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Learning to ride a scooter is a right of passage for most children. Scooters are easier to master than bikes and give a young child a feeling of accomplishment. This is why they are so popular amongst toddlers and is also why parents all over the country find themselves trying to choose the best scooters for toddler fun and safety.

You are most likely to choose a 3 wheel scooter for kids who are just starting to learn how to scoot and there are several other features that you could look out for. You may want an extra-wide deck, an adjustable T-bar or even LED lights. To help you choose the best toddler scooter for your child, take a look at our useful guide.

The Best Scooters for Toddler

Available in six vibrant colors, this is a two-in-one three wheel scooter that lets your child sit or stand up to scoot and provides a smooth and quiet ride experience thanks to the large tires. In sitting mode, the seat has two height options to suit your younger child and because the scooter is self-balancing it will not tip over when they get off. The handlebar can also be adjusted to four height options (25.5/27.5/30.75/34 inch) and can be lengthened as your child grows.

It will suit children aged between two and eight and has a weight capacity of 110 pounds. Thanks to the aluminum alloy and stainless-steel construction it has been built to last and has reliable brakes made from stainless-steel ABS. Safety is ensured by the extra wide deck which lends stability to the structure and your child will steer by leaning rather than by twisting handle bars which is both safer and teaches them co-ordination and balance. The light up wheels are a fun added extra that kids will love.

Key Features
  • Stable, three-wheel design
  • Removable seat
  • Weight capacity of 110 pounds
  • Extra wide deck
  • Brand Lascoota
  • Weight 8.1 pounds

Easy for a child to ride

Very smooth ride

Adjustable to fit your child

Kids love the light-up wheels


Quite large and heavy which will not suit all kids

Does not have a leash or parent handle

Does not fold up

Just right for a child aged between two and five this award-winning Micro Mini scooter will have your little one gliding along on three wheels whilst staying low to the ground and safe. It steers by your child leaning to one side or the other which is very useful for their balance and coordination.

The smooth and quiet ride is provided by the high-quality materials (certified by the CPSC) used in the sturdy wheels and the flexible deck which is reinforced with fiberglass. This scooter is suitable for children up to 44 pounds. An added bonus is that the wheels will not mark your floor so the scooter can be used indoors.

Key Features
  • Low to the ground
  • Smooth and quiet to ride
  • Flexible deck
  • Suitable for children up to 44 pounds
  • Brand Micro Kickboard
  • Model MM0283
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

Brake is simple to operate and smooth

Very solid and durable

Works well on all surfaces

Parts are available if it gets damaged


Handlebar height is not adjustable

Some customers find the deck a bit small

May be too small for older kids

A bright and vibrant scooter that is available in nine colors and that kids will love. It has a strong aluminum alloy T-bar that can be adjusted from 25.4 inches to 32.7 inches in four possible height settings and allows the scooter to suit three to 14 year olds who are between 33 inches and 63 inches in height. The handlebars have grips so that they will not hurt little hands.

The steering mechanism is operated by leaning to one side or the other which maintains stability and the scooter is slowed down and stopped by operating the foot brake at the back which is reinforced with aluminum. Because the non-slip deck is wide and strong, it can hold children weighing up to 110 pounds and is low down so they can get on and off and switch feet safely. Thanks to the ABEC-7 bearings, the 3 PU high-rebound wheels give a smooth ride and light up with LED lights which shine brighter as the speed increases.

Key Features
  • Suitable for three to fourteen year olds
  • Comfortable handlebar grips
  • Lean-to-steer mechanism
  • Wheels light up
  • Brand BELEEV
  • Weight 5.7 pounds

Very quick and easy to put together

Non-slip deck is a useful safety feature

Very smooth ride

Kids love the LED lights


Because it is so low, it can get stuck on bumps on the sidewalk

Handlebars are a little flimsy

Are you looking for a very first scooter for your little one? This could be just what you need as it is suitable for children aged between two and five years old and who weigh up to 50 pounds.

