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It’s not uncommon to get thirsty after riding a motorcycle all day. The worst part is you have to find a place to pull over, dig your water bottle out of your saddlebag, and then grab a quick drink so you can get on the road again. This can be frustrating and time-consuming.

A cup holder on your motorcycle makes staying hydrated easy and convenient. If you use your motorcycle to commute, it can hold your morning mug of coffee. Check out these cup holders and choose the best one for your bike.

The Best Motorcycle Cup Holder

RAM is well known for producing accessory mounts for motorcycles. Most people know it for its cell phone holder. But it also makes other items, such as this drink holder. It can hold up to 32 ounces and is made of high-strength composites.

It has the standard one-inch RAM ball mount. This makes it compatible with all of its other mount setups. This allows you to interchange the cup holder with other useful accessories. It also comes with a drink koozie.

Key Features
  • Holds 32-ounce drinks
  • Made of high-strength composites
  • Included B size one-inch RAM rubber ball
  • Oversized opening
  • Brand RAM
  • Model RAP-B-417BU
  • Weight 9.1 ounces


Includes drink koozie

Universal RAM mount compatibility


Drinks do not sit level

Cups can fall out of the holder

No insulating ability

This sleek black cup holder will fit handlebars that fit Honda Goldwing motorcycles from 1982 to present. It’s made of high-quality polycarbonate. It has a solid mount to use when securing it to your handlebars. This gives the cup holder stability. There is a lifetime guarantee covering this cup holder. It also comes in a range of additional sizes, including 7/8-inch, 1-inch, and 1-1/4 inch.

Unfortunately, you might think the polycarbonate material feels cheap. It’s also a large cup holder, which can make it feel bulky and not securely hold smaller drinks. The mounting compatibility is limited since this cup holder is meant for Honda Goldwings.

Key Features
  • Made of high-quality polycarbonate
  • Fits all Honda Goldwing bikes produced from 1982 to the present
  • Black in color
  • Solid cup holder mount
  • Also available for 7/8", 1", and 1 1/4" bars
  • Brand Barefoot Willies Cool Rider
  • Model Cool Rider
  • Weight 5.4 ounces

Larger size to accommodate more variety

Also available for 7/8", 1", and 1 1/4" bars

100-percent lifetime guarantee


Cheap feel to the material

Gigantic cup holder and bulky

Limited compatibility

You can hold a drink that’s up to 30 ounces in this bottle holder, and it works with bottles, large cups, or mugs. It has a 4-1/8-inch opening. The all-black color gives it a subtle look, and it blends in on any bike.

The mount is user-friendly, so you can attach it quickly and easily. The mounting options are flexible, and you can choose where it will work on your bike. It’s also weatherproof, so it’ll last for years.

Key Features
  • Works with 30-ounce tumblers and other large bottles and cups
  • 4-⅛-inch diameter opening
  • Made from durable neoprene rubber
  • All black in color
  • Brand CIRO
  • Model 50911
  • Weight 1 pound

Mounts quickly


Mounting flexibility


Bolts are large

Some drinks get stuck

Mount can break

If you’re looking for a unique accessory for your bike, try the Kruzer Kaddy skull-shaped cup holder. This one comes with a flat plate mount that you can switch to make it work on your bike. The holder is a satin black finish to give it an intimidating look. It’ll mount on a 1-1/16 to 1.5-inch-thick handlebars.

Thanks to the user-friendly mount, this cup holder is easy to install and take off. This cup holder has broad compatibility and fits Harleys, Kawasakis, Hondas, and Yamahas. It also comes with insulated liners to help keep your drink cool.

Key Features
  • Mount on clutch or brake perch bolts
  • Comes with metric and American standard bolts
  • Skull design and black in color
  • Brand Kruzer Kaddy
  • Model 1030
  • Weight 12 ounces

Easily detachable cup

Fits Harley, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha

Includes insulated liners


Requires drilling and bolts

Bolts may not fit your bike

Will only fit drinks up to a certain size

Most people know Kuryakyn for its high-quality exhaust and chrome aftermarket motorcycle accessories. But it also produces a less-known chrome-trimmed beverage holder. It comes with a chrome mounting piece and top accenting. This is attached to a mesh bag to hold a drink.

