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If you’ve ever stepped outside during freezing winter temperatures without gloves on, you know just how quickly your fingers and palms can feel like frozen icicles. Gloves are a must in the winter, but they can be annoying to wear. They can restrict your movement, feel bulky, and limit your functionality — and trying to perform simple tasks like work under the hood of your car can feel impossible. But that just means you aren’t wearing the right pair of gloves.

The best winter gloves keep you warm without weighing you down or making you feel like you can’t use your hands. Whether you need a pair for working outdoors or a pair that’s ideal for everyday use, the right winter gloves will offer comfort and convenience. Check out our picks for the best winter gloves right here.

The Best Winter Gloves

Comfortable and warm yet functional with a good amount of dexterity, these excellent unisex gloves will let you move freely and without restrictions or bulk. Made with four-way stretch, each pair features a soft inner lining for extra cold-weather protection. The touch-sensitive thumbs, forefingers, and middle fingers allow you to use your smartphone and other touchscreen devices without removing a glove. The anti-slip palms, which offer a large triangular silicone grip area, help you securely hang onto your phone or other items. Should your fingers and hands get a bit too warm, the breathable material ventilates and allows for a bit of airflow to prevent sweat from making you feel soggy.

Although these gloves’ touchscreen feature comes in handy, its functionality may not work as well in very cold temperatures.

Key Features
  • Touchscreen-compatible fingers
  • Silicone palm grippers
  • Soft thermal lining
  • Knit offers breathability
  • Brand Achiou
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 1.76 ounces

Provides warmth without limiting dexterity

Allows for easy touchscreen use

Lined for extra warmth


Touchscreen functionality may not work as well in very cold temperatures

These gloves are warm and comfortable to wear, and they offer an excellent level of functionality at a budget-friendly price. Made with a blend of 86 percent acrylic, 13 percent polyester, and one percent Spandex, these gloves feel light on your hands yet wrap you in soft warmth. An inner fleece lining adds warmth that can help you stay cozy even in freezing weather. They’re unisex and are stretchy enough to slip on and off with a pull-on closure. Three of the fingers — the thumbs, forefingers, and middle fingers — are made with sensitive, conductive material so that you can use your touchscreen devices with your gloves on.

While the touchscreen capabilities of these gloves are a great feature, their functionality can vary at times.

Key Features
  • Made with acrylic and polyester
  • Inner fleece lining
  • Non-slip silicone palms
  • Three fingers with touchscreen functionality
  • Brand ViGrace
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 0.5 ounces

Sleek and simple design

Easy to use touchscreens while wearing

Excellent value


Touchscreen functionality may be touch and go at times

This pair of premium-quality gloves keep your hands warm, dry, and well-protected. Made out of 100 percent polyester with a hook and loop closure, each glove features a durable, water-resistant polytex shell. Inside, insulated lining adds warmth while FastDry technology wicks away sweat. There’s even a waterproof insert that can help prevent water from seeping through the gloves and onto your hands. But the benefits don’t end there. These winter gloves offer a high level of dexterity and include reinforced polyurethane palms for added grip.

Just keep in mind that these gloves won’t stand up to extreme cold; they’re best for your average winter temps. Also, they are prone to ripping and splitting if used carelessly.

Key Features
  • Made from 100 percent polyester
  • Fleece lining
  • High dexterity
  • Seamless knit
  • Brand Carhartt
  • Model A511
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Insulated and lined for warmth

Rubber palms offer increased grip

Nicely breathable


Prone to ripping and splitting

Not ideal for extremely cold temperatures

These knit gloves are designed to make it easy to go about your normal activities while keeping warm, offering you the right balance of snug fit and effortless dexterity. Made with 95 percent acrylic and 5 percent Spandex, these gloves also feature highly sensitive and conductive yarn on the fingertips, so you can easily use your touchscreen devices like your smartphone. Stretchy and elastic with a thickened elastic wrist, each pair of winter gloves also features a warm, soft inner lining that doesn’t add bulk. On the exterior, the gloves’ palms have a triangle of silicone material that provides extra grip without slip. These gloves will keep cold and snow out while locking heat and warmth in.

