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Buying a motorcycle jacket can be exciting, but it can also be confusing. The best way to start shopping for one is to figure out what you intend to use it for. Do you take the occasional short ride, go on a lot of long trips, or are you commuting? Or even racing? Maybe you just want a motorcycle-style jacket because they’re chic and cool for those weekends out on the town. But real riders consider their riding jacket as critical protection — a sort of insurance policy to protect them against injury.

The more protective a jacket is, with shoulder and elbow armor, reinforced stress panels, etc., the less likely your riding fails are going to cause pain and suffering. However, the more protective the jacket is, the bulkier and less comfortable it will be — and, of course, the less sleek and fashionable it will look. This guide looks at motorcycle jackets aimed at women on both ends of the spectrum and some that are in the middle to help you pick the one that suits you the best.

The Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

This women’s jacket from Joe Rocket comes in either all black or gray as well as three accent color options: pink, purple, or high visibility yellow. The outer shell is constructed from Rock Tex 600 that has a waterproof treatment. CE approved armor is in the shoulders and elbows. There’s a padded removable spine protector that you can replace with a CE-approved one. All of the zippers are laser cut and waterproof. To ensure you have a secure and custom fit, it has a seven-point Sure Fit adjustment system. Then to make this jacket three-season compatible, it has a removable insulated full sleeve liner and venting.

Unfortunately, this jacket’s sizing can be off, so you confirm your measurements match before buying. If they work for you, then it’ll look great. While the jacket has some waterproofing, it isn’t fully waterproof, and heavier rain will cause the jacket to leak.

Key Features
  • Rock Tex 600 outer shell
  • Seven-point Sure Fit system
  • Laser-cut waterproof zippers
  • CE approved armor
  • Brand Joe Rocket
  • Model 1061-5504
  • Weight 3.9 pounds

Removable insulated full sleeve liner


Stylish side design


Not durable

Sizing is off

Not waterproof for a heavy downpour

This fully adjustable jacket can give you a custom fit with adjustments at the cuffs, forearm, biceps, collar, and waist. For protection, there are CE shells on the shoulders, elbows, and back. It has high visibility accenting throughout the jacket. There is a pant zipper connection at the bottom of the jacket. You’ll love how many pockets this jacket has. This is a warm-weather jacket with mesh panels on the front and back.

Unfortunately, the jacket runs small, so you may want to size up when ordering. The zipper isn’t as durable as the rest of the jacket. You may also find that the lack of vents can make the jacket hot during summer. It also doesn’t come with a liner, so you’ll need to dress warmly when the weather gets colder.

Key Features
  • Mesh front and back
  • 1000 denier Cordura at impact points
  • High visibility logos
  • CE approved armor
  • Brand Jayefo
  • Model ACG-58
  • Weight 3.71 pounds

Fully adjustable

Pant zipper connection

Conceal carry pocket


Runs small

Zipper is not durable

Hot during summer

Embrace color with this jacket that comes in all black, light teal, bright pink, or white/grey. The outer shell is a combination of Rock Tex and Hitena for increased protection. There are CE shells in the shoulders and elbows. Unlike other jackets, you can access them from the outside of the jacket. It also has removable spine armor with full flex articulated back expansion panels. To help keep you cool, it has a variable ventilation system. You’ll be able to create a custom fit with the six-point Sure Fit adjustment system.

One potential issue is that the jacket has a slim fit through the torso. This could either not fit at all or create a comfortable custom second-skin fit. The arms are also quite long.

Key Features
  • Rock Tex and Hitena outer shell
  • CE approved armor
  • Variable flow ventilation system
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Brand Joe Rocket
  • Model 1741-5604
  • Weight 4 pounds

Full flex articulated back expansion panels

Four color options

Six-point Sure Fit custom adjustment system


Slim fit through the torso

Pockets are small

Arms are too long

Many women prefer all-leather motorcycle jackets. Unlike typical fabric, leather provides better protection as it resists abrasions better than textile jackets. Milwaukee uses 1.2mm premium milled cowhide leather on this jacket. The front features an off-center zip that can be closed to keep your neck warm when riding on a cool day. The collar and labels can be snapped down to allow you to catch a breeze on warmer days. It is elegantly finished in silver hardware with two outside zip pockets, a coin pocket, an outside pocket with snap closure, and a pocket inside the jacket. There is a belt that comes with the jacket.

Unfortunately, this jacket’s sizing runs small, so you may want to size up when ordering. Because it’s made of protective and thick leather, the jacket can feel heavy and hot when wearing it. While there are pockets for shoulder and elbow armor, you’ll need to buy it seperately.

