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Electric bikes, also referred to as ebikes, have been in the industry for a long time, but their designs have come a long way. Biking is one of the best and most accessible methods of transportation around the world. We recommend ebikes because they have incredible designs and functions. Some of these vehicles are also very affordable, so you’re not required to break the bank for one. We list the best models available as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

The Best Electric Bikes

If you want a fast and smooth biking experience, we recommend the Ecotric Electric Bike. This fat tire ebike uses the shifting system for all its operations, so it delivers better performance than many competing brands. This bike is powered by a rear hub motor battery, which comes with a strong driving force of 500W. The motor battery is a smart device that works well with a removable 36V lithium cell unit for more accessible and better performance. To ensure that this ebike is well suited for all terrain, the Ecotric ebike is built with an extensive tire system. This system makes the unit extremely durable for use on all grounds.

The Ecotric electric assist bike system offers a strong driving push and excellent cycling power when compared to competing brands. One major feature of Ecotric bikes is their ergonomic design. Manufacturers ensure that every model has an anti-slip and wear-resistant tire. There are also ergonomic handlebars and an adjustable seat for comfort. Leave behind traffic jams and change the way you travel. With this ebike, you get to go without carbon, and this allows you to protect the earth and keep it green.

Key Features
  • Strong driving force of 500W
  • Removable 36V lithium battery
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • 58 LBS Load capacity
  • Brand ANCHEER
  • Model AM001907
  • Weight 50.7 Pounds

Great weight limit

Features throttle mode

Rugged and robust build


Battery cell tends to displace

No shock absorption

Difficult to find the battery

The Bestlucky Electric Motorcycle is an innovative electric mountain bike that stands due to its durable build. It operates with a lithium battery, and its capacity is large enough for extended usage. The best part about this battery is that you can purchase a spare battery in case of an emergency. With the various elements attached to the design of this ebike there’s no surprise that it is recognized as one of the best bikes on the market.

The Bestlucky electric bike is foldable to allow for secure storage at all times. To ensure such compactness, this unit is made from aluminum, which is both durable and utility friendly. We recommend it for everyone who takes regular trips and those who seek high quality in everything that they do. This ebike comes with two different working modes. The options are provided to allow users to conserve energy. To shift between these modes quickly, you only need to press the M key.

Key Features
  • Ultra strong wheels
  • 2 work modes
  • Foldable design
  • Large capacity lithium battery
  • Brand Bestlucky
  • Model AM004143

Good weight limit

Foldable; portable

USB charging port


Ideal for short stature users

Low-quality wheels.

Poor customer service

Swagtron’s EB7 Elite Plus Folding Electric Bike is a great foldable option that has the ability to go 19 miles on a single charge with speeds up to 18.6 miles per hour. Featuring a 23 percent power upgrade, this pedal-assist bicycle can easily tackle 25-degree inclines with its 350-watt motor and seven gears. The 36-volt lithium-ion battery takes 3-4 hours to charge, and many users order extra ones so they always have one on hand. Also, the battery locks in place to keep it secure and to prevent dust and moisture from penetrating.

The bike features 16-inch wheels, rear suspension, and dual-disc brakes. It also comes with a one-year warranty. Overall, it rides very smoothly, has a bright headlight for riding in low light conditions, and is ideal for city roads or riding around a neighborhood. Plus, since it’s a folding bike it’s a great commuter option.

However, there’s no taillight and there’s a slight delay when you twist the throttle. Also, some users haven’t been able to get it to go faster than 15 miles per hour.

Key Features
  • Folds up for storage
  • 19-mile range on a single charge
  • Uses a 36V lithium-ion battery
  • 350-watt motor
  • Seven gears
  • Brand Swagtron
  • Model EB7 Elite
  • Weight 42.3 pounds

23 percent power boost over previous model

Battery charges fairly quickly

Rides smoothly

Great commuter option


No taillight

Slight delay when you twist the throttle

May not reach promised speed of 18.6 miles per hour

We recommend the Cyclamatic Power CX1 Electric Mountain Bike for all your riding needs. This is an exceptional unit manufactured with accuracy, precision, and the best resources. It is a user-friendly unit constructed with a quick-release battery system. It can be used in the rain safely thanks to its quick-release front wheel system. We love this product because it is easy to assemble once it is out of the packaging. Professionals at Cyclamatic make use of quick-change Shimano gears, which enable the ebike to perform at outstanding levels. On natural terrain, this unit provides users with a 28 miles range, which isn’t possible with all electric bikes.

The Cyclammatic electric assist bike reaches a speed of up to 15 mph, made possible via the lithium-ion battery system. Besides durability, this ebike is very stylish. This bike doesn’t come with the same old frame of its predecessors; it has a bright silver finish, which has a brushed effect for better beauty. Ergonomics is also not left behind since this unit has a comfortable paddle saddle, Kenda tires, and a front suspension system.

Key Features
  • With Lithium-ion battery
  • Quick change Shimano gears
  • Latest mountain bike frame design
  • Padded saddle
  • Brand Cyclamatic
  • Model 56565


Good weight limit

Features throttle mode


Problems with motor

Low-quality wheels.

