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Motorcycles are one of the most common means of transport around the world. They are easy to use, versatile in operation, and of course, look cool. Motorcycles, however, are also classified as a potentially deadly means of transport, mainly because you’re left more exposed than with any other vehicle. The good news is that there are different cycle accessories that you can make use of to ensure that you’re kept as safe as possible while you cruise from one location to the other. One is motorcycle footpegs. They are designed to enhance your stability, which in turn keeps you safe during your rides. With a wide variety of available models, we have streamlined your search and come up with the best motorcycle footpegs in the buying guide below.

The Best Motorcycle Footpegs

First is the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Touring Male Peg. The HTTMT Touring Pegs for Harley-Davidsons is our top pick for an excellent reason. They are durable, functional, attractive, and a worthy investment.

These pegs are made from aluminum to ensure that they can withstand pressure from regular use. They feature an aftermarket construction and a customized design that cannot be replicated by competing companies. The MTTMT pegs are very user friendly. Installation is easy even though no instructions are included.

Key Features
  • New aftermarket product
  • Customized design
  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Easy install
  • Brand HTTMT
  • Model USMT216-051-CD1
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

Excellent brake pedal cover

Easy to install

Looks great


Chrome quality looks thin

Does not fit the stock mounts

Just as your rides can be invigorating, they must also be safe and comfortable, which is why we recommend the Kuryakyn Motorcycle Footpegs for cyclists seeking comfort during their rides. Stability, reliability, and value for the money are what this brand offers through these footpegs. Every rider deserves to feel safe at all times, and as such, the manufacturer designed these footpegs to deliver that and more.

The Kuryakyn motorcycle footrest are sold as a pair. They feature an adapter that allows you to adjust and install the unit as you please onto your cycle. The design of this foot peg makes it very compatible with a wide range of motorcycles. These premium ISO pegs are large enough for your cycle and durable enough to last a long time.

Key Features
  • Adjustable passenger pegs
  • For 2010-19 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
  • Fixed mounts
  • 1 Pair
  • Brand Kuryakyn
  • Model 4353
  • Weight 8.4 pounds

Great set of adjustable pegs!

Installation was easy

The finish is top-notch


A little pricey

Meet the Konduone Highway Pegs, a pair of well-designed footrests that are suitable for different kinds of motorcycles. Konduone has made a name for itself in the motorcycle industry via its creation of highly versatile motorcycle accessories. It considers the wide variety of cycle models and delivers accessories that can be used with as many of them as possible. It is for this reason that they have several customers from all across the world. The goal of this company is to offer high-quality, durable, and reliable products at an affordable rate, and its highway pegs fit the bill.

These highway motorcycle pegs are built from excellent materials. They feature the use of aluminum and also feature movable parts, which make its use on different models easier. The installation is easy because they come with a set of straightforward instructions.

Key Features
  • Comes with a set of Allen wrenches and one engine guard footpeg
  • Heavy duty product
  • Excellent chrome finish
  • Durable rubber insert
  • Brand KONDUONE
  • Model FBA 20003004
  • Weight 2.85 pounds

Quality is rock solid

Full of adjustment angles

Pegs blend in nicely


Are not offered in the aluminum finish?

Don't mount to low on the frame

The Kuryakyn Motorcycle Footpegs are exceptionally designed by a company that understands the design requirements of a motorcycle footpeg. Its products feature the latest technologies to make them more comfortable. Its products are also durable; thus, they’re a great economical alternative.

The Kuryakyn footpeg is an adjustable system for use on 2010-2019 Harley-Davidson models. It comes with a fixed chrome and fixed mounts, which go a long way to benefit both the rider and the motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson foot pegs allow you to enjoy your rides in three different modes, namely the higher, farther-forward, and rearward riding positions. This helps you to get relief from fatigue, especially for those who are on their motorcycles for more extended periods. The footpegs are designed and built from sturdy aluminum, and they have a cohesive look that adds a touch of quality to their entire product.

Key Features
  • Premium ISO Pegs with
  • Male Mount Adapters
  • 1 Pair
  • Sold as a pair
  • Brand Kuryakyn
  • Model 8002
  • Weight 3 pounds

Great fit and finish

Installation is quick


They do strip easy

You have to tighten the bolts

Riding motorcycles with footpegs is vital, especially for those who seek comfort and safety while they explore different terrains. These units are designed to keep you stable and well-positioned on your bike, and they help prevent occurrences such as skidding. In recent times we have come across many manufacturers launching a broad range of footpegs for motorcycles. Some of them are made under the best conditions, while others aren’t as durable. One brand that has made it a point to deliver nothing short of excellent quality is the Motorcycle Highway company.

It undertakes every new design project differently, using information from existing customers in combination with research to create the perfect product. Its latest addition is the Motorcycle Highway Foot Pegs. They feature a heavy-duty construction, which ensures durability and strength. They are highly compatible with Harley-Davidson bikes and come with a streamliner footrest system, which is second to none. To prevent skidding, it features a rubber surface that is skid-proof engraved, while its offset design makes the process of installation a breeze. However, there are no installation instructions in the package.

