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Enkei began manufacturing and selling wheels in 1950. At the time, Enkei started by making lightweight aluminum alloy for machines, nuts and bolts, motorcycles, boats, and even raw aluminum ingots. It wasn’t until 1967 that the company quickly shifted its focus to begin producing high-tech racing series wheels for motorsports.

Enkei crafts high-quality truck, SUV, Jeep, and car wheels built for racing, tuning, performance, and cruising. If you need to swap out your old worn-out wheels for new ones, Enkei has several stylish and aggressive series to work with. We’ve listed a few of the best wheels for you to consider.

The Best Enkei Wheels

The Enkei ENKEI92 silver wheel is certainly impressive-looking. It features a spiraling spoke design with several smaller threads spanning its silver wheel. It was actually one of the first wheels the company ever designed. It features deep lips and aggressive offsets. The wheels are also quite light and weigh just 22 pounds.

One problem with the wheel is that it only comes in two sizes: either a 15×7 or 15×8. This is great for smaller sports cars, SUVs, Jeeps, and pickups, but if you have a lift kit on your large vehicle, they would seem a bit small. They are only compatible with vehicles that feature a five-star lug bolt pattern.

Key Features
  • Two sizes
  • Silver design
  • Unique spoke design
  • Brand Enkei
  • Model ENKEI92
  • Weight 22 pounds


Machined lip

Aggressive look


Limited sizes

Not compatible with all vehicle models

Enkei’s FD-05 is a stylish blend of black and silver. Each wheel is constructed with a black machined plating for enhanced durability, strength, and performance. They come with a one-year finish and lifetime structural warranty as well to protect them the length of the wheel.

The wheels come in several sizes to fit cars, trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs, and range from 15-18 inches in diameter. One of the best things about the wheel is it is the official wheel of Formula Drift, so you know it’s built for speed and power.

Key Features
  • TPMS compatible
  • One-year finish and lifetime structural warranty
  • Black and silver blend
  • Brand Enkei
  • Model FD-05
  • Weight 23 pounds

Stylish and unique design

Black machined




Not compatible with all models

Lug nuts sold separately

The ENKRPF series of wheels from Enkei is sleek and modern-looking. Each wheel features a 12-spoke design and the entire wheel is molded out of a one-piece cast of metal. The construction process helps to reduce weight and increase strength on the road.
One of the best parts is they are lightweight and weigh only 16 pounds. The wheels are designed with a stunning silver coating that enhances their overall look.

Key Features
  • Molded out of one-piece cast
  • Sleek design
  • 12 spokes
  • Brand Enkei
  • Model ENKRPF
  • Weight 16 pounds


Silver finish

Several wheel sizes



Can be difficult to remove and install

Enkei’s RAIJIN series is best as a touring or cruising wheel. Designed for the street and everyday driving, the RAIJINs are a lightweight wheel built with Enkei’s MAT technology. They are very sturdy and long-lasting.

As far as looks go, the wheels include a 16-spoke design that makes them one of the most interesting wheels from Enkei. They also come in either a silver, black, matte gunmetal, or copper color.

Key Features
  • MAT technology
  • 16-spoke design
  • Sleek look
  • Brand Enkei
  • Model RAIJIN
  • Weight 25 pounds

Street and cruising wheels

Larger sized wheels

Several finishes


On the heavier side

Only two sizes

The Lusso series of wheels features an 18-spoke design. This gives them an elegant but aggressive look on your vehicle. They are even capable of fitting on small SUV and crossover vehicles.

The wheel’s one-piece cast design makes them sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting. They are available in two sizes: 18 and 20 inches.

Key Features
  • MAT technology
  • 18-spoke design
  • 18 and 20 inches
  • Brand Enkei
  • Model Lusso
  • Weight 32 pounds

Large wheels

Aggressive spoke design

Fits several vehicles



Not compatible with all models

Enkei wheels also include unique finishes and color choices with one of them being gunmetal. It’s a mixture of black and gray paint that really makes the wheels pop, whether they are in motion or sitting stationary. The EKM3 wheels feature the gunmetal color, and doubled with their 20-spoke design, they are a sight to behold.

The EKM3s come in two sizes as well, but they are on the smaller side. With a 17- and 18-inch wheel diameter, the wheels make an excellent choice on sports cars, muscle cars, and compact cars. They also come in a silver color as well.