Bad headlight

NAKTO has launched its finest ebike yet. It features all the necessary elements that enable it to outperform its competitors. This ebike is an electric cargo bike built from the best resources and materials for durability. It operates with a 250W motor, six-speed gears, and a brushless gear motor for the best output. The battery is removable and resistant to water. It has an extensive capacity that allows for extended use.

The Nakto Electric Bicycle is very affordable, thanks to its various features. One is its high-strength carbon steel frame for better durability. There is also a carbon steel front fork unit that allows for natural shock absorption and premium comfort. Another feature is the high-quality gear shift and brake systems. It has a rear expansion brake, v brake, and a six-speed transmission system that allows the user to choose between different speeds according to their needs. This bike is the best for night riding as it features a bright LED headlamp as well as a horn. The two working modes of this unit allows users to conserve energy and also save money.

Key Features
  • 250W Cargo
  • 6 Speed gear EBike
  • Brushless gear motor
  • Waterproof
  • Brand NAKTO
  • Model 56565

Great weight limit

Features throttle mode

Rugged and robust build


Tends to stop working after a while

Bad customer service

The Macwheel Electric Bike features a lightweight, portable, foldable design. Intended for adults and teenagers, this ebike reaches speeds up to 15.5 miles per hour with a maximum range of 37 miles in pedal-assist mode. The seat height and handlebar are adjustable to suit the rider’s needs, and the 16-inch tires provide stability on bumpy roads. The bike also has dual-disc brakes, which are very reliable even in adverse weather and when going downhill. The bike is shipped 90-percent assembled, and the battery takes four to six hours to charge.

This ebike is also easy to operate and has three modes: electric, pedal assist, and traditional. It comes with a bright headlight, LED on-board computer, and a bell. Plus, it takes just seconds to fold, which makes it easy to store or carry on public transportation. Unfortunately, the bike is heavier than it looks and can be difficult for some people to carry when it’s in the folded position. Also, the battery is not removable, and it’s unclear how to swap it out if required.

Key Features
  • Aluminum frame
  • 16-inch tires
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars per hour
  • Six levels of pedal assistance
  • Brand Macwheel
  • Model Model: LNE-16
  • Weight 39.6 pounds


High speed

Great weight limit


Glitch electronics

Bad customer service

Long charging cycle

The Nakto Foldaway Ebike is  everything you will ever need placed into a single bike entity. This mountain bike is built to operate with a lithium battery that comes with a smart charger. The use of this battery allows users to enjoy extended service on a single charge, usually lasting up to six hours.

Nakto e-bikes have a comfortable and ergonomic design that customers love. They feature a high-quality shock absorber, which ensures that your ride remains comfortable no matter the terrain you tread. Take comfort and safety to the next level with this ebike by your side. For extra convenience, the cushion of this bike is made from leather. The seat is adjustable to allow for use by both adults and teens. Customer service from NAKTO is also one of the best as the staff listens to your problems and provides excellent solutions. Also enjoy the one-year warranty given by Nakto.

Key Features
  • 26" 250w foldaway
  • Electric power & mileage
  • High-speed brushless gear motors
  • Lithium battery charger
  • Brand NAKTO

High speed

Great weight limit

Foldable; portable


Low-quality components

Replacements are difficult to find

The NCM Electric Mountain Bike features components that help optimize your ride while keeping you comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you’re taming the commuter concrete jungle or hitting gravel trails. This ebike makes the journey more accessible and more pleasant.

The NCM Moscow electric bike is made from aircraft-grade aluminum for durability. The use of such an alloy allows the frame to be lightweight, and this is best for secure storage and transportation of your bike to and from your home. The best part about this bike is that it allows you to enjoy dynamic cycling while increasing your riding confidence. We all want to have the best riding experience as we explore new territories, which is why we recommend this NCM Moscow bike to all riders, both adults and teenagers.

Key Features
  • Lightweight frame
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Tektro brake set
  • Advanced LCD
  • Brand NCM

Very high speed

Great weight limit

Very thick tires; is stable


Bad customer service

Hard to find parts

Best Electric Bikes Buying Guide & FAQ

So you want to purchase an e-bike, but not sure which brand or model to opt for? To help you make a well-informed decision, we have put together a few buying tips that you should absolutely look at.

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike

  • Speed

The speed of your ebike should be considered while selecting the perfect model. As much as possible, opt for a model that offers you different speed variations, as this will allow you to maneuver your way around and learn how to ride at different speeds.

  • Electronics

The electronic components of your ebike are the trickiest parts of the unit. Some of the elements that make up electronics include the lights and display. To ensure that you purchase only the best, we recommend that you find out the type of warranty offered on the chosen product and also read all the vital stats of the product.

  • Ergonomics

We all love to feel comfortable, no matter the product we make use of, and such needs should be sought when looking for the best ebike. Ebikes come with adjustable heights and seats, as well as many other ergonomic features that make your ride more comfortable. Look out for features such as a flexible screen display, luxurious cushions, and detachable wheels, as they make your experience more attractive.