However, these gloves may be a bit too thin to provide the protection and warmth you need in especially cold temperatures.

Key Features
  • Made from acrylic and Spandex
  • Unisex
  • Fingers offer touchscreen functionality
  • Anti-slip palms
  • Brand Trendoux
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 2.08 ounces

Snug fit

Soft and thick

Anti-slip palms increase grippiness


May be too light for extreme cold

These winter gloves are designed to offer you a better grip whether you’re driving, working outdoors, or even working out. Each pair features 95 percent polyester material and five percent Spandex for the right balance of snugness and stretch, while the inner fleece lining enhances your warmth. The fingers are equipped with sensitive touchscreen material so you can text, type, and more without removing a glove. And the palm of each glove features an anti-slip material that enhances your grip. That silicone-based palm patch offers more grip strength and better abrasion resistance, so you can hold onto tools, your phone, and any other items without worrying about slips and drops.

Keep in mind that the gloves’ material can be too thin in very cold weather. As a result, these gloves are best for above freezing temperatures.

Key Features
  • Made from polyester
  • Inner fleece lining
  • Touchscreen index and thumb fingers
  • Anti-slip palms
  • Brand Simari
  • Model SMRG102-1
  • Weight 2.08 ounces

Thin for great dexterity

Highly sensitive for touchscreens

Offer solid grippiness


Material can be too thin in very cold weather

If you’re worried about your hands getting cold and damp due to inclement weather, you’re going to want to consider buying a pair of Ozero Winter Thermal Gloves. Designed to be both water-resistant and wind-proof, these gloves are made to survive not just the cold but all of the other challenges of winter. Made out of polyester, cotton, and TPU material, each pair is made for men. The gloves’ exterior is a water-resistant shell that works to keep you dry, while an elastic cuff offers a snug fit and locks out snow and wind. The thumb and index finger on each glove have touchscreen-sensitive tips so you can easily use your devices. There’s even a silica gel particle patch for increased grip on the palms.

Just remember that these gloves aren’t actually waterproof — they’re only water-resistant, so try not to immerse them in water fully .

Key Features
  • Made of polyester and cotton
  • Coated conductive fabric on fingers
  • Snug fit
  • Designed for men
  • Brand Ozero
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

Great warmth for thin gloves

Highly sensitive touchscreen functionality

Wind- and water-resistant


Not waterproof

These gloves offer more warmth and more protection when you’re outdoors, and they can keep your fingers and palms protected in the coldest winter conditions. Each pair of unisex winter gloves features a genuine deerskin suede leather exterior and a soft polar fleece interior lining, plus a layer of waterproof TPU. They also include a layer of Heatlok insulated cotton, a thermal layer that traps heat and creates a barrier against extreme cold. The gloves are durable and tough, but they’re also exceptionally warm. And you won’t feel limited, thanks to the dexterity that these gloves provide. They’re even resistant to abrasions and nicely breathable despite their thickness.

Keep in mind that if these gloves get wet, they remain damp for quite some time. Be sure to let these gloves fully dry before using them next.

Key Features
  • Heatlok insulated lining
  • Unisex
  • Partially waterproof
  • Suitable for temperatures up to -30 degrees
  • Brand Ozero
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 4.66 ounces

Ideal for extra-cold temperatures

Offer good dexterity

Insulation warms more with wear


Gloves stay damp if wet

These winter-ready gloves are tough and thick enough to keep your hands warm even when temperatures drop down to as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Made with polyurethane leather and 3M Thinsulate insulated cotton, you’ll stay warm and be able to grip without slipping. Each pair of gloves features a double shirred elastic wrist to lock in warmth. While the interior keeps you warm, it also works to wick away moisture, keeping you dry even if your hands start to sweat. On the exterior, the gloves feature coated conductive material on the index fingers so you can use and access your touchscreen devices even in cold weather. And the gloves are even backed by a 12-month warranty.

While these gloves are a great overall choice, they are relatively bulky compared to other options. Also, they tend to run small, so you may want to size up.

