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There’s something so exciting and satisfying about getting a brand new grill. Visions of perfectly cooked steaks, backyard barbecues with unlimited burgers and hot dogs, the scent of grilled shrimp skewers, and the sight of veggies with perfectly placed grill marks call to all who dream of balmy afternoons and evenings spent outdoors by the barbecue with friends and family. This is why it’s imperative to choose a well-performing, top-of-the-line gas grill that will deliver reliable and consistent results. No one dreams of burners that don’t heat evenly, causing scorch marks on some meat and dangerously undercooked sections on others. There’s no fun in that.

Natural gas grills are the perfect option if you have a gas outlet on your deck or patio, eliminating the need for cumbersome propane tanks that always seem to run out of gas at the worst times, leaving you frustrated—and worse, hungry. If you’re in the market for a new natural gas grill, we’ve got you covered with our informative product review and buying guide, so you’ll be sure to get an excellent grill that you can cook a proper feast on.

When it comes to the best overall choice in terms of quality, durability, performance, and reliability, the Weber Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill is easily our top pick. This high-performance grill features Weber’s industry-leading 10-year warranty and Weber’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This sleek and modern-looking model comes equipped with an easy-to-use infinity ignition for quick and safe lighting.

It also features four stainless steel, high-performance burners with flavorizer bars, one side burner, one sear station burner, and a grease management system. The 7-millimeter diameter, solid stainless steel rod cooking grates give premium heat retention. This grill is capable of putting out an impressive 69,000 BTUs of heat and boasts a whopping 844 square inches of cooking space. The grill is a little on the pricey side, but with a 10-year warranty, it’s still a great investment.

Key Features
  • 69,000-BTU heat capacity
  • Four stainless steel burners
  • 844 square inches of cooking space
  • Compatible with wireless iGrill 3 temperature monitor
  • Brand Weber
  • Model 67006001
  • Weight 177 pounds

Includes spacious enclosed shelving for accessory storage

10-year warranty is one of the longest in the industry

Equipped with a handy side burner and a sear station


A little on the pricey side

Vent positioning can allow wildlife critters to get inside when the grill is not in use

Complex assembly takes some time

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that still delivers a great grilling experience, the Dyna-Glo Premier 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill is a great option. It features three stainless steel burners that deliver 36,000 BTUs of cooking capacity on 550 square inches of cooking space, which is enough to accommodate up to 19 burgers. You’ll have plenty of room to cook for friends and family. Sturdy and long-lasting cast-iron cooking grates retain heat well and transfer maximum flavor to your food.

This grill is great for more compact spaces, since it’s equipped with space-saving folding shelves on each side, making it a great option for an RV grill and dwellers of apartments or tiny homes. Our one concern about this budget-friendly option is that the body of the grill and the shelves are constructed not from stainless steel, but anodized steel, which tends to dent and corrode more quickly. Consider adding a cover to protect your grill from the elements when not in use.

Key Features
  • Equipped with three stainless steel burners
  • 36,000-BTU heating capacity
  • Two fold-down shelves on either side
  • High-gloss enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Brand Dyna-Glo
  • Model DGP397CNN-D
  • Weight 99.4 pounds


Great space-saving design

Can be moved easily thanks to four well-built caster wheels


Body of the grill is not as durable and rust-resistant as some other models

Some concern over the ease of hooking up to a gas line

Some reports of inaccurate temperature readings

When it comes to top-of-the-line, cutting-edge natural gas grills, the Lion Premium Grills 32-Inch Natural Gas Grill takes the cake. In case the name doesn’t tip you off, this premium-quality, 32-inch grill features a whopping 75,000 BTUs of cooking power spread out over a spacious 830 square inches of cooking surface. The grill’s four cast stainless steel burners come with a lifetime warranty.

This grill is fully constructed from a durable and rust-resistant stainless steel housing and features a double-layer, seamless welded stainless steel smoker head with polished edges. This grill also comes equipped with five Lion Quick Lite valves, an adjustable warming rack, an infrared rotisserie back burner, two interior lights, a bottle opener, and an outdoor griddle and griddle remover, making this one of the most complete packages on our list. The only drawback is that this grill is meant to be a permanent insert and doesn’t come as a free-standing model.

