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Snowboard bindings are a pretty critical piece of gear if you’re hitting the slopes. Without a pair of bindings, it’s impossible to keep your feet on your board — and that means you simply can’t ride without bindings. Your snowboard bindings strap you in securely, giving you firm footing and the right amount of support. Whether you’re trying out tricks or sliding downhill at high speeds, your bindings matter. Able to pair with your size, your board’s graphics, and your boots , bindings offer plenty of choices. Women’s snowboard bindings in particular are designed a bit differently and with more feminine flair, but they’re still sturdy, secure, and available in many different styles. If you need a quality pair, check out our picks for the best women’s snowboard bindings right here.

The Best Women’s Snowboard Bindings

A pair of Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings is a great choice whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider. These bindings are designed to deliver on the slopes, combining with your board to offer a better ride and better flex. But most importantly, they’re very comfortable — they even help to minimize fatigue, keeping you on your snowboard for longer. Built with Burton’s unique FullBED cushioning system, the bindings have full underfoot cushioning to soften every impact. These bindings also offer more flex, offering dramatically more board flex and feel. You’ll love the consistent responsiveness you have while you’re riding. Additional perks, like a single-component canted hi-back, offer a quick response so you can change the flex of your current board while staying comfortable all season long.

Key Features
  • Ultra-responsive wrap that conforms to any boot
  • Smooth glide buckles
  • Universally compatible with all snowboard mounting systems
  • Lightweight
  • Brand Burton
  • Model Citizen
  • Weight 4.4 pounds

Easy to install

Comfortable to ride in

Adds critical flex for beginners


Best paired with Burton snowboards

You don’t want your bindings to weigh you down — that’s why a very lightweight pair like the Symbolic Custom-Flow Snowboard Bindings are a great pick. Built to be ultra-lightweight for your toughest tricks and fastest speeds, these women’s snowboard bindings are also affordably priced. These bindings also come with a leash and stomp pad, giving you good value for their cost. Each pair of women’s bindings features dual pump ratchet buckles for a snug, custom fit, plus highly padded straps made with EVA foam for all-day comfort. A high-density back offers strength as you ride, and it also helps your bindings (and feet) survive all kinds of impacts. Made to fit with 3D Burton-compatible and 4×4 bolt pattern discs, these bindings will work on a variety of different boards.

Key Features
  • Fiberglass baseplate and highback
  • Cushioned with EVA foam baseplate and straps
  • Dual pump ratchet buckles
  • Compatible with 3D Burton-compatible or 4×4 bolt pattern discs
  • Brand Symbolic

Extra padding offers more cushioning

Includes center discs and mounting hardware

A complete kit


Don’t fit certain Burton snowboards

Forget about buying different equipment as you advance your skills on your snowboard. With the Nitro Rhythm Snowboard Bindings, women who are beginners and advanced riders can use the very same bindings. Constructed with an A-frame women’s base and Type S highback, the bindings offer a solidly versatile medium flex. You’ll have enough support to handle jumps and park riding — but you’ll also get precision board control so you can work on technical riding too. A Stealth Open Air baseplate offers more natural flex, while air dampening lessens vibrations and absorbs harsh impacts. These women’s snowboard bindings even feature Nitro’s board saver technology to prevent damage when impacts happen. These bindings are more expensive, so you’ll want to weigh the expense with the benefits.

Key Features
  • Freestyle binding
  • Air dampening reduces vibrations and effects of harsh impacts
  • Canted footbed
  • Brand Nitro
  • Model 1181-836370
  • Weight 4.41 pounds

Suitable for beginners and advanced riders

Great for tricks and park riding

Reduce damage and harsh impact


Higher price

Color may not be as advertised

The Flow Alpha White Stormtrooper Snowboard Bindings are all about comfort. Well, these women’s snowboard bindings are also supportive and secure. But if you’re tired of aching feet at the end of a long day on the slopes, these bindings can help. Designed to fit 4-hole, 3-hole, and channel system snowboards, these bindings will fit just about any board. They feature a dual-entry reclining highback, which makes them incredibly easy to get into. Just recline the highback and the straps will open, giving you easy entry. Comfort is found at every angle, from the Exo-Fit Powerstrap around the middle of the foot that’s made with EVA foam to the soft, flexible, and molded EVA foam heed bed. You’ll feel cushioned with softness for all-day riding, and you’ll also enjoy more impact absorption and vibration dampening.

