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Kids love family bike rides but can get exhausted if you try to cover long distances. On the other hand, parents can get bored with very short rides! A tandem bike attachment is the perfect solution to this age-old family problem. They are a handy attachment that fits on the back of your bike. The trailer cycle has a wheel, handlebars and pedals so your kid will feel just as they do on a regular bike.

When they are on a tag along bike, children have the option of pedaling but only if they want to or if you need their help to get up a hill! They are designed to be attached and removed quickly and have plenty of safety features to stop your child from getting hurt. Most of them fold away easily when you are not using them. Before you head out and buy a kid’s tandem bike, check out our useful guide.

The Best Trailer Cycle

A perfect way for a four to nine year old child (weight limit is 75 pounds) to travel with you on your bike in comfort and safety. It attaches to your bike using a patented Sync-Link system for attachment. There is a 20-inch wheel and pedals so that your child can help you on steep inclines.

To make sure that your child is comfortable, the seat is padded and the handlebars can be adjusted upwards, downwards and rotationally. There is also a splash guard to protect your child from getting splashed with dirt and water. There’s even a safety flag included. When you are not using the tandem bike attachment, it releases quickly and the arm folds in for easy storage. This Weeride bike trailer comes in pink, green and white.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children up to 75 pounds
  • 20-inch wheel and pedals
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Quick release attachment mechanism
  • Brand WeeRide
  • Model 36455
  • Weight 28.8 pound

Child does not have to pedal

Adjustable seat is very useful

Pivots at the attachment as you turn corners


May not suit a very short child

Pedal arms are too long for smaller kids

Steering stops on the neck of the bike can be troublesome

A great bike attachment that will suit children aged between four and six years old and who weigh up to 85 pounds. It fits to your own bike using a top tube radius which will fit most 26-inch and 700c bikes. There is a strong universal-joint steel hitch which has four shim options so it is compatible with most seat posts.

The bike attachment is very easy for your child to ride – it has handlebar grips and a low center of gravity which gives it stability. For safety, it has an integrated chain ring protector and a flag for visibility. When not in use, it folds for easy transport and storage and is available in black or silver.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children aged four to six years of age
  • Strong universal-joint steel hitch
  • Handlebar grips
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Brand Adams
  • Model 146000-10-01
  • Weight 16.5 pounds

Very easy to use and transport

Will fit in the trunk of most SUVs

Different size inserts are very useful


Some bike seat posts are not strong enough for it

Some issues with the manufacturing quality

This bike attachment is suitable for kids who are a bit older. A child between four and ten years can use it, as long as they do not weigh more than 85 pounds. The adult to child weight ratio should not exceed 2-1. It is made from aluminum so it is both strong and lightweight. The bike attaches to an adult bike using a Burley cycle hitch which has ball-bearing guided pivots and it comes with a rack that connects to your bike. This makes it very stable and it does not require shimmies. There is also a double locking mechanism to give you complete peace of mind.

Your child will get a comfortable and safe ride. There is a front splash guard to keep them dry and both the handlebars and seat post are adjustable. There is even a safety flag for visibility. Because the hitch is perpendicular, the handling and stability are superior which is aided by the over-axle pivot attachment.

Key Features
  • Made from aluminum – strong but lightweight
  • Hitch with ball-bearing guided pivots
  • Handlebars and seat post are adjustable
  • Front splash guard
  • Brand Burley Design
  • Model 931201
  • Weight 16.5 pounds

Splash guard stops kids from getting sprayed

Very solidly built

Does not make your bike lean


Support hitch is a bit complicated

Top stays of the carrier/hitch need to be manually cut

Take an enjoyable and stress-free ride with your little one using this bike trailer. It is made out of strong materials and has a 20 -inch bicycle wheel, adjustable handlebars, a comfortable seat and pedals. It will attach very quickly to most bikes that have a seat post.

Thanks to the quick-release system, you can detach it from your bike in seconds and the arm folds up for easy storage. It comes in a lovely black and silver color and has a safety flag to let motorists know that you are there. It is suitable for children aged four to nine years of age and who weigh up to 75 pounds.