Key Features
  • for Harley
  • 1/4" 32mm engine guard
  • Offset design
  • The skid-proof engraved rubber surface
  • Brand Astra Depot
  • Model M05-028 M05-032
  • Weight 3.05 pounds

Compatible with different models

Offers stability

Protects against skidding



No installation instructions

The Radracing Motorcycle Foot Pegs are a fantastic way to stay safe and look good while at it. The Radracing pegs are referred to as a clamp kit and are designed with an anti-vibrate engine guard that works to keep your system operating at top quality all the time. You can attach these pegs to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, especially the Softail Touring bikes.

These Harley highway pegs comes with a comfortable and stylish design that acts as a great conversation starter. They are made from aluminum alloy for enhanced durability and feature movable parts that make them more accommodating and comfortable. We recommend a single pair of the Radracing pegs for all riders because they’re easy to install, and they don’t cost much. Installation doesn’t come with instructions, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Key Features
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-vibrate engine guard
  • Fit for Harley Softail Touring Sportster
  • Instructions not included
  • Brand Radracing
  • Model Silver
  • Weight 1.74 pounds

Durable construction

Comfortable ride

Great finish


Installation takes time

Not versatile enough

These sleek, black pegs are the creation of a company with an in-depth understanding of safety and motorcycle operations. They are made from a combination of aluminum and steel alloy with sturdy construction and a black anodized finish for the best durability. The use of an anodized finish also helps prevent corrosion and rust, which can cause significant damage to motorcycle parts. The Rivco pegs are easy to adjust to your preferred angle. The pegs fold up when they’re not needed, while isolated rubber pads are embedded to reduce vibration. These motorcycle footrests are sold in pairs, and they are va universal fit. Their adapters are sold separately; thus you may need to invest a little more than usual to achieve the perfect motorcycle footpeg system.

Key Features
  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Black-anodized finish
  • Features set screws to adjust peg angle
  • Additional adapters sold separately
  • Brand Rivco Products
  • Model FBA_PEGSBK
  • Weight 2.4 pounds

Extreme durability

Great fit and finish

Easily adjusted


Additional cost when purchasing adapters

No installation instructions

This unit is versatile and can be used with Kawasaki, Honda, and dirtbike models with ease. The black footrest is designed and built from high-quality metals, which are also lightweight for easy use. They come with frame sliders that help to keep your frame well-protected at all times. Installing this footpeg is a straightforward procedure and doesn’t demand a lot of time. There is no extra hardware included; thus, you will have to make additional purchases for set up. There are some customers who find the Krator footpegs to be extremely expensive, but we believe that with the kind of quality being offered, no price is too much.

Key Features
  • Honda/Kawasaki Motocross MX footpegs
  • No additional hardware required
  • Easy installation
  • Manufactured in China
  • Brand Krator
  • Model FP008
  • Weight 15.2 ounces

Broader flatter platform than stock.

Good grip without being overly sharp.

easy install with a set of pliers and small mallet


Raises foot position

Pricey for a pair of painted castings.

heavy cast product

Meet the TCMT Chrome Foot Pegs, a sturdy and durable option. Out of all available models, this unit stands out with its unique character and build. They are made by a company that wants to help cyclists stay safe and stable. Its design features many innovative elements and long-lasting materials. The TCMT pegs are adjustable, durable, and very affordable for all cyclists.

These motorcycle highway pegs are built as a versatile unit for use on different kinds of motorcycles. They are known for their compatibility with Harley-Davidson. They can be adjusted with ease to suit your preference, and they feature the use of high-quality metals and a chrome-plated surface. They are easy to install and offer a firm grip thanks to the mounting clamp embedded in their design and a locking system that  keeps the peg at your chosen angle.

Key Features
  • Short angled adjustable footpeg
  • For Harley Davidson
  • High-quality metal
  • High-class quality
  • Brand TCMT
  • Model XF210328
  • Weight 1.79 pounds

Super easy to install!

Feel sturdy when riding.


Rivets are super cheap

Hardware needs to be thrown away

These Highway Pegs by Konduone are our final pick. We love that the brand has created a wide array of peg options as this means that it’s catering to your every need in various ways. These highway footpegs for cycles are made with street quality and feature authentic metals. They undergo a heavy-duty construction, which is backed by an excellent chrome finish to make it more attractive. This highway pegs can be used with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and many other models with ease.

They come with a wrench that enables you to install and uninstall the system with ease. Installation doesn’t demand a lot of time or special skills. The highways pegs deliver the perfect fit and finish that will keep you safe and make you look good at the same time. You can adjust these pegs to any angle thanks to their flexible construction. We recommend this unit for all riders who want to merge beauty and functionality.

Key Features
  • One 1/4-Inch for Harley Davidson Parts
  • Adjustable mounting clamp
  • Engraved rubber surface
  • Locking design
  • Brand kemimoto
  • Model HALEI010
  • Weight 3.6 pounds

Great looks

Easily adjustable


Needs to be tightened

Pricey model

Our Top Pick

We take a trip down memory lane, and we bring back our first product, the HTTMT Motorcycle Pegs, for Harley Davidson bikes. This is one exceptional unit that is designed with the end user’s safety in mind. Its design encompasses all aspects of product design, namely function, beauty, and durability. We love that it is made from the most excellent grade of aluminum, as this guarantees safety and functionality. The unit doesn’t take a lot of time to install; thus you can make use of it shortly after your purchase. We recommend this group because it is user-friendly, and it features a unique design. The HTTMT pegs are the best investment you can make as a rider or cyclist, and we’re confident it’ll be the best you ever make.