Key Features
  • MAT technology
  • Gunmetal color
  • 17 and 18 inches
  • Brand Enkei
  • Model EKM3
  • Weight 29 pounds

Impressive spoke design

Unique color choices



Limited sizes

Best Enkei Wheels Buying Guide & FAQs

Enkei has been in the wheel making business for more than 50 years. As one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum wheels, Enkei makes a wheel for just about any vehicle. Whether it’s a day at the track, high-performance racing, cruising for fun, or everyday driving, you can find a wheel that fits your needs.

The company understands what makes an excellent wheel. From rally driving, sportscar racing, and single-seater racing Formula 1 cars, it has designed wheels for just about everything. One of its longest-running partners is the McLaren Honda racing team. The two have been working together since 1995 and racing on premium Enkei wheels just as long.

Why Do You Need Enkei Wheels?

Enkei wheels are built for two things: speed and power. Speed and power have been fueling drivers for generations, so anyone who enjoys a bit of racing will get a thrill out of Enkei wheels. You can toss them on just about any vehicle you want if you’re in need of high-quality racing wheels.

Enkei designs its wheels out of a sturdy AR forged metal. This allows them to perform well under intense speeds, torque, cornering, and more. The design process also means the wheels are lightweight. However, this doesn’t take away from their quality or make them any weaker. Sports cars and race cars are built to be light as well, so Enkei wants to ensure its wheels are just as light.

  • Enkei wheels are light and designed for speed and power.
  • They are built for racing, rally driving, and Formula 1.
  • Enkei wheels are better-looking than standard factory wheels.
Black Enkei wheels on a modern white porche

Types of Enkei Wheels

When deciding on the type of Enkei wheels you want, you should consider your style of driving. You can find anything from racing, touring, cruising, towing, and heavy-duty off-road wheels. But it’s what they are made out of that really matters. Wheels really boil down to two specific types: steel and aluminum.

Steel is a hardy and more durable type of wheel. It’s heavier and more robust, which can be both a positive and negative. If you prefer to drive off-road or tow large trailers, then you may want to consider a steel wheel. While aluminum is a softer material, it is also quite reliable. They can come with a hefty carrying capacity and are less prone to rusting.

  • Steel

A steel Enkei wheel is developed out of a different material or metal alloy that makes them stronger and more durable. Enkie wheels can come in a reliable and heavy steel metal that is pressed together from several steel billets. Hydraulic machines mold and bend the cast piece metal until it is one solid round wheel.

This design process makes the hard metal quite hefty as well. The alloy is a blend of iron and carbon, which does increase its strength and toughness. Steel wheels are also quite hefty and can add extra weight to your vehicle.

  • Aluminum

Enkei wheels made out of aluminum are a great choice for those who want a little more style in their wheels. The metal material makes each wheel more malleable and that makes them more capable of being molded and shaped by the manufacturer. This allows designers to create more elaborate spokes or looks for the wheels. However, due to their lightness and weaker design, the wheels do tend to be more prone to damage so they aren’t best for off-road vehicles.

Racers or sports car owners may be more interested in aluminum wheels, as they can be substantially lighter. The material is one of the best ways to prevent rust from forming on your wheels. Enkei constructs every wheel with its MAT Technology. This type of manufacturing process enhances aluminum wheels by combining one-piece cast technology with a rim forming technology. This helps the material property and strength of the wheel.

What to Look for When Buying Enkei Wheels

There are a few different components that make up a wheel and they each have their own features. However, the thing most everyone will concern themselves with is the way the wheel looks. Its outward appearance is what sets them apart from other wheels and they are all as unique as a fingerprint.

The main part of the wheel is called the spokes and they determine how the wheel looks. The spokes are large or small shapes that make up the wheel. They make various formations and spider out like a web. Another important factor you could also focus on is the color of the wheel but it can always be changed later if you’re not a fan of it.

  • Outboard Face

The outboard face is the part of the wheel you will see when it is installed on the vehicle. It includes everything else that makes it a wheel. This includes the spokes, plates, and rim. Combined together, these components make up the entirety of the wheel and provide the structure for it as well.

The outboard face, also referred to as the spider, is where you will find the spokes. They branch out like a spider’s web to form various shapes and patterns. The spokes are what give each wheel their individual look and design. The outboard face can be made out of a number of coatings and finishes including chrome-plated, gloss, or satin.