Key Features
  • Made from strong materials
  • Speedy attachment and release
  • Black and silver color
  • Safety flag
  • Brand WeeRide
  • Model 96455
  • Weight 28.7 pounds

Very sturdy construction

Folds up quickly

Easy to put together


Not suitable for shorter children

Mud guard is a bit flimsy

With this bike trailer your child will be safely strapped into a padded seat using a three-point harness and foot straps. All of the moving parts are also enclosed for safety. It has a safe weight limit of 80 pounds to make sure that it stays stable on tarmac.

It will fit most bikes and most 29ers and there is a snap pin attachment which makes it quick to put on and take off. You can adjust the seat to suit children of all ages. Because it only has a single wheel, it can be used on narrow country paths with ease. It would suit children of between two and nine years of age and also has the capacity to store essentials for your trip in the side bags.

Key Features
  • Padded seat with three-point harness
  • Will fit most bikes
  • Adjustable seats
  • Storage bags
  • Brand Weehoo
  • Model K1000
  • Weight 1 pounds

Suitable for narrow country lanes

Child safely strapped in

Will fit 29ers


Child has to be unstrapped to get out

Child is low down and can’t see as much

There is a 20 inch wheel on this bicycle trailer which also has pedals and a chain so that your child can either coast or join in with the pedaling! It’s made from aluminum and is therefore lightweight enough to transport. It will fit most bikes including mountain bikes and 700c bicycles and attaches quickly to the seat post.

The handlebars are fully adjustable to suit your child’s height. It has a quick folding hinge so that it can be packed away. The swivel hinge attachment makes it very stable when you are on a ride.

Key Features
  • 20-inch wheel
  • Will fit most bikes
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Swivel wings attachments
  • Brand WeeRide
  • Model 36999
  • Weight 22 pounds

Mounts securely and easily to the seat post

U joint is silent and smooth

Adjustable seat height


Tire is not great quality

Paint marks easily

This is a very useful attachment for using when your child is getting in or out of the carrier attached to the back of your bike. It will attach securely to iGo models manufactured after 2015 so it will be great for the blast, two and Turbo models.

The legs are adjustable so it will work with bikes of different sizes. It folds out of the way when you are not using it.

Key Features
  • Useful carrier attachment
  • Folds away when not in use
  • For models made after 2015
  • Compatible with most bikes
  • Brand Weehoo
  • Model K5011
  • Weight 14.1 ounces

Built well

Easy to fit on

Supports carrier


Only supports carrier when empty

You need your own Allen keys to fit it

You can truly teach your child to ride a bike with this tandem bike attachment. It is ideal for children aged between four and ten years of age and who weigh up to 85 pounds. The maximum adult-to-child weight ratio should be 2:1. In the pack you get the trailer cycle frame complete with handlebars and seat, a 20 inch wheel, the Burley cycle Hitch with ball bearings, a bike rack for connecting it to your bike and a safety flag. It is made from aluminum so it is both lightweight and strong.

For your child’s comfort, the handlebars and seat post are adjustable and there is a front splash guard. This trailer bike teaches your child how to change gears too thanks to the 7-speed thumb gear shifter.

Key Features
  • 20-inch wheel
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Burley cycle hitch with ball bearings
  • 7-speed thumb gear shifter
  • Brand Burley Design
  • Model 930201
  • Weight 5.43 pounds

Connects via a rear rack and therefore doesn’t interfere with seat post

Teaches children about gears

Detaches in seconds


Mounting rack is heavy

No holes for mounting tail lights

Best Trailer Bikes Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Trailer Cycle

A tag along bike trailer is a considerable investment and is likely to last you for several years. Before you go out and buy one, take a look at the key things that you should consider.

  • Child age and weight

It is crucial that you select a bike attachment for kids that will suit your child’s age and weight. Remember that kids grow fast! Try to pick one that will last as long as possible. It is dangerous to use a trailer cycle that is not suitable for your child.

  • Ease of fitting

You need as trailer cycle that you can put on and take off quickly. You will have an excited child waiting to head off on a ride! Some fit onto the bike stem but others have an alternative hitch. Once this has been fitted, it should be very quick to fix the trailer to it.

  • Gears

Trailer bikes are all about helping your child to feel independent and adding gears is a brilliant way to do this. They can learn how bike gears work and will be ready for when they learn to ride their own bikes with gears.

Benefits of a Tandem Bike Attachment

Family bike rides are very special occasions when memories are made and everyone can have fun. The only problem is that families often include people of different ages who have very different cycling abilities. This is when a tandem bike attachment is just what you need. Here are the main advantages that they offer.