Key Features
  • 1.2 mm premium milled cowhide leather
  • Crossover front
  • Silver hardware
  • Four pockets
  • Brand Milwaukee Leather
  • Model LKL2701J
  • Weight 5.15 pounds


Zip sleeves

Zip out liner


Sizing runs small

Heavy-feeling jacket

Jacket is hot

The Gohinstar Body Armor Protective Jacket looks like something out of a Mad Max movie, but it looks that way for good reason. The protection area on the front is focused on protecting your shoulders, chest, and waist, while at the back, it focuses on protecting your shoulders, back, spine, and waist. To ensure that the jacket stays in place when you fall, it also has an adjustable Velcro-secured waist belt for optimal fit regardless of your size. Gohinstar points out that in addition for use with motorcycles and ATVs, this jacket is also recommended for climbing, skiing, skating, mountain biking, and more. The jacket is available in black or red.

One potential drawback of this armor is that it feels thin. This keeps it feeling light and comfortable. There may be some hotspots that develop, but you can adjust the armor’s fitment and fix those.

Key Features
  • Bust: 37.8-39.8 inches
  • Waist: 31.9-33.0 inches
  • High-density EVA, PVC, and Lycra fabric
  • YKK zipper
  • Brand Gohinstar
  • Model Full Body Armor
  • Weight 2.64 pounds

Lightweight elastic, durable mesh fabric

Remains cool



Can create pressure points

Not durable

Armors feel thin

Joe Rocket has released the Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women’s Motorcycle Jacket. It also has one of the broadest size ranges, going from XS all the way to XXXL, and it’s available in five colors. To improve comfort, the jacket uses a proprietary mesh material called FreeAir, which is an abrasion-resistant material with large gauge weave to allow increased airflow. The sleeve liner is waterproof and removable. For the ribs, hips, and shoulders, it uses another proprietary material called RockTex with CE-approved armor in the elbow and shoulder areas.  To optimize fitment further, the nine-point SureFit adjustment system allows user-adjustable points at the waist, forearms, and cuffs.

One potential drawback of this jacket is that the mesh is not secured to the underlayer, so it’s loose. The sizing also runs small, so you’ll need to size up when buying.

Key Features
  • Free Air mesh torso
  • CE approved armor
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Nine-point Sure Fit custom adjustment system
  • Brand Joe Rocket
  • Model 1250-0002
  • Weight 20 pounds

Zipper for pant attachment

Reflective stripe

Three color options


Mesh fabric is loose

Not durable

Small sizing

If you’re concerned about safety, then this is the ideal jacket. It has a double armor system that includes external shoulder and elbow armor. It also has a five-piece removable internal armor system at the elbows, shoulders, and back. This all-season jacket has an ultra-breathable abrasion-resistant poly mesh and Cordura shell. Lining the jacket is a waterproof removable liner. To give you the best fit, it has a Sure Fit custom adjustable system. On the front and back of the jacket, there are reflective strips and reflective piping throughout to increase visibility. To store your stuff, there are two front pockets.

Unfortunately, the jacket has a short torso, which can feel awkward or uncomfortable. It also fits wide through the torso, which will be too large for slimmer people.

Key Features
  • Poly mesh and Cordura
  • External shoulder and elbow armor
  • Five-piece removable armor
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Brand Jackets 4 Bikes
  • Model Us26-white-l
  • Weight 4.15 pounds

Sure Fit customization

Reflective tape and piping

Adjustable arms


Short torso

Wide fit

Not durable

If you love the classic biker style but want something with a more feminine touch, then you’ll love this jacket from Viking Cycle. It’s made from 100 percent genuine cowhide leather with a quilted polyester liner. The waistline has stretch panels to give it a slimmer fit for a more feminine silhouette. There are multiple pockets throughout the jacket to provide you with plenty of storage for everything you want to bring with you. You’ll love the detailing throughout the jacket, including metal hardware and braided leather.

Unfortunately, the jacket does run large, so you may want to size down when ordering yours. The pockets are also really small and may not be large enough to hold everything you want to bring. Despite the description on Amazon, it does not come with or have pockets for CE-approved armor.

Key Features
  • 100 percent genuine cowhide leather
  • Quilted polyester liner
  • Stretchable waistline
  • Multiple pockets
  • Brand Viking Cycle
  • Model VC8000
  • Weight 3.45 pounds

Retro design

Slimmer waist

Zipper sleeves


Sizing runs large

Pockets are too small

Neck Velcro comes loose

This 100 percent waterproof jacket is both protective and breathable. The inside is lined with a Reissa membrane. The outside of the jacket is protective as it’s made of 600 denier Cordura. On the inside of the jacket, there’s a Reissa waterproof and breathable liner. To make this jacket usable year-round, there’s an insulated thermal liner. For protection, the jacket has CE shells on the shoulders and elbows with a high-density spine protector on your back. For increased comfort while riding, the jacket has action stretch panels in the shoulders and elbows. You can use the waist connection to zip the jacket to your pants.