Key Features
  • Fits with 4-hole, 3-hole, and channel system boards
  • Glass-filled nylon baseplate
  • EVA foam cushioning
  • Locking slap ratchet buckles
  • Brand Flow

Incredibly easy to get into and out of

Straps are secure

Rear entry is possible


Entry-level quality

Women’s snowboard bindings can be frustrating when you’re constantly popping one — or both — feet in or out. But the System Lux Women’s Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings offer a new solution. These bindings are built to make your life easier when you’re on the mountain, designed with a special rear entry step-in structure that makes it much easier to get in and get out. This state-of-the-art design makes these bindings easier and simpler than any others. The ankle strap automatically opens when you slide the highback down so you can step in seconds, then cinch the bindings to your boot with a single lever. These efficient and easy boots keep you secure while riding thanks to a rear cable that tightens with pressure. This makes the bindings extra-strong and very responsive, even as you ride hard.

Key Features
  • High-density dampening footbed
  • 3D molded and cushioned straps
  • Mounts on almost all snowboards
  • Three-year warranty
  • Brand System
  • Weight 4.8 pounds

Don’t have to sit to step in or out of the bindings

Very responsive

Simplified straps


Won’t fit some older Burton snowboards

Buckles are tough in the cold

The Burton Stiletto Snowboard Bindings are a great choice if you’re a snowboarder who likes to keep it laid-back on the slopes — but they can also excel when you’re practicing precision tricks and park riding. These very versatile women’s snowboard bindings can handle it all, whether you’re riding relaxed or trying to level up your skills. Built with single-component hi-back construction and a canted living hinge, you’ll get a decent response as the bindings cradle your legs and offer a cushioned, comfortable foundation under your boots. You’ll enjoy consistent board control, which is ideal under any riding conditions. Polycarbonate material allows you to bomb without feeling as much impact, and you’ll love the softer landings you can achieve. However, these bindings can be a bit small if you wear bulkier boots, so keep the size of your boots in mind when buying.

Key Features
  • 3-6 responsiveness rating
  • Single-component hi-back construction
  • Re: Flex FullBED Cushioning System
  • Compatible with most mounting systems
  • Brand Burton
  • Model 105481W20

Includes mounting hardware and accessories

Great for riding versatility

Cushioned foundation


Bindings may run small for larger boots

If you love the challenge of snowboarding over rough terrain, you need equipment that can stand up to the challenge, like the Union Juliet Women’s Snowboard Bindings. These are all-mountain bindings, or all-terrain, which means they’re able to handle any terrain. And these women’s bindings will give you a performance advantage in all conditions, regardless of how smooth or rough the terrain may be. You’ll enjoy instant edge-to-edge responsiveness and stability. Your feet will be securely locked in place, and a set of ExoFrame ankle straps offer stiffness, increase support, and wonderful durability. A set of Duraflex nylon baseplates gives you quickness that both beginner and pro riders will love. However, these women’s bindings aren’t compatible with all snowboards; they only fit 4×4, 4×2, and channel mount systems.

Key Features
  • All-mountain and all-terrain
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced riders
  • Uses regular-sized mounting disks
  • Duraflex nylon baseplates
  • Brand Union
  • Weight 5.51 pounds

Comfortable for all-day riding

Supportive and stuff frame

Responsive under all conditions


Won’t work with 3-hole mounting setups

Sometimes, simplicity is best, and that’s exactly what makes the Burton Step On Women’s Snowboard Bindings so great. These bindings are high-quality, but they aren’t overly complicated or fancy. They feature an easy in, easy out system and allow you to intuitively connect your boots to your bindings and board. These women’s snowboard bindings pair with Burton Step On boots, snapping together with three connection points securely and in just seconds. You won’t have to mess around with challenging bindings; instead, you’ll get a consistent response, feel, and board control. A quick-release lever allows you to pop out just as easily. Once in place, these bindings use the Re: Flex mounting system to dramatically improve your board’s flex. However, there’s one big drawback: you can only use these bindings with Burton’s Step On boots. They won’t work with any other women’s snowboarding boots.

Key Features
  • Universally compatible with all snowboard mounting systems
  • Re: Flex mounting adds flex
  • Re: Flex FullBED cushioning
  • Single-component baseplate
  • Brand Burton
  • Model 17284105W21

Easier than ratchet-strap bindings

Bindings don’t need tightening

Very easy to mount


Only compatible with Burton Step On boots

Freestyle snowboarders will want to take a closer look at the Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings. These bindings for women are designed for freestyle snowboarding, or for riders who want freedom, comfort, and a loose truck feel. When mounted, you’ll enjoy minimal binding-to-board contact. Union’s unique Mini Disk Technology gives you a more natural board flex, and you’ll get the right freestyle feel under your feet as you ride. To keep you comfortable no matter what conditions you’re riding in, the bindings offer cushioning via fused vaportlite, thermoformed EVA foam, and full bottom bushings. These details lessen vibrations and the shock of impacts. With these women’s snowboard bindings, the softness and flexibility you’ll feel will make it feel like you’re almost surfing down the mountain. However, these bindings won’t mount on all snowboards.

