be encountered. It’s a good idea to look out for added accessories because it prevents you from buying other materials to service your car air bed, which only incurs unnecessary costs.

  • Waterproof Advantages

For a better maintenance system, it is excellent for a car blow up bed to have waterproof advantages, to ensure a better cleanup method and a fresh smell at all points. Hence, it is important to take note of whether the bed entails waterproof features as a part of its functionalities.

Mattress Air Bed

Benefits of Car Air Mattress

  • Portability

The major benefit accompanying a car air mattress is that it is portable. It can easily be carried from one position to another when deflated and can serve its full purpose when inflated. Other than using any other mattress that is tedious to move, an air mattress brings an ease of use feature wherever you may be.

  • Convenience

An indisputable fact surrounding the purchase of an air bed mattress is the topic of convenience. The major benefit an air mattress provides is a comfort at all points in time, erasing unpleasant postures that could result in body pain, when not using an air bed for the needed occasions and situations. Air beds provide an alternative to getting the desired comfort.

  • Variation

Car air mattresses have the advantage of giving a variety of uses considering different occasions. The benefit of getting a car blow up bed is that most times, it can also be purposefully used to provide comfort with several other outdoor activities. It saves the costs, needed to get various air mattresses to suit several activities.

Types of Inflatable Car Bed

  • Multipurpose Inflatable Car Bed

A car bed is identified as a multipurpose mattress when it can be used for several indoor and outdoor activities. When it comes to camping, and all other situations that would require the utmost comfort, this specific type of car air mattress, is indeed a good option.

  • Inflatable Car Beds With Built-in Pump

There are several car air beds that seek to bring solutions to several pump disadvantages, by providing an adequate air pump, built into their mattress, to provide easy inflation process, and endless comfortability no matter the situation.

  • Inflatable Car Bed With External Pump

This takes the place of most car air mattresses, as a lot of manufacturers include with their products, an easy hands-on air pump, that could either be manual or electric. This is a needful accessory included, that contributes to the workability of a car air mattress, and most importantly, it’s availability.

Best Car Air Bed FAQ

Q: What Is A Car Air Bed?

A car air bed, otherwise known as a car air mattress, an inflatable car bed, or a car blow up bed, is an innovative tool that serves as a bed in situations where a person needs to sleep in a car. It is filled with air to provide comfort and portability. Sometimes called a backseat air mattress, it is identified by this name because it is positioned at the back seat of a car for an even platform for lying down.

Q: How Do I Pump Up An Inflatable Car Bed?

An inflatable car bed can either be pumped manually or with an electric pump. If the car bed does not come with a built-in electric pump, a manual or external electric pump can be used. The valve on the car air mattress is opened and connected to the nozzle from either the electric or manual pump. For a manual pump, manual pressure is applied, whereas for an electric pump, it is connected to a socket outlet and the rest is left for the pump to do the work.

Q: Do Air Mattresses Lose Air Overnight?

Air mattresses indeed lose air overnight. This happens due to the pressure applied to the bed over time, stretching the material gradually — and considering the properties of air, it will eventually seep through. Another thing that causes air mattresses to lose air, especially overnight, is due to the temperature levels that accompany night times. The lesser the temperature, the higher the density, which will cause the material of the air mattress to stretch, and allow air to pass through. Two-brothers-sleeping-in-car

Q: How Much Air Should I Put In My Car Blow Up Bed?

The highest amount of air recommended for a pump is 0.5 PSI, for a solid pump feel. The 0.5 PSI should not be exceeded in any way. For lower options like 0.4 PSI and 0.3 PSI, you’d get a softer feel. For preference purposes, it’s best to fill up to the desired level of softness which should not exceed 0.5 PSI.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is a durable product from HAITRAL. The HAITRAL Car Inflatable Bed comes with a neat durable setup, ensured to give you a long lasting comfortable experience. It fully incorporates all the necessary features a car air mattress needs and ensures it delivers to you a resounding convenient rest. The design curves are a feature put in place to ensure your posture is in the right condition. It also includes a waterproof design that enhances maintenance levels. It includes an easy hands-on air pump used for inflating this car air bed. More importantly, this car air mattress has been attested to be of high quality, making your purchase a secure one, and ensuring your sleep is even more comfortable. This and many more is why this air mattress is our top pick and should be yours as well.