  • Plates/Rim/Bolt Circle/Center Bore

The plate acts as the central section that contains the bolt patterns for the lugs. This is also where the bolt circle is, but more on that later. This section then bolts to the wheel hub and ensures the wheel properly connects to your truck, car, SUV, or Jeep.

The rim is the entire outer portion of the wheel as a whole. This is what is used to measure whether or not the wheel will properly mount onto your vehicle. The wheel size for Enkei wheels can range from 17 to 20 inches in diameter.

The bolt circle is where you will find the bolt holes for the lug nuts to attach the wheel to the hub. The lug nut patterns can range from four, five, six, and up to eight lug nuts that secure the wheel to the hub of your vehicle. The center bore is the empty hole featured on the center of the wheel. This is where you will typically find a faceplate with a logo of the manufacturing company.

  • Offset

The offset of a wheel can be figured out in one of three ways. It is how the wheel is mounted onto the vehicle and it can be pushed forward, back, or aligned perfectly in the center. The offset is measured in millimeters and can either end in a zero, negative, or positive offset.

A wheel that is perfectly aligned with the hub results in a zero offset. A negative offset will bring the wheel closer to the mounting hub, and a positive offset will bring the wheel towards the front of the mounting hub.

  • Size

Perhaps the number one thing you should focus on is the size of the wheel as it will determine the tire package size you get. Wheels come in all sorts of sizes but they typically range between 17 to 20 inches in diameter. A wheel also needs to be compatible with your tires so they don’t rub against any part of your vehicle while driving.

You can find the tire diameter stamped on the rubber sidewall. By using the example, 255/55R18, the height of the sidewall is 255 multiplied by .55 for a total of 140 millimeters. However, R18 is the most important number to focus on when determining the size of the wheel. You should also note the number of lug nuts required to secure the wheel to the hub. The hub of your vehicle will include four, five, or six lug nuts, but this can vary on vehicles.

White machined Enkei wheels on a red car

Tips for Buying and Using Enkei Wheels

To help you better acquaint yourself with Enkei wheels, we’ve listed a few tips about them. Before you go out and choose just any Enkei wheel, you should understand your car, truck, Jeep, or SUV. Check to see the lug nut pattern on your vehicle’s wheel hub so you can match it with the specific wheels you are considering buying.

You should note your stock or factory tire size so you can determine what size wheels you will need to fit your car. Wheels can run in diameters as low as 13 inches, but Enkei tends to start at 16 inches. If you get larger-sized tires for your car, you may have to get a lift kit or suspension kit. You may also need to completely swap out your tires for a new tire package as well to match the wheels. The tire size will be marked on the sidewall of the tire. You can compare that to the diameter of the wheel to see if they are a match.

  • Make sure your vehicle mounting hub and tires match the lug nut pattern on the wheels you are interested in buying.
  • Make sure the wheels fit properly on the mounting hub and check for the proper backspacing, diameter, and width.
  • Some vehicle models, like sports cars, feature wheels that are designed to fit on the rear axle, while others fit only on the front.

Best Enkei Wheels FAQs

Enkei wheels are designed with a more dynamic and aggressive look than your standard wheels. Swapping out your wheels is a great way to make your vehicle stand out from the rest. They can even boost vehicle performance, cornering, and braking. If you have questions about Enkei wheels and whether or not they will work for your vehicle, read on to learn more.

Q: Do all wheels fit all vehicle models?

You will need to check and see if the wheel you are looking at is compatible with your vehicle and tires. You may only be able to fit a certain sized diameter wheel on your car due to its height. While larger vehicles like Jeeps, trucks, or SUVs with lift kits can fit larger wheels, you can also find wheels that only fit on the front or rear axles of cars. They are not capable of being swapped with each other.

Q: What is the load capacity?

The load capacity of the wheel is how much weight they can bear before losing integrity. Steel rims will have a higher load rating than aluminum rims. However, wheels with more lug nuts can also carry more weight as well.

Q: What is a wheel coating?

The coating is a finish that goes over the steel or aluminum to better protect the wheel from damage or rust. The finish can be gloss, satin, chrome, or clear-coated.

Our Top Pick

If you want a wheel package that will impress other drivers and enthusiasts, consider the Enkei ENKEI92 Silver w/Machined Lip Wheels. It includes a spiraling spoke design with several smaller threads making up the outer face. There are so many we lost count counting them. The wheels are light yet impressive and great for touring, cruising, and enjoying a night out.