Key Features
  • Made with 3M insulated cotton
  • Suitable for temperatures as low as -30 degrees
  • Water-resistant outer shell
  • Touchscreen capable fingertips
  • Brand Cevapro
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 5.61 ounces

Lightweight yet very warm

Strong stitching at seams

Protective against moisture


Run small


If there’s one winter element that can really make you feel cold, it’s wind — but a pair of FanVince Winter Gloves will block the wind and keep your hands warm with ease. These unisex gloves, which pull on snugly, are warm enough for winter weather and thick enough to keep the wind away from your hands. Made of polyester material, each pair features a windproof exterior shell and a soft, thermal interior cotton lining. You’ll have great functionality thanks to sensitive touchscreen fingers that allow you to use your smart devices without difficulty. A long elastic knitted cuff can tuck into your outerwear, ensuring you’re covered against potential gaps.

While there is a waterproof membrane underneath the outer glove shell to help keep water from soaking through the gloves, this won’t keep you totally dry in melting snow and rain.

Key Features
  • Made from polyester
  • Windproof
  • Water-resistant interior membrane
  • Unisex
  • Brand FanVince
  • Model USFV002BS-A
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

Smooth and comfortable

Warm even in low temperatures

Flexible and breathable


Not fully waterproof

These gloves are a great choice for individuals who want to be active outdoors. Whether you’re running, cycling, or even working outside, these winter gloves will offer you warmth along with flexibility and dexterity. Featuring a convenient zipper closure and high-quality thick layers of windproof fabric, each pair of gloves is lined with a breathable inner layer for warmth without dampness or sweat. You’ll be able to grip anything thanks to the anti-slip, wear-resistant PU palms and can easily use your touchscreen devices with the conductive corrugated PU fingertips on individual fingers. These gloves can live up to any needs, from shoveling to riding a motorcycle to hiking, all while keeping you comfortable.

However, depending on your needs and how you will be wearing these gloves, they may not be thick enough for some.

Key Features
  • Made of polyester and wool
  • Zipper closure
  • Touchscreen functionality in fingers
  • Anti-slip palm
  • Brand Koxly
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 3.53 ounces

Great for active individuals

Highly conductive fingertips

Maintains dexterity


May not be thick enough for some

Best Winter Gloves Buying Guide & FAQ

If there’s a winter accessory you can’t go without, it’s gloves. If you don’t have a good pair of gloves, you’ll let heat escape from your hands — and you can even potentially expose your fingers to issues like loss of feeling or even frostbite. Winter gloves can increase your warmth, help you survive colder temperatures more easily, and provide you with the flexibility and dexterity you need every day.

But picking out a pair of gloves isn’t exactly as simple as it might seem:  gloves come in all different styles, sizes, and materials. Some are suited for outdoor work, while others are more focused on fashion. To find the best pair of gloves for you, follow our buying guide’s tips and suggestions.

Why Do You Need Winter Gloves?

Absolutely everyone should have a quality pair of winter gloves. Whether you live in a relatively warm climate or a region that sees pretty cold, harsh winter weather, a good pair of gloves always comes in handy. You can wear gloves to keep warm whether you’re working outdoors, working out, or even just walking outside. They’re an everyday accessory — especially when winter arrives.

Hands in Winter Gloves Playing in the Snow
Any pair of casual gloves that feature insulation is the best choice for winter weather.

Gloves are the best solution for cold hands and fingers. They’re protective and provide warmth, helping you hold in more heat while you’re in cold temperatures. And they can offer even more perks when worn. Winter gloves can offer benefits like:

  • Increased warmth from your wrists to your fingertips, with layers of fabric that block out cold temperatures, wind, and other outdoor winter elements.
  • Protection against moisture and damp weather, like rain and snow, can cause increased cold upon contact with your skin.
  • Good grip, thanks to grippy silicone palms that increase your hold on items like tools, smartphones, and more.
  • Protection against potential cold-weather dangers like frostbite and loss of feeling in your fingers.

The Most Common Types of Winter Gloves

Winter gloves all perform the same job: they keep your hands warm in cold temperatures and brisk or inclement winter weather. But no two pairs of gloves are the same. With differences in design, sizing, materials, and more, it’s important to know which type of gloves will suit your needs best before buying. Learn more about the most common types of winter gloves below.