Key Features
  • 75,000 BTUs on 830 square inches of cooking space
  • Four cast stainless steel burners
  • Infrared rotisserie back burner with rack and cover
  • Removable griddle insert
  • Brand Lion Premium Grills
  • Model 75623
  • Weight 170 pounds

A versatile, all-inclusive grilling setup

Body and burners are constructed from rugged stainless steel

Interior lights make cooking at night a cinch



Not sold as a free-standing model

Quite heavy; requires a solidly built base for proper support

Want a superior natural gas grill without a jaw-dropping price tag? Check out the Weber Spirit S-315 NG Gas Grill. This grill delivers all the functionality, reliability, and precision cooking that Weber is famous for. The lid is constructed from durable and low-maintenance stainless steel that will hold up to harsh elements over time. It’s a three-burner model that comes with Weber’s well-known flavorizer bars that direct heat evenly throughout the entire cooking space, as well as porcelain-enamel cast-iron cooking grates that impart the perfect sear marks and great flavors throughout your food.

With 424 square inches of cooking space, you can cook for an intimate evening or a crowd with ease. Tool hooks to hold your essential grilling accessories, a removable warming rack, and an easy-to-remove grease tray are helpful added touches. It would be nice if the entire body of the grill were constructed from stainless steel for added durability, and if the side shelves folded down to save space when not in use.

Key Features
  • Three-burner model with flavorizer bars
  • 32,000 BTUs of heat capacity
  • 424 square inches of cooking space
  • Porcelain-enamel cast-iron cooking grates
  • Brand Weber
  • Model 47502001
  • Weight 124.7 pounds


Backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty

Stainless steel lid is corrosion- and dent-resistant


Three burners give fewer temperature options for cooking multiple foods

Less heat capacity than some other models

Body is not made entirely from stainless steel

The Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB Natural Gas Grill could be in the running to become your most beloved grill ever. It’s got it all, including four stainless steel main burners that pump out up to 48,000 BTUs. Stainless steel sear plates ensure even heat distribution thanks to a unique layered positioning setup. With over 500 square inches of cooking space, you can show off your barbecue mastery by cooking up a large number of treats for your friends and family, giving them ample opportunity to ooh and aah over this sleek and stylish grill.

This grill also comes with an additional 400 square inches of cooking space thanks to the removable warming rack and the ample side burner. A high-tech infrared sizzle zone side burner is capable of heating up to 1,800 degrees in 30 seconds, giving you the perfect sear every time. This grill even comes equipped with an 18,000-BTU infrared rear burner and a heavy-duty rotisserie kit for those times when you want juicy rotisserie-cooked meats. The one drawback is that this grill is large and requires ample open space for risk-free operation. It’s also one of the pricier models on our list

Key Features
  • Four main stainless steel burners
  • 48,000-BTU capacity with 500 square inches of cooking space
  • 18,000-BTU infrared rear burner for rotisserie cooking
  • Additional infrared side burner can heat up to 1,800 degrees in 30 seconds
  • Brand Napoleon
  • Model P500RSIBNSS-3
  • Weight 196.6 pounds

Incredibly versatile cooking options

Includes rotisserie cooking kit

Large enclosed storage shelves underneath


Very heavy

Bulkier and larger than some other models


Another excellent and versatile option that deserves an honorable mention is the Weber Genesis II S-335 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill. It’s a sleek and high-end looking stainless steel, three-burner grill that also features a stainless steel lid for superior heat retention and durability. It’s equipped with the powerful and efficient Gs4 high-performance grilling system that features the easy-to-light infinity ignition system, flavorizer bars for even heat distribution and flavorful cooking, and the easy-to-remove grease tray that funnels grease out of the bottom of the grill to help prevent dangerous flare-ups.