  • They are for older children: Young children and toddlers can be transported in a seat that fits on the back of your bike. However, eventually they get too big for this to be practical or safe. Tandem bike attachments are ideal for older children.
  • Children don’t have to balance: Even if your child has not yet mastered how to ride a bike independently, they can use a tag along bike attachment. It is also a safer option if they are not yet a confident rider and you are near traffic or other hazards.
  • Children don’t have to pedal: If your little one gets tired, they can just have a break. Then they can join back in to give you a hand up the hills!
  • They are great for longer distances: Children can get tired out on a long bike ride and adults can get bored with short ones! A tandem bike attachment lets you cover the distances that you want and explore new places without your child getting exhausted and miserable.
  • They are safer in traffic than a kid on a bike: Traffic and kids on bikes do not mix! A trailer bike is a safer way to travel around the city in an environmentally friendly way.
  • They teach road safety: As you child rides behind you, they can observe how you obey the rules of the road and can learn how to obey them too.
  • They encourage independence: Children feel more grown up on a ride along bike than they do on a bike seat.
  • They encourage exercise: Children need exercise and this is a great way of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Mother on bicycle with baby bike trailer in park

Different Types of Tag Along Bikes

There are several different types of tag along bikes. Most have a 20 inch wheel, handlebars and a seat but some have gears and others do not.

Some attach to the seat post of the adult bike but others have an alternative hitch attachment. You may choose a model that can be folded away for easy storage.

There is also some variety in the type of seat. Whilst most have a regular bike seat, others have a larger padded seat with a back support. There may also be seat belts attached. These are more suitable for younger children or children with special needs.

How to Attach a Trailer Bike

It is important that you carefully read the instructions on how to fix on the bike attachment for child passengers. There will be an attachment that stays on your bike permanently. This may fit to the seat post of your bike or there may be a different sort of hitch.

Then, when you want to fit on the trailer bike, it will simply clip only the attachment. This can usually be done in just a minute or so. It takes a similar time to take it off. This is the key advantage of a trailer bike – you can detach it when you want and use your bike just like a regular bike.

Best Trailer Bikes FAQ:

Q: What is a trailer bike?

A trailer bike is sometimes called a trailer cycle or a tandem bike attachment. They are a device that usually has one-wheel, handlebars and a seat and that carries one child behind the main bike. They sit in a position that they would sit in if they were riding a bike themselves. Some have gears and there are pedals that the child can use if they want to.

Q: How much weight can a trailer cycle hold?

Each trailer cycle is different. Most are made from aluminum and are therefore lightweight but strong enough to hold most children. However, it is important that you comply with the weight limits. This is because a heavy child could throw you off balance and this is dangerous.

Q: Are tandem bike attachments safe?

Tandem bike attachments are perfectly safe as long as you fit them and operate them according to the manufacturers’ instructions. It is important that you adhere to the age and weight recommendations because these are there for a reason! If a very heavy child uses a tandem bike attachment, they could easily throw the adult bike rider off balance and this is very dangerous. It is also important that you child understands that they must hold on and put their feet on the pedals. Children who are aged less than four are unlikely to follow these instructions reliably. The bike attachments are designed with your child’s safety in mind. The handlebars and seat are usually adjustable so that your little one can sit in a stable position. The moving parts are often guarded away and there is often a safety flag.

Q: Why is cycling good for kids?

Cycling has always been a favorite past time for kids but over the last few decades it has become an activity that families like to enjoy together. It teaches children balance and co-ordination which are gross motor skills that are essential for a child’s development. It also teaches them road sense and how to stay safe and look out for traffic hazards. The exercise that cycling provides is essential for a child’s well-being. Childhood obesity is a serious and growing public health issue in the US and in many other Western nations. Cycling helps your child burn off calories and is great for their heart and lung health. It establishes patterns of behavior and a healthy lifestyle that your child will take forward as they develop into an adult. family enjoying a bike ride

Our Top Pick

Our top pick trailer cycle suits four to nine year old children (weight limit is 75 pounds) and attaches to your bike using a patented Sync-Link system for attachment. There is a 20-inch wheel, the seat is padded and the handlebars can be adjusted.

There is also a splash guard to protect your child from getting splashed with dirt and water. There’s even a safety flag included. When you are not using the tandem bike attachment, it releases quickly and the arm folds in for easy storage.


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