The Best Car Coasters

Coasters are not just for hardwood furniture and high-end bars. Car coasters are an affordable preventable care product to keep your vehicle’s cup holders clean from the goo of daily use. Never again will you look down at the bottom of your cup holders and see mystery sticky goo that wears all the shades of brown. Cleaning hard to reach narrow cup holders can be a real hassle. Car coasters can save you from the gross chore of wiping away that collection of soda residue and sticky loose change. Car coasters help protect your vehicle’s interior quality by keeping moisture and dirt away. Most car coasters offer a universal size, while other brands offer buyers a personalized option. Here are some of the best car coasters currently on the market.

WeatherTech is known mostly for its laser-cut exact-fit vehicle floor mats, but it also makes our best overall pick for car coasters. WeatherTech offers a four-pack of car coasters with different sizes within the pack. Two car coasters measure 3 7/16-inch diameter, and the other two coasters measure 3 1/8-inch in diameter. All four coasters feature a 5/8-inch high sidewall for added protection. The sidewall creates a deep cup shape to trap in spills, condensation, and miscellaneous messes away from your vehicle’s cup holder. These car coasters are designed to fit snug and secure at the bottom of nearly all standard vehicle cup holders. WeatherTech prides itself on designing, engineering, and manufacturing all its products in the USA. This is a great product for large passenger capacity using multiple cup holders.

For the best value car coasters, Interesting Car’s four-pack of premium coasters earns our pick. Interesting Car coasters are designed to provide easy clean up with a unique pull-tab design. With this feature, buyers can simply pull-up to remove the car coaster for cleaning or placement adjustments. The Groove car coaster design also features a 5/8-inch sidewall to catch and hold spills, beverage condensation, food crumbs, and anything else that falls into a cup holder. Groove manufactures its car coasters with a 3 1/8-inch diameter. At this size, Groove car coasters offer a universal fit in most modern vehicles. Groove even provides a no-risk purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Return them if you are not completely satisfied with your car coasters from Interesting Car.

Coasters don’t have to be just black or tan and It’s a Skin earns our pick for best designer car coasters. It’s a Skin make its car coaster out of a polyester and rubber for durability and grip. They are designed with a protective rubber backing to prevent scratches to interior cup holders. The vibrant colorful design of the car coaster is a result of high heat and high pressure fused during the manufacturing process. It’s a Skin stats that the colorful design will last the duration of the material. Each set includes two car coasters measuring 2.56 inches in diameter and 2.5mm tall. It’s a Skin takes pride in designing, manufacturing, inspecting, and packaging in the USA. These car coasters with a creative flair make ideal gifts for car enthusiasts who want to protect their vehicle interior from beverage condensation.

If you are looking for an affordable car coaster that can pull double-duty the Aoooop Universal is our pick for the best budget car coaster. Aoooop markets its product as car coasters that can also be used for home and office use as well. These car coasters are made of environmentally friendly, premium quality, durable silicone measuring five millimeters thick. Capable of withstanding scalding hot coffee temperatures and won’t hold in smells. These car coasters measure in 2.75-inch diameter for a universal fit that Aooop claims can fit 99 percent of cars on the market. This is meant to be a versatility coaster beyond being a car interior accessory. Aoooop stands by its car coasters by offering a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking for coasters with a sense of humor Sicohome is our choice for the best novelty car coaster. Sicohome car coasters are made from absorbent ceramic. Sicohome recommends measuring your vehicle’s cup holders because its car coasters measure 2.56-inch in diameter. This size can fit most vehicles with a few exceptions that are equipped with larger cup holders designed to hold a wide array of cup sizes. A notch is built into the side of the car coaster to provide a convenient point for easy removal. Sicohome car coasters can be cleaned using a little detergent mixed with water and then ventilated dry. These car coasters make for a nice gift for someone who enjoys their coffee and loves their car. Sicohome offers two options for lettering on these car coasters.