Key Features
  • Mini Disk Technology for flex
  • Padded Forma ankle straps
  • Softer and more flexible materials
  • Compatible with 4×4, 4×2, and channel mounts
  • Brand Union

Good quality for all experience levels


Easy to step into


Not compatible with 3-hole mounts

If you’ve ever wished for a more customized pair of bindings, the K2 Cassette Snowboard Bindings are a pretty close fit. These women’s snowboard bindings are specifically designed and shaped for women, and they’re made to match natural leg positioning, hold boots securely, and keep women comfortable while riding. Made with a female-specific A-line chassis and one-piece design, the bindings are lightweight and designed with a women’s product group to ensure as close to a custom fit as possible. The bindings are canted three degrees to match natural leg positioning, and increased support on the outside of the foot helps you maintain control when you’re fatigued. The tweak-back highbacks are made with urethane, a material that’s specifically made for cold temperature performance with a bit of flex. However, installing and mounting these bindings can be a bit tricky.

Key Features
  • 3-degree canted footbed
  • EVA foam cushioning
  • One-piece A-line chassis
  • Polycarbonate base plate
  • Brand K2
  • Model Cassette
  • Weight 7 pounds

Tool-free adjustment

Comfortable support

Backed by a one-year warranty


Instructions are picture-only

Mounting can be tricky

Best Women’s Snowboard Bindings Buying Guide & FAQ

You might be more concerned about your snowboard than your bindings. After all, your board carries you and needs to ride smoothly, with sharp, cutting edges. But you’re nothing without a good, quality pair of women’s snowboard bindings. Your bindings keep you in place, giving you the reliability you need to confidently ride, master tricks, and try new runs on your favorite mountain slopes.

How can you find the best women’s snowboard bindings when there are so many different bindings out there to choose from? Our buying guide will help you narrow down your options and pick a pair that’ll match your snowboarding style, your needs, and your personal preferences, all with great quality.

Benefits of a Women’s Snowboard Binding

Your snowboard bindings are the only thing holding your boots to your board. But that isn’t the only reason you want to choose a pair of quality women’s snowboard bindings. You also want to reap the benefits — the positive ways in which your bindings can improve your snowboarding experience.

Your snowboard bindings need to be well-matched; they need to pair with your board. Otherwise, it can seriously affect your riding style and the feel of performing tricks or cruising down mountain runs. When you have a great pair of bindings, you’ll have a seamless energy transfer and a responsive board that moves with precision when you move. Bindings can also offer other perks, like the following.

  • Women’s snowboard bindings can properly equip you for various weather conditions, making it easier to slice through less-than-perfect powder and ride smoothly on rough terrain.
  • Your bindings can offer more flex, taking your board from very firm to soft and supple.
  • A pair of bindings can shape your riding style, helping you cruise on freestyle runs or achieve better precision and control for park riding and complex tricks.
  • Women’s bindings offer support from your toes to your ankles, keeping you in a comfortable upright position with control of your board’s movement.
Girl snowboarder riding a snowboard
Women’s snowboard bindings are also supportive and secure

Types of Women’s Snowboard Bindings

All women’s snowboard bindings do the same job: strap your feet to your board. But each pair does offer something a bit unique, a different kind of support. The type of binding you choose can play a significant role in how your board rides. Discover some of the most popular types of women’s bindings below.

Strap-In Bindings

Strap-in bindings are your basic snowboard bindings. This is the style you’ll see most often — the majority of snowboarders use strap-in bindings because they work well and they’re relatively comfortable and quite supportive. They feature two separate straps, one over the ankle and one over the toes. You can easily adjust the pressure and snugness of each strap, and your feet will stay secure.

However, there is one frustrating drawback to strap-in women’s bindings. They’re a real pain to get into and out of. Every time you want to take a foot off the board and out of a binding, you have to sit down or bend over to undo both straps. It’s slow, it’s inconvenient, and it can be annoying if you ride frequently.

Speed Entry Bindings

If you don’t want to mess around with the frustrations of strap-in bindings, you can opt for speed entry bindings. This type of women’s snowboard bindings is also called rear entry bindings. They aren’t super common, but they’re becoming more popular every season. And that’s because they’re quick, efficient, and incredibly easy to take on and off.

Speed entry bindings only have one strap, which covers both the ankles and the toes. It’s usually split into two sections so you can adjust the ankle tension and toe tension separately. You can also adjust the highback of the bindings, setting it to different angles and degrees of lean instead of keeping it upright. When you want in or out of the bindings, you simply “lean” the highback back until it’s horizontal to slide in or out in seconds.

What to Look for When Buying Women’s Snowboard Bindings

Picking out the perfect pair of women’s snowboard bindings is kind of complicated. While snowboard bindings tend to look the same — like complex contraptions with straps, buckles, and hardware — each pair is different. That’s why it’s important to consider how the bindings work and how they affect the ride of your snowboard when you’re choosing a pair.