Everything that a young child needs to get them started is included. The wide deck is textured to provide traction and the handlebars have soft grips for comfort. The scooter has a wide and stable base to make it less likely to fall over and its turning radius has been designed to suit small children who are not so good at balancing.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children aged between two and five years
  • Soft handlebar grips
  • Non-slip, wide deck
  • Wide and stable base
  • Brand Radio Flyer
  • Model 525Z
  • Weight 5 pounds

Very easy to use

Well made

Stable and is hard to tip over

Sturdy and strong


Needs to be assembled

May be too slow for some children

Not strong enough for older kids

A stable and safe ride for children who are not used to using scooters – this is intended for children aged over three years of age. It has three wheels and therefore does not require a lot of balance which suits younger children.

It’s built to last and made from high quality steel as well as strong aluminum and plastic. The deck is made from polypropylene which is slip-resistant and the wheels are made from urethane. On the handles, there are soft foam grips for comfort. It’s very quick and easy to put together and it folds away when it is not in use.

Key Features
  • Suitable as a first scooter for children over three years of age
  • Made from strong steel, aluminum and plastic
  • Slip-resistant deck
  • Foam covers on handles for comfort
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13015090
  • Weight 7.4 pounds

Very sturdy and strong

Wide turning radius for safety

Folds flat when not in use

Doesn’t hurt little ankles and feet


Handlebars cannot be locked

Some younger kids find it tricky to maneuver

It takes just a few minutes to assemble this little scooter which is suitable for children aged between two and six years old. Because it has a seat that folds up, your child has the option of standing or sitting as they play. As they get older, you can remove the seat altogether and the scooter will last a child until they reach 110 pounds thanks to the adjustable handlebars.

There are some key safety features including the wide deck, the three-wheel design for stability and back wheel braking to maintain control. The steering mechanism prevents your child from taking sharp turns and so helps with balance. The seat and handlebars fold up to make it easy to carry when it is not being used. The light-up wheels will delight your child as they ride.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children aged between two and six years old
  • Foldaway seat that can be removed
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Wide turning circle for safety
  • Brand S SKIDEE
  • Weight 8.5 pounds

Plenty of lovely colors available

Sturdy and strong

Seat is very useful

Kids love the lights


Plastic bends when larger children use it

A bit fiddly to fold up

A three-wheeled scooter designed for children who are aged over five years but less than 110 pounds in weight. It’s available in several attractive colors and will require some assembly but no tools are needed. The deck is fiber-reinforced and is both wide and non-slip for safety and the brake is on the rear fender.

The front wheels are 125mm in size with a 100mm core and cartridge bearings that give a smooth and fast ride. It is suitable for older and more experienced children and uses a lean-to-steer mechanism. As they grow, the handlebars can be extended from 28 inches to 32.5 inches.

Key Features
  • Designed for children aged over five years
  • Wide, non-slip deck
  • Front wheels are 125mm
  • Handlebars can be extended
  • Brand YBIKE
  • Model YGLXP1
  • Weight 4.7 pounds

Very smooth and fast ride

Light enough to carry

Doesn’t hit you in the shins when you lift it up


Handlebar does not fold down for storage

Some kids may find the position of the brake a bit awkward

Life will be one big adventure for your little one with this lovely little mini three-wheeled scooter that is available in a wide range of vibrant colors and is suitable for children aged between two and five years of age. The handlebar will adjust from 49 cm up to 68cm so the scooter can grow with your child!

The strong stem is anodised to help it to withstand life with an active toddler and the deck has grips to make it safe for children under 35 kgs in weight and up to 110 cm in height. The scooter steers by your child leaning to one side or another. Because it only weighs 1.8 kgs, it is ideal for smaller children to propel and for parents to carry around when it is not in use.

Key Features
  • Three wheels
  • Available in many vibrant colors
  • Handlebar adjusts from 49 cm up to 68cm
  • Only weighs 1.8 kgs
  • Brand Micro Kickboard
  • Model MMD006
  • Weight 4.3 pounds

Excellent customer service

Children get the hang of it quickly

Very smooth ride

Very strong and sturdy


May be too small for some five year olds

Colors can vary

With three wheels for added stability, this scooter is just right for three to ten year olds who have not yet mastered how to balance properly on two wheels. The strong deck is striped with glass fiber panels that prevent slipping and the handlebars are also non-slip and twist and lock into position.