Casual Gloves

Casual winter gloves are the most popular type you’ll come across. These gloves, which are typically knit material designed solely for warmth, are thin enough to allow you to go about your daily outdoor activities yet made with warm materials in cold weather. They’re suitable for actions like driving, walking, and just being outside.

Many casual winter gloves are simple, but some styles do include functional extras. Touchscreen-compatible fingertips, reinforced palms, and even grippy, anti-slip palms can all be found on casual gloves. But keep in mind that casual gloves are best for average winter weather — they aren’t thick or warm enough for severe weather in most cases.

Work Gloves

Work gloves are another, more specialized option. Winter work gloves are designed to be used in tougher, more heavy-duty settings. They’re more durable because they’re meant to be suitable for activities like chopping wood, operating machinery, or performing work outdoors. Gloves for mechanics or working are typically made out of tougher materials like leather, suede, or even waterproof fabric. Many feature fleece or synthetic insulation for extra warmth since you’re more exposed to the elements while working.

Work gloves are also designed to help you maintain your dexterity. They allow you to move, flex, and grip like you would without added bulk from gloves.

Performance Gloves

Performance winter gloves are designed to perform. Meant to keep active individuals warm, these gloves are made for warmth as much as they’re made to allow you to work up a sweat. Performance gloves are an excellent choice for winter athletes like runners and cyclists. They offer protection against the elements, too—many performance gloves are both wind- and waterproof, with layers of slim insulation.

Another perk of performance gloves is they can be worn for sustained use in extreme or demanding conditions. Whether you’re skiing, mountaineering, or wearing gloves on a snowmobile , these gloves can survive it all.

What to Look for When Buying Winter Gloves

When you’re shopping for winter gloves, you need to look at material above all else. Material can make or break a pair of gloves, and it’s the only line of defense you’ll have against cold temperatures and inclement weather. The material also determines just how warm, protective, and durable a pair of gloves is — so make sure you’re looking at material that can insulate and protect. Waterproof and windproof gloves are great options, as they offer increased benefits.

Another essential feature to consider is the insulation. Some winter gloves are thin, which offers you a more natural feel, greater flex, and increased dexterity. However, though thicker and often bulkier, gloves with more insulation are better for extremely cold temperatures. Consider whether you need more insulation or if you can get by with thinner layers of insulation.

couple with hot drinks holding hands on street in winter
Gloves are protective and provide warmth, helping you hold in more heat while you’re in cold temperatures.

Best Winter Gloves FAQs:

Winter gloves certainly aren’t as simple as they seem. With different features and levels of functionality, every pair offers something different. And the warmth and protection can vary significantly. Find the answers to some very common questions about winter gloves right here.

Q: What type of gloves are best for winter?

While any gloves can help you in the winter, casual gloves are a great choice. Any pair of casual gloves that feature insulation is the best choice for winter weather. Insulation adds material and layers, which increases warmth and heat retention.

Q: What are the best gloves for cold hands?

Our top pick, the Achiou Winter Knit Gloves , is an excellent choice for cold hands with a balance of warmth and functionality.

Q: Do you need gloves for winter?

Yes, everyone can benefit from wearing gloves in winter. Gloves increase your warmth, protect you from the elements, and improve heat retention.

Q: How do I keep my fingers warm in the winter?

To keep your fingers warm, you should wear a pair of winter gloves made with thicker fabric.

Our Top Pick

A pair of Achiou Winter Knit Gloves combines sufficient warmth for your fingers and hands with great functionality. These winter gloves offer a mix of warming insulation that’ll wrap your hands in warmth even in very cold temperatures and give you the ability to grip (and hang onto) items with ease. They even feature touchscreen-capable fingertips, which allow you to use your most important touchscreen devices without having to expose your hands to the cold.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best warmth and winter functionality, then a pair of Achiou Winter Knit Gloves are our favorite product. However, if you want great value and affordability, ViGrace Winter Touchscreen Gloves are an excellent choice.


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