Inside of the cup holder are rubber fingers that securely grip a drink to hold it in place. This prevents drinks from slipping and ensures it can secure a wide range of cup sizes. There is a long list of bikes this drink holder works on, including BMW, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Victory, Indian, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. It fits several specific models, so it’s best to check before purchasing.

Key Features
  • "Fingers" firmly grasp various sized containers
  • Chrome piece and netting
  • Perch mount arm
  • Hardware kit included
  • Brand Kuryakyn
  • Model 1462
  • Weight 1.35 pounds

Container does not slip through the holder

High-quality construction

Wide versatility


Tilts a little too much

Vibration from the bars can cause a spill

Connection can break and cause it to fall

If you have a lot of chrome on your bike, then this motorcycle drink holder will look perfect. It’s from Kruzer Kaddy and is entirely chrome. It fits handlebars that are 7/8, one, and 1-¼ inches thick. It comes with two insulated liners, and you can reverse the mounting so the mount is rigid or pivoting.

It’s easy to detach this drink holder, so you only have it on your bike when you need it. The chrome finish is high-quality and is sure to last through the elements.

Key Features
  • Fits ⅞ inch, one inch and 1-1/4 inch handlebars
  • Comes with two insulated liners
  • Rigid or pivot positioning
  • Chrome finish
  • Brand Kruzer Kaddy
  • Model 200
  • Weight 8.8 ounces

Easily detachable

Reversible mounting stud



Hard to hold all the pieces to get it mounted

Made of cheap plastic

May not fit Harley handlebars

Best Motorcycle Cup Holder Buying Guide

What sort of accessories have you installed on your motorcycle? Most people attach a cell phone holder. But you can do something more by adding a drink holder. This will keep your beverage within easy reach and help you to stay hydrated while you’re riding.

You don’t want to buy just any drink holder, however. You need to make sure you have a holder that’ll fit your bike and the drinks you intend to carry. Once you find cup holders that will work, you can narrow it down to one that will look good on your bike.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Cup Holder

There are several benefits to installing a motorcycle drink holder on your bike. First, riding a motorcycle can cause you to get very dehydrated. You’re out in the wind, sun, and elements, and you need to keep drinking water while riding to combat the effects of dehydration.

A drink holder on your handlebars puts your drink within easy reach while you’re riding. This means you never have to stop at a store to grab a drink. Having a drink holder gives you more freedom in the types of drinks you can bring with you. You’re limited to closed bottles if you put your drink in a backpack or saddlebag. With a cup holder, you can bring a travel mug or to-go cup from a restaurant.

Staying hydrated and having your drink within easy reach will make your ride safer. When you’re hydrated, you are more mentally alert. This will allow you to react faster to changing road conditions. Also, it will prevent you from experiencing the negative health side effects of long-term dehydration.

  • Stay hydrated while you ride.
  • Have the freedom of carrying a greater variety of drinks.
  • Keep your drink conveniently located within arms reach.
Man working on his motorcycle while drinking coffee

The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Cup Holders

The most common types of cup holders are leather, plastic, and metal. Leather will give you a more traditional look. Plastic cup holders come in a variety of compounds. Just be sure to buy one that’s resistant to UV rays. Metal will provide the greatest amount of strength but make sure that it’s rust resistant.

  • Leather

Leather cup holders are natural and durable. Leather is naturally insulating and resistant to the elements. Unfortunately, leather isn’t forgiving and will only accommodate drinks that fit into the available space in the holder.

If you want leather, look for a product with a plastic or metal mounting hardware. This will give the leather stability on your handlebar so that it can support a full drink. You can also find some cup holders that only use leather as a trim or decorative element. This will give you the look of leather but the functionality of other materials.

  • Plastic

Plastic drink holders are typically made out of a polycarbonate or another similar compound. Make sure that the plastic cup holder you choose is UV-resistant. Otherwise, it will become weak and brittle. This can cause it to crack or break apart.

Plastic cup holders can come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, from black to chrome. They also are immune to corrosion like rust. This helps them stay more attractive longer than their metal counterparts.

Plastic can also be molded into different shapes. This will enable you to have a cup holder that looks like a skull, for example.