The aluminum frame is strong and paired with carbon steel alloy parts for durability. The handles are adjustable and have soft grip pads for comfort. When it is not being used, it folds away. This scooter will grow with your child; the handlebars can be adjusted from 25 inches up to 35.3 inches with four fixed height options. It as a lean-to-steer mechanism and 120mm front wheels which flash when the scooter is in motion.

Key Features
  • Suitable for three to ten year olds
  • Lean-to-steer mechanism
  • Folds away when not in use
  • Non-slip deck for safety
  • Brand I·CODE
  • Weight 8.5 pounds

Very easy to put together

Strong and sturdy

Smooth to ride


May be a bit heavy for some parents to carry

Only lights up when wheels are turning quite fast

Perfect for three to eight year olds, this child’s scooter has an adjustable T bar so it will suit children from 2 feet 5 inches up to five feet in height. It will adjust between 26 inches to 30 inches.

All three of the wheels have LED flashing lights and the front wheel is extra wide for stability. If your little one wants to ride the scooter indoors, that’s not a problem because the wheels won’t scratch wooden floors. The scooter steers by leaning on it and is lightweight enough to make steering easy. The rear brake is strong and reinforced with metal. The wide deck is also reinforced and will safely support a child weighing under 110 pounds. Because it’s non-slip, it allows your child to switch their pushing foot easily or place both feet on the deck for coasting. It arrives ready to go and requires no assembly but folds down easily for carrying or storage.

Key Features
  • Suits children from 2 feet 5 inches up to five feet in height
  • Wide and stable wheels
  • Wide reinforced and non-slip deck
  • Light-up wheels
  • Brand 6KU
  • Model 89438-Scooter-Black
  • Weight 10.75 pounds

Very easy to balance

Folds up neatly when not in use

No assembly needed at all

Very sturdy


May not suit older kids

Some issues with the durability of the lights

With an adjustable handlebar and sturdy construction, this scooter will suit your child right through from three to 14 years of age. The T bar locks safely at 24.8 inches, 28 inches, 30.7 inches and 33 inches. It’s ready to ride straight out of the box and folds up for easy transportation.

The deck of this toddler 3 wheel scooter is wide enough to fit two feet and strong enough to support children up to 180 pounds in weight. It’s also non-slip and low to make it safe for kids to jump on and off. The front wheels are extra large for stability but will not mark wooden floors. Your little one will soon learn to steer the scooter by leaning and to stop it using the strong metal foot brake on the rear wheel. This also acts as a mud guard and protects the lower leg from muddy splashes. You get a lot of flashing lights with this scooter! The deck has battery operated lights and the three wheels have motion activated LED lights that require no batteries and are bright enough to be seen in daylight.

Key Features
  • Suits children aged between three and 14 years of age
  • Wide, strong deck – non-slip with LED lights
  • Wide front wheels that don’t mark wooden floors
  • Metal foot brake
  • Brand XJD
  • Weight 8.38 pounds

Colors and lights are very bright

Very large wheels

Really smooth ride

Sturdy construction


May be a bit heavy for very small kids

LED lights on deck use up batteries rapidly

A neat little scooter available in seven colors, this is suitable for children aged between two years and 14 years old. It has a triangle design for stability and is made from aluminum and stainless steel for durability. There are four height options on this toddler 3 wheel scooter so it will grow with your child and it folds down when not in use.

The streamline design and smooth bearings give a smooth and efficient ride. The wheels all light up when in motion thanks to the LED lights that are great fun, especially in the dark. The nylon kickboard is wide enough for kids to hop on and off safely and can support children up to 154 pounds in weight.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children aged between two and 14 years
  • Made from aluminum and stainless steel for durability
  • LED lights on all wheels
  • Wide deck
  • Weight 7.05 pounds

Keeps growing with your child

Very easy to assemble

Kids learn to ride it quickly

Strong and sturdy


Brake can make a flapping sound when going over bumps

Deck is not as wide as in some other scooters

A smooth and strong three wheeled scooter that is suitable for children aged between five and 12 years of age. Your child steers by curving to the side which is similar to a skateboard.

These scooters are strong and built to last and have two options for steering. There is a Joystick option for curving and carving or a TBar which is easier for balancing. You can interchange the handlebars so your kid gets the best of both options. The steering stick extends as your child grows – up to 36 inches.