  • Bike types

This is a very vital component every user should consider. The kind of bike you want to purchase will be dependent on your needs. There are different types of bikes in the market, from the classic bikes to speed pedelecs. You need to define the class you want before going to search, to avoid making a bad investment.

  • Comfort

Suspension in an electric bike is also very essential. Electric mountain bikes come with suspension systems that are meant to act as a cushion against any impact with the terrain. This makes the bike suitable for use on bumpy roads since the user will feel no pain.

  • Power sources

Electric bikes all run on batteries; thus, you need to understand batteries, their capacities, and how they work. There are some bikes with more power than others because of their chosen battery type. Depending on your needs, your battery choice may differ from that of another user.

Electric bicycle in Canadian park

Benefits of an Electric Bicycle

  • Electric bicycles help you to cover more distance than the typical bike. This is because they are made with motors and operate using automation. The combination of a battery and motor allows you to cycle for longer, over more extensive distances that your regular cycle cannot cover.
  • Another benefit we love about the ebike is that it doesn’t emit any radiations or emissions; thus, it is environmentally friendly. Such sustainability is possible because the ebikes use battery cells that don’t make use of emissions, fuel, and gases. Since electricity is used, we regard this unit is less harmful to the environment.
  • Electric bikes are known to be faster in operation than regular bikes. This, in addition to their affordability, makes them the best option for economically challenged individuals. They’re not only quicker but also a smarter travel option as they help you avoid traffic.
  • Driving to work every day? If so, with an e-bike, your commute just got better. You can swing on a commuter e-bike, cycle past the traffic jam, have no stress in finding a parking space, and arrive to work relaxed. Commuter e-bikes are often more sporty, as commuters want to reach their destination quickly.
  • Generally speaking, e-bikes are the perfect companion for the daily tours around the city. Whether for shopping or going to the office, they are uncomplicated to use and very comfortable.

Different Types of E-Bikes

  • E-bike Classes

There are different classes or types of bikes, and each level represents a different function and use. In this article, we boldly describe each type, and explain their intended purpose, and also how best they affect your work and needs.

  • Class 1: Pedal Assist / Pedelec

The first class of e-bikes is the Pedal Assist Bike, which is the lowest grade of bikes. It is the most common and also the least expensive. It features pedal assists, as the name describes, and these elements help riders maneuver around their locations with ease. These bikes are easy to find in markets, and they’re made for use by both adults and children.

  • Class 2: Throttle

The throttle is another class of electric bikes. This system uses a motor and batteries to operate. It is bulkier and more expensive than the Pedal assist bike, but cheaper than the speed pedelec. We will recommend this bike for people who love to travel, and those that require sturdier bike options that don’t demand too much power.

  • Class 3: Speed Pedelec

The last type is made up of the speed pedelec bike. If you wish to experience real speed in real-time, this will be the best model for you. We love that the pedelecs are made with the highest technologies, as this translates into its functionality. The speed-pedelec is an excellent bike featuring exciting innovations that make it more productive than the other bikes. The addition of such tools also makes the unit more expensive, and sometimes bulkier.

  • Hub Motors vs. Mid-Drive

A mid-drive motor is a durable motor system that is known to be more lightweight than the hub motor. This unit isn’t like the hub motor, which can climb all steep hills with ease. Hub motors are made for climbing hills; thus, they don’t overheat quickly. These motors also come in less compact forms and are generally more substantial than the mid-drive engines.

Electric bicycle on the wood fence

Best Electric Bikes  FAQ :

Q: Do electric bikes have keys?

Electric bikes make use of sensors and keys to operate. The key is used in conjunction with the battery and motor, like any regular bike. Keys are used as a form of security; thus; they’re included in the design of electric bikes.

Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?

Typically, the charging of an electric bike battery takes between two to four hours. This will depend on the type of cell being used and its capacity. Cells with larger sizes take a longer time to charge fully, while the opposite happens to cells with smaller sizes.

Q: Can you ride an ebike without the battery?

Electric bikes need to be fully charged to operate. They do not run without any electricity in their system; thus, there’s no possible way to ride an electric bike without a battery.

Q: How fast can electric mountain bikes go?

The speed of an ebike is dependent mainly on the motor type I use. With a wide array of battery systems available, your ebike can go as fast as possible. the speed range of this bike is between

Q: How far can the electric cycle go?

The highest speed an electric bike can go, typically in the US, is 20 MPH. There are, however, some models that can go as high as 28 MPH, and these models are referred to as pedelecs.

Our Top Pick

We can never end this article without recapping the beauty that is our best electric bikes choice. The Ecotric ebike is our favourite from the bunch thanks to its durable constructions, affordability, and attractive design. This is a bike that can be used on different terrains without any issues. It features a powerful motor that helps in enhanced productivity while the fat tire system used bits of help in providing you with the much-needed comfort you require. The shifting system is used by this bike, in connection with ergonomic handlebars, adjustable seat settings, and the different speed levels. You can make a purchase at a very affordable rate, and enjoy a limited warranty.