A handy side burner allows you to simmer barbecue sauce, saute veggies, and more, while the sear station creates an intense heat zone to quickly sear and seal in flavors for perfectly grilled meats every time. Connect to the iGrill 3 app to monitor grill temperature at any time, ensuring ideal cooking conditions. This grill is a little on the pricey side, but with a 10-year warranty, your investment will be well-protected.

Key Features
  • Three stainless steel burners with flavorizer bars
  • Infinity ignition system
  • 39,000-BTU heat capacity
  • 12,000-BTU side burner
  • Brand Weber
  • Model 66006001
  • Weight 154 pounds

More space saving than some models

Handy sear station allows for quick searing of meats

Side burner allows simultaneous cooking of other foods



Side trays don’t fold down for extra space saving

Bottom of the grill is not stainless steel and is less resistant to corrosion

Best Natural Gas Grills Buying Guide & FAQ

Natural gas grills are a special entity among barbecue enthusiasts. Since they require a dedicated, pre-plumbed natural gas line and are more expensive to initially purchase and install, natural gas grills are usually reserved for serious outdoor grilling aficionados. So it makes sense that if you’re considering upgrading to a natural gas grill, you want to know exactly what to look for to ensure you’re getting a top-of-the-line, high-performing barbecue that will provide you with years of perfectly cooked meals. Our thorough buying guide will have you confidently choosing the ideal natural gas grill to suit your needs in no time.

Benefits of a Natural Gas Grill

Natural gas grills barbeque
Natural gas grills can be a bit pricier, but worth the extra investment.

As mentioned above, natural gas grills can be pricier to purchase and install initially when compared to the more common propane grills, but a natural gas grill has several enticing benefits that make it an excellent choice overall. Over time, the cost of natural gas becomes lower than propane and can thus save you cash in the long run.

With a natural gas grill, you never have to worry about it running out of fuel halfway through the cooking process, ruining a much-anticipated meal or a great party that now has only chips and dip to feed the guests. Natural gas grills also heat up super quickly, allowing you to expertly sear foods and seal in flavors.

Many natural gas grills come with several versatile cooking options and accessories, allowing you to easily roast, bake, braise, or even fry, keeping your grilling game fresh and on point. This is great for impatient chefs who want food fast, and also for those who want fewer dishes to clean up after the meal is over.

  • Natural gas grills provide a cleaner, more precise heat for cooking than charcoal and even propane barbecues.
  • Natural gas grills tend to be built with some of the most long-lasting and durable components, so while they may be more expensive to purchase initially, they tend to last much longer than many of their charcoal and propane counterparts.
  • Many natural gas grills come with several other cooking methods and accessories, allowing you to efficiently cook an entire meal on your barbecue.

The Most Common Types of Natural Gas Grills

Luckily, when it comes to natural gas grills, there are really only two types to choose between, and those are quite easily decided upon based on your outdoor patio setup. So at least you won’t spend hours agonizing over which type will work best for you—it’s a pretty straightforward choice.

Freestanding Grill

As the name implies, this type of natural gas grill comes assembled to a freestanding cabinet or trolley that’s usually on wheels and can be freely moved around your patio space. This type of grill can range in size from quite portable to very large and cumbersome, depending on the number of people you frequently cook for and your available outdoor grilling space. You can choose from two burners up to six or more.

This type of grill is generally more budget-friendly and comes with side trays that may or may not fold down, plus perhaps a side burner for additional cooking options. Some models have an enclosed cabinet at the base for extra storage of tools and accessories.

Built-In Grill

A built-in natural gas grill is part of a permanently installed outdoor kitchen setup, and as such, it can’t be moved from place to place. It’s usually the centerpiece of an elaborate outdoor entertaining area. This type of grill is usually the choice of people who love to spend a lot of time outdoors grilling with friends and family.

These types of grills are usually on the larger side, but you can get some three-burner options. They may also come with several additional cooking options—like a rotisserie kit or outdoor griddle system , and maybe even a built-in gas leak detector —since the innards of the grill are hidden in tile, brick, or another rugged outdoor material. These grills are usually the more expensive of the two types.