Key Features
  • Three-wheeled scooter
  • Joystick option for curving and carving
  • T-bar which is easier for balancing
  • Adjustable steering stick
  • Brand Micro Kickboard
  • Model MM0035
  • Weight 5.51 pounds

Lasts children for years

Very smooth and quiet

Can be used on bumpy surfaces

Double wheel at the front makes it easy to propel


Can be awkward to remove the steering stick

Curving and carving mechanism dose not suit all kids

A sit-on baby scooter for very young children, this little scooter will help your child with their motor skills whilst they are having loads of fun. As your baby propels the scooter, it plays sounds, songs and phrases that they will love. There’s also a horn that they can press that will trigger more sounds and songs.

There are three dashboard buttons that help your little one to learn numbers and shapes as well as opposites. The three levels of play encourage continuous learning and you can select the required level using a switch. Using Level 1 (which is suitable from 12 months old) your child can explore first words. At Level 2 (suitable from 18 months) your baby gets questions and simple instruction. At Level 3 (suitable from 24 months), imaginative play and role play are encouraged. Because there are more than 50 songs, tunes and phrases and numerous colors, shapes and numbers on this baby scooter, your child will never get bored!

Key Features
  • Plays a sound as your baby moves the scooter
  • Pressing a horn and buttons triggers more sounds
  • Questions and simple instructions
  • Three levels of learning
  • Brand Fisher-Price
  • Model CGX01
  • Weight 5.5 pounds

Very stable for young kids

Engages very young children

Adjustable volume is useful!

On/off switch is easy to reach


Buttons do not light up

No way to pull your child along

The sturdy three-wheel design of this scooter gives it stability for children over three years of age. The T-bars lock into position at heights between 14.5 inches and 24 inches. This ideal scooter for 3 year old children will not fall over when your kid jumps off so they can hop back on and start scooting straight away.

The three PU wheels give a smooth, quiet ride on all surfaces with little vibration thanks to the high-quality wheel bearings. It’s made from high-quality aluminum, carbon steel alloy and durable nylon composites which will make sure that it lasts for years. There are comfort pads on the handle and a rear aluminum brake which is safe and easy to use, even when traveling at speed.  When not in use, it folds away.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children over three years of age
  • Adjustable height
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Made from strong materials
  • Brand Den Haven
  • Weight 4.5 pounds

Flexible so will not hurt kid’s ankles

Lean to steer mechanism

Kids don’t get frustrated with it


Not really suitable for kids over five years of age

Not strong enough for very rough play

Best Scooters for Toddler Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying a Toddler Scooter

Most kids in the US own a scooter at some time in their lives but there are so many to choose from. It is possible to spend a lot of money on a product that does not suit your child at all. To help prevent you from making that mistake, here’s a useful guide to what you should consider when you are buying a toddler’s scooter for your little one.

  • What age will it suit?

This is the most important thing to consider. An age guide will be provided in the description of the scooter. Take note of it but also read the reviews. Sometimes, parents find that children at the edges of the age range do not get the best out of the scooter. You may prefer to buy a scooter that will last your child for longer by buying one with a broader age range.

  • What weight will it suit?

Children of the same age can vary considerably in weight so this is just as important as the age guidelines. If you exceed the maximum weight limit for the scooter, you could damage it and your child could get injured.

  • Does it have a seat?

This is a useful feature for younger children who may like to sit as they scoot. It is useful if it can be folded up and/or removed when it is not needed.

  • Will it fold away?

As a parent, there will be so many occasions when you need to pack up the scooter and carry it. It’s very useful if the scooter will fold up and if it is lightweight enough for you to carry.

Little kids riding colorful scooters

  • Adjustability

The last thing you want is to have to buy a new scooter every couple of years. Scooters that can be adjusted in height will grow with your child and last for years. Check the minimum and maximum height settings for the scooter.

  • Safety features

Your child’s safety is the top priority so choose features that will keep them safe when they are using the scooter. Some parents like to choose a scooter with a large turning circle (which reduces the chances of tipping), a wide deck (which makes getting on and off easier), a non-slip deck (to prevent slipping) and padding on the handlebars to protect little hands.

  • Turning mechanism

Scooters can either be turned by turning the handlebars to the left or right or by using a lean-to-steer mechanism. This is a matter of personal preference. Some kids prefer the lean-to-steer action but others cannot get the hang of it. In general, it is the most popular mechanism for steering smaller scooters right now.