Look at how complicated the mechanisms of women’s bindings are. You want secure support, but you don’t want to fight with buckles and straps when you’re on the mountain. A good set of women’s snowboard bindings should make getting on your board simple, with no stress and no frustrations. You should also look at the flex of the bindings. Very flexible bindings are great for a soft board feel and freestyle riding. However, you’ll want less flex if you’re looking for speed and extra sturdiness.

The Most Important Features of Women’s Snowboard Binding

Bindings may not be very large, but they’re critically important gear. That’s why it’s important to make sure you find a pair of women’s snowboard bindings that offer features that’ll enhance every ride and help you feel comfortable. Which features should you look for when you’re picking out bindings? Here’s what you need to make sure you’re choosing a quality pair.

Cushioned Footbed

Who doesn’t want comfort under their feet while snowboarding? A cushioned footbed is a very important feature to consider in any pair of bindings. The more cushioning present, the less fatigued and sore your feet will be after a long day of riding — and the more comfortable you’ll be while you ride.

In addition to offering comfort, a well-cushioned footbed on a pair of women’s snowboard bindings also helps with shock absorption. When you land after a trick or catching air, the impact can hurt — and multiple impacts can lead to some serious foot fatigue. A cushioned footbed can reduce the shock of these impacts, absorbing the brunt of the landing.

Easy-to-Use Buckles

Every snowboarder hates struggling with buckles on their bindings. So, you’ll want to make sure you get a pair of women’s snowboard bindings with easy-to-use buckles. The buckles should be easy to operate with your bare hands, in cold temperatures, and with gloves on. You want to be able to get the buckles open and closed in just seconds rather than having to sit down and take your time.

It’s also important to look for very durable buckles. Plastic buckles can easily snap, especially when you’re putting your bindings through a lot of wear and tear. Metal buckles, particularly those made out of steel, can offer more durability and a longer lifespan.


Lastly, don’t forget to consider the type of bindings you’re thinking about buying. Every pair of bindings is different, and the way you get into the bindings (strap-in or speed entry) will affect your ease of use. Strap-in bindings are the most common type, but speed entry or rear entry models offer quicker, more efficient results.

Consider how often you ride and how important convenience is when you’re choosing the type. If you want to make your riding experience as speedy as possible, speed entry bindings are a great fit. If you aren’t too worried about dealing with straps and buckles, a strap-in pair will be just fine for your needs.

Care and Maintenance for Women’s Snowboard Bindings

Your bindings can take a beating after a season of snowboarding. It’s a good idea to keep your bindings in their best possible shape with a little maintenance before you put them away for the season.

After riding, your bindings can become covered in ice , snow, and even dirt. Make sure to give them a quick cleaning to remove anything that’s built up. Before you hit the road, put your board and bindings into a bag or protective covering; this will protect them from potential damage like salt, grime, and other winter woes. You can also perform other minor maintenance to keep them secure, like the following.

  • Check your bindings after use to make sure there are no protruding screws, loose or missing parts, or damage.
  • Make sure your boots are clean before you step into your bindings.
  • Give your straps and buckles a close look to make sure nothing is weak, worn, or broken.
  • Tighten your bindings at the end of the day to ensure they stay securely mounted.
Cheerful snowboarding girl sitting and taking selfies in the mountains
Your snowboard bindings need to be well-matched; they need to pair with your board

Best Women’s Snowboard Bindings FAQ:

Confused about which bindings to choose? Need more information before you can decide on a pair? It’s not always easy to select a good pair of women’s snowboard bindings, especially if it’s your first time picking out bindings. Find answers to some of the biggest questions about women’s snowboard bindings right here.

Q: Can you put any bindings on a snowboard?

Bindings need to be compatible with your snowboard’s mounting system. Snowboards can have four-hole, three-hole, and channel mounting setups, so you’ll need to find a pair of bindings that are compatible with whatever your board uses.

Q: Do snowboard bindings make a difference?

Your snowboard bindings can make a significant difference in several ways. They can affect your comfort, the vibrations you feel, the board’s ride, and even the flex of your board.

Q: Can you put regular bindings on an EST board?

You need EST bindings for an EST board or bindings that are compatible with a channel mount system. These types of snowboards have a channel-style mounting system, so they cannot take any bindings that aren’t able to fit a channel mount.

Our Top Pick

The Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings is our top pick because it’s one well-built set of women’s snowboard bindings. You can rely on the quality and the performance of these bindings, and you’ll likely find that they help enhance your ride no matter what style of snowboarding you prefer. These bindings are especially great for adding flex, which helps you master tricks and get a bit more spring out of your board.

Final Thoughts

We like the Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings for their universal compatibility and all-around quality performance. The Symbolic Custom-Flow Snowboard Bindings are another great choice, and they feature an affordable price that gives solid value.


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