What to Consider When Buying a Natural Gas Grill

Cleaning Natural gas grills
Natural gas grills are built with durable components for long-lasting performance.

In order to narrow down your choices when looking at which natural gas grill will suit you and your family best, there are a few key considerations that will help ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck and that the grill you choose will provide years of reliable and enjoyable use.

  • Durable and rust-resistant construction materials. If you’re investing a good chunk of change in a natural gas grill, make sure that as much of it as possible is constructed from rust- and dent-resistant stainless steel. This will require less maintenance over time, will clean up easily with a good rust remover , and will ensure a long life span for your initial investment. Burners should be made of stainless steel for the same reason. Cooking grates should be constructed from cast iron, stainless steel, or even cast aluminum.
  • Size. The size of your grill is one of the most important considerations. Measuring your outdoor space prior to purchase will ensure you don’t get googly-eyed over some behemoth model at the store and come home with a grill that’s much too big for you. If you love to entertain or have a large family and fewer space considerations, you may want a large grill that allows you to cook a lot of food all at once, meaning you spend less time standing at the barbecue grilling and more time hanging out and eating.
  • Cost. There’s no shame in having a preset budget that you want to stick to when choosing a new natural gas grill, especially since they’re more expensive than regular propane or charcoal barbecues. This will help narrow down your available options and make sure you don’t get upsold by a commission-based salesperson into a model that you’ll struggle to pay for.
  • Warranty. Any good company will provide a solid manufacturer’s warranty with its product. Weber is well known for having one of the best warranties in the business, standing behind its products for up to 10 years. Most other companies will offer something similar, although maybe not as long of a term.

Best Natural Gas Grills FAQ:

As we near the end of our comprehensive buying guide, you may find you still have a few unanswered questions regarding the perfect natural gas grill. Not to worry: We’ve got you covered with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions floating around the internet ethers.

Q: What is the best natural gas grill to buy?

While it’s hard to say that one particular brand of natural gas grill is much better than another, the best choice will be one that suits your budget, can fit easily in your available outdoor space, and provides enough cooking space and heat capacity to suit your everyday grilling needs. Don’t forget about a solid warranty, either. For that reason, we love Weber grills. They have a wide variety of sizes and price ranges and an excellent warranty to suit almost any customer’s requirements.

Q: Is it safe to grill with natural gas?

In any situation when heat and gas are mixed, there are some inherent dangers. However, natural gas is safer for your health than charcoal, and installing a reliable gas leak detector will help you minimize any safety risks from grilling with gas.

Q: Is there a difference between propane and natural gas grills?

Natural gas is primarily methane gas mixed with other gases (including propane) that has been pressurized into a liquid state. It has a simple refining process and is cheaper and cleaner than propane. Propane, on the other hand, is a refined fossil fuel. It’s a hydrocarbon that’s found as a component of natural gas and other materials. It’s more energy efficient and heavier than natural gas.

Q: Why are natural gas grills so expensive?

Natural gas grills are typically more expensive than propane models because they require a longer hose and have a quick-connect fitting that allows them to be installed to your home’s pre-plumbed natural gas line. They’re also usually made with very high-end, top-of-the-line components and materials, which can make them cost more initially—but they can also have a longer life span, saving you money in the long run.

Our Top Pick

Now that you’re well-versed in the nuances of natural gas grills, it’s probably pretty obvious why we chose the Weber Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill as our top pick. This sleek and modern-looking model comes equipped with an easy-to-use infinity ignition for quick and safe lighting of your grill. It also features four stainless steel high-performance burners with flavorizer bars, one side burner, one sear station burner, and a grease management system. This grill is capable of putting out an impressive 69,000 BTUs of heat and boasts a whopping 844 square inches of cooking space.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve decided that a reliable and clean-cooking natural gas grill is the way to go, you only have to choose from the Weber Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill , the Dyna-Glo Premier 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill , or one of the other stellar options on our list. The sooner you decide, the sooner you can put your grill to the test and start cooking some amazing foods. If you’ve got a question or comment about natural gas grills, drop us a line below. We love hearing from you.


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