  • Position of wheels

A three-wheel scooter can have two wheels at the front or at the back. Some parents feel that it is best to have the two wheels at the front because they do not get in the way of scooting. Others feel that it is best to have the two wheels at the rear.

  • Added extras

These are the little features that will make your child fall in love with a particular scooter. It could be the design or the color or it could be LED lights on the wheels or the deck. For younger children, it could be sounds and songs.

Benefits of a Baby Scooter

Kids love scooters so investing in a toddler scooter is a great way to keep your little one happy. However, there are plenty of other benefits that you may not know about. Here are a few of them.

  • They keep your child healthy. Child obesity is becoming a serious public health problem in the US. One way of making sure that your kids maintain a healthy weight is to make sure that they get plenty of exercise. Using a scooter is a fun way for your child to get some exercise which is also great for their cardiovascular health.
  • They allow you to travel further on foot. Have you ever tried to walk to the store or to your local park but had to resort to using the car because your toddler was complaining that they were tired? Once your child has a scooter, they will love to scoot alongside you as you walk and complaints will be a thing of the past!
  • They teach balance and co-ordination. Using a scooter helps your child to develop their balance and coordination skills. This prepares them for riding a bicycle and for other sporting activities.
  • They teach road safety skills. Learning to use a scooter is great preparation for learning to ride a bicycle. You can use it as an opportunity to teach road safety.

Two-Wheeler vs. Three-Wheeler Scooter for Kids

The main decision that parents have to make is whether to choose a two-wheeled or three-wheeled scooter. In general, a three wheel scooter will suit your child best if it is going to be their first kick scooter because it is stable and will not fall over when they jump off it. It will also suit your child best if they have not yet learnt how to ride a bike and therefore have not yet developed their balance skills. Three-wheeled scooters are most suitable for younger children (aged between two and five years of age) and for children who are not that physically active.

On the other hand, a two-wheel scooter will be most suitable for older children who are already very physically active and capable. They suit children who can already ride a bike and are good at balancing. In general, younger children will start out on a three-wheel scooter and then progress to a two-wheel scooter when they are older and physically more confident.

Best Scooters for Toddler FAQ:

Q: Can a 2 year old ride a scooter?

It is important that you purchase a scooter that is suitable for the age of your child. Some scooters are suitable for two year olds and some are not. The two issues are size and safety when it comes to choosing the best scooter for 2 year old children. You need a scooter that is small enough to suit a two year old child. Some scooters have adjustable T bars so you will be able to reduce the height to suit your child. Secondly, it must be safe for your two year old to ride the scooter. They will need sufficient balance and gross motor skills to enable them to get on and off and propel the scooter forward. Close supervision will be needed until they have mastered how to ride a scooter. Father with kids riding scooters in summer

Q: Are baby scooters safe for toddlers?

All active play presents an element of danger. Children can fall off scooters in the same way as they can fall off other toys. Provided you supervise your child carefully and buy them a scooter that is suitable for their size, the risks will be low. It is sensible to buy safety gear for your child to wear whilst they are riding their scooter. Safety helmets and knee and elbow pads are recommended. Start off with short periods of play on the scooter on a flat, safe surface. Check the height of the handlebars, if they are at the same level as your child’s face or neck, they are more likely to cause an injury.

Q: How should I look after my child’s scooter?

Scooters are built to be robust but it helps if you look after them. Check the weight limit of the deck and make sure that kids who are above the weight limit do not use them. Store them in the house or in a dry garage so that they are not exposed to rain. It is a good idea to check them over every few months to make sure that no parts are worn or broken.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick of the best scooters for toddler youngsters is a three wheel scooter that includes a removable seat. It has a smooth and quiet ride and a seat that has two height options. The handlebar can also be adjusted to four height options (25.5/27.5/30.75/34 inch) and can be lengthened as your child grows.

This best scooter for 2 year old children will suit children aged between two and eight and has a weight capacity of 110 pounds. It is built to last and has reliable brakes made from stainless-steel ABS. There is also an extra wide deck and your child will steer by leaning rather than by twisting handlebars. The light up wheels are a fun added extra that kids will love.