The downside of the jacket is that it can have an awkward fit. Some women may find that the fit is large in the shoulders, which gives them an unattractive silhouette. It’s also not totally waterproof in heavy downpours.

Key Features
  • 600 denier Cordura construction textile
  • Removable CE approved armor
  • Mesh lining
  • Removable winter thermal lining
  • Brand HWK
  • Model Stella
  • Weight 4.99 pounds

100 percent waterproof

Multiple internal pockets

Neoprene collar


Awkward fit

Not waterproof

Large shoulder area

If you’re looking for an affordable and safe jacket, then this is just what you need. It has a durable outer shell that’s made from Rock Tex 600 denier fabric. On the inside, there are CE approved shells at the elbows, spine, and shoulders. To keep you comfortable, there are multiple ventilation vents throughout the jacket. You have adjustable Velcro straps throughout the jacket to give you a custom fit. If you want to wear the jacket in colder weather, you can use the removable zip-out liner to insulate the jacket. There is reflective detailing throughout the jacket to increase your visibility.

Unfortunately, the jacket runs small, so you’ll need to size up when buying yours. The arms are also quite long, so you may find them to be too long for you.

Key Features
  • Rock Tex 600 outer shell
  • CE approved protection
  • Multiple ventilation vents
  • Removable zip out liner
  • Brand Viking Cycle
  • Model VC223
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

Multiple internal and external pockets

360-degree reflective high visibility lining

Adjustable Velcro straps


Size chart runs small

Arms are too large

Jacket can feel hot

Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets Buying Guide & FAQ

Don’t let yourself get distracted by fashion motorcycle jackets. If you’re going to ride, you need a jacket that’s meant for this purpose. Fashion jackets may look cool, but they’ll be uncomfortable on a bike and won’t provide you with any protection. This guide will help you determine the best jacket for you.

You’ll want to think about size, cut, shape, safety features, storage ability, and functionality. The right jacket will feel so comfortable that you’ll practically forget that you’re wearing it. This is key because the last thing you want to do while riding is get distracted by your uncomfortable jacket.

Benefits of Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

The most obvious benefit of wearing a motorcycle jacket is that it will protect you in the event of a crash. No one wants to think about it, but riding can be dangerous. You’ll be happy to have a jacket on should the worst happen to you. The jacket should have shells that will absorb the shock of impact. Then it should be made of a durable material that will protect you from road rash or other abrasions.

The second benefit of wearing a jacket is that it will protect you while you’re riding. It can prevent you from the sun’s harmful UV rays during summer . Or it can help keep you warm during winter. Then it will protect you from road hazards such as dirt, debris, or even bugs. All it takes is for one large bug to hit you in the chest for you to realize how unpleasant the experience is.

Finally, wearing a motorcycle jacket is an opportunity for you to express your personal style and sense of fashion. You could match your jacket to your bike or your helmet. Or you could opt for something totally unique.

  • Increased protection during an accident.
  • Increased protection while riding.
  • Biker fashion and style.

Different Kinds of Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets can be classified into different types based on the type of motorcycle you ride. This is because each jacket is cut and styled to both look good and functionally excel when worn while riding the intended bike. If you already own a motorcycle, then this will help you narrow down your options when choosing a jacket.

Girl sitting on a bike wearing motorcycle women's jacket
Women’s motorcycle jackets come in a variety of styles


Cruiser motorcycle jackets have that classic biker look. They have a wider cut through the body, plenty of room in the shoulders, and are comfortable to wear. They tend to have a shorter torso to accommodate the more upright riding position on a cruiser motorcycle.

The traditional look is black leather. Modern trends have introduced more colorful textile options.

This style of jackets tends to lack safety features, such as CE armor. However, this is also changing, and you may be able to find one with included armor or pockets for you to add them later.


Sportbikes or street motorcycles put you in a more leaned forward position. To accommodate this, the sleeves tend to be longer so that when your arms are outstretched, the sleeves are the correct length. Another unique feature is that the jackets tend to be longer in the back. This ensures your lower back remains covered when leaning forward.

The majority of these jackets come with at least one set of CE armor, although it’s more common to find them completely outfitted with them. You’ll want to pay attention to the material of the shells. Lower quality jackets will use plastic, while higher quality jackets have an innovative composite material.

Another hallmark of high-end jackets is articulated sleeves. This makes wearing the jacket more comfortable on longer rides by reducing the stress on your arms.


Touring or adventure bikes put the rider in the same upright position that cruisers have. The difference is that adventure bikes are more often used for long rides through remote locations. This means you’ll want a jacket that can help you organize and carry your gear. To do these, these jackets have more external and internal pockets.

They also have more protective qualities than other jackets. This includes features like CE-approved armor, more rugged materials, and durable material and waterproofing.

Look for a jacket that can handle a variety of weather conditions. This would mean you need venting for hot weather and a removable liner for cold-weather riding.