  • Metal

Metal is the most durable material to have in a cup holder. Just be sure you choose one made out of a metal that is corrosion-resistant. Otherwise, you risk your cup holder becoming full of rust and making a mess of your bike.

Metal can also get quite hot when it’s left out in the sun. This will have a bad effect on your drink if you’re hoping to keep it cold. Look for one with insulation to keep beverages cold. A metal cup holder can also be heavier than the alternatives, which means securing the holder is even more important to support the additional weight.

What to Look for When Buying a Motorcycle Cup Holder

When you browse the many cup holder options, there are a few features you should keep an eye out for. The first two are the bike and drink compatibility. You need to make sure you can install the cup holder on your bike and that it will hold the drinks you want to carry.

Another nice feature to have is insulation. This will help keep your drink cold in warm weather and hot in cold weather.

  • Insulation

If you plan to carry drinks that don’t have their own insulation, then you should look for a cup holder that has it. This is especially applicable if you ride anywhere when it’s really hot outside. The insulation in your cup holder will help keep your drink cool so that you actually want to drink it.

Some cup holders come with the insulation built in, while others come with a separate koozie. Keep in mind that separate koozies will make your drinks thicker, so you need to account for this when determining the ideal cup holder size.

  • Bike Compatibility

Take several measurements of your bike before buying a cup holder. First, measure the diameter of your handlebars. Then measure the width of the mounting bracket, and make sure you have enough space along the length of your handlebars.

Once you find an ideal spot on your handlebars for the mount, check that the cup holder won’t block other controls or restrict the movement of your handlebars. Your new cup holder shouldn’t interfere with any other function of your bike. If it does, this could cause a safety hazard.

Also check that the cup holder will remain level and stable when you move your handlebars. This will prevent your drink from spilling while riding.

  • Drink Compatibility

Think about the drinks that you want to regularly carry on your motorcycle. Are they bottles of water, your favorite coffee mug, or a fast-food drink cup? Figure out the size of your intended drinks, and this will help you choose a cup holder that will accommodate it. This will ensure you have a secure drink holder.

Some drink holders come with koozie liners to both insulate your drink and secure your drink in a larger cup holder. This gives you a broader range in the size of the cups it can hold. Some holders have built-in rubber fingers that serve the same purpose.

Woman drinking coffee on her motorcycle with motorcycle cup holder

Tips for Buying and Using a Motorcycle Cup Holder

When buying a cup holder, take a look around at your fellow riders. Ask them what drink holders they use. You’ll find out quickly what holders are most popular. Ask if they’ve tried any that didn’t work. This will help direct you to the best cup holder based on the experiences of the people you trust.

Measure both the circumference and height of your drinks. Some drink containers are too tall, and that makes them more likely to flip out the cup holder. This is because their center of gravity is above the cup holder’s height, and the weight of the liquid inside causes the drink container to move.

You should also check the area around the cup holder. You don’t want it to interfere with the other controls on the handlebars. It also shouldn’t interfere with your ability to steer the handlebars.

  • Ask your fellow riders about their favorite cup holders.
  • Measure your drink containers for a proper fit.
  • Check the controls and the steering of the handlebars.

Best Motorcycle Cup Holder FAQs

There are some common questions that pop up when people decide to install a cup holder on their bike. It can be intimidating to figure out how and where you’re going to get a cup holder on your bike. Everything is tightly packed, and there may be little room on the handlebars. You may even wonder if mounting a cup holder is even possible on your bike. Rest assured, we’re going to answer your questions and help you get a cup holder installed on your bike.

Q: Where should I install my cup holder?

The best place to install your cup holder is on your handlebars. Most holders come with mounting hardware.

Q: Do I need to ride a certain kind of bike to use a cup holder?

As long as you have the handlebar space, you can install a cup holder. However, most riders that choose to install one have a cruiser.

Q: What if I don’t want a cup holder all of the time?

Choose a cup holder that will come on and off for a temporary installment option.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the RAM Drink Holder with Ball. It’s easy to pop this cup holder on and off of your bike with the universal ball mount created by RAM. It also can hold larger drinks, so you’re not limited when it comes to the bottle or mug you carry