What to Look for When Buying a Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

The best thing you can do when buying a motorcycle jacket is to try it on. The jacket needs to feel so comfortable that you essentially forget that you’re wearing it.  Put the jacket on and zip it up. Twist, flex, bend, and move to get into all of the positions that you will be in while riding. You can even sit on your bike and get a feel for how the jacket will feel while riding. If the jacket pinches or feels uncomfortable in any way, then it’s not the right jacket. These small pain points will become all you’ll think about while riding.

For many people, a jacket is about more than safety and comfort. It also needs to look good. For many women, they find motorcycle jackets give them a football stance with broad shoulders. This is due to the CE armor in the shoulders. Another frustration is the lack of a waist. Look for a jacket that accounts for both of these.

The Most Important Features of a Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

There are a few features that you need to look at when considering different motorcycle jackets. The first is to make sure the jacket actually fits you. Then you need to make sure the jacket will protect you while riding. Finally, do you like the way the jacket looks? It should have an appealing style and look that works for both your motorcycle style and your personal fashion sense.

A girl wearing black women's motorcycle jacket
Many “motorcycle” jackets are designed for fashion more than for motorcycling


Start by accepting that every manufacturer has a different size chart, and they are all different. You could wear a medium from one company and a large from another. Do not get hung up on the size printed on the jacket; the most important thing is to measure yourself and buy a jacket that fits. You’ll need to measure your bust, waist, torso, and arms. This will help you find a jacket that fits you everywhere.

When considering the fit, think about your riding position. Cruiser jackets have more room in the shoulders to account for your arms being raised. Sportbike jackets have longer torsos in the back to account for the leaning forward position.

Safety Features

The jacket you choose should have safety features built into the jacket. These are the features that keep you safe and protected should the worst happen while you’re riding. Look for abrasion-resistant material. This prevents road rash. You should also look for CE shells. The most protective jackets have them in the shoulders, elbows, and spine. Some less protective jackets only have them in some of these places or just the pockets for you to add shells later.

For a different type of protection, there are several motorcycle jackets that come with concealed carry internal pockets. If this is the type of protection you like to carry, then you should buy a jacket specifically designed for this.

Style and Looks

While you can technically choose any style of jacket that you want, most people prefer a style that fits with their motorcycle style. This means buying a sport jacket for your Kawasaki, a cruiser jacket for your Harley, or an adventure jacket for your dual-sport bike. This is because manufacturers have a specific type of bike in mind when designing the jacket. So by picking one that matches, it will perform the best and be the most comfortable while riding.

The other part of style is to match the jacket to your personal aesthetic. There was a time when women’s gear only came in pink. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and you can find jackets in almost any shade.

Care and Maintenance of Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

Keeping your jacket clean will keep it in good condition and have it looking beautiful. While riding, your jacket will encounter rain, road grime, debris, and bugs. If you leave all of this on your jacket, it’ll start to look like a mess and smell terrible. You can spot clean your jacket if there’s minor dirt. If your jacket gets seriously dirty, you may need to take more extreme measures. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best method of cleaning.

When storing your jacket, keep it in a cool, dry place. Leaving it outside or exposed to high heat and humidity will degrade the materials faster. This is especially true for the CE shells.

Speaking of CE shells, you should periodically check and replace them. Similar to your helmet, they have a set useful and effective lifespan. After that, you’ll want to replace them with newer ones.

  • Regularly clean your jacket.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place.
  • Check your CE shells.

Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets FAQ:

Many people ask if they even need a jacket when they first start riding. The short answer is yes, you do. There’s no excuse, whether it’s hot or cold out — there’s a jacket that will keep you safe and comfortable. You’ll see many bikers choosing not to wear a jacket at all. However, it isn’t safe to do this.

Q: What is the best motorcycle jacket for hot weather?

The best jackets for hot weather are made of textile materials with plenty of venting. This makes them breathable so you won’t overheat.

Q: What is the safest motorcycle jacket?

The safest jacket doesn’t interfere with your riding ability while also having plenty of protective features that will be important in the event of an accident.

Q: Why do bikers wear jackets?

There are two reasons to wear a motorcycle jacket. The first is to protect the upper half of your body while riding or in the event of an accident. The other is to keep you warm while riding during colder weather.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best women’s motorcycle jacket is the Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Women’s Textile Riding Jacket . It has a durable and protective outer shell that’s made of Rock Tex 600 denier fabric. There are CE approved armor shells for increased protection at impact points. Then there’s a seven-point Sure Fit system to give you a secure and customized fit. The waterproofing treatment and removable insulated full sleeve liner ensure you can wear this jacket year-round.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with the Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Women’s Textile Riding Jacket with its custom fitment and several safety features. For a more affordable option, the Alpha Cycle Gear Breathable Motorcycle Jacket offers you safety and breathability.


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