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You’ve spent your hard-earned cash on your new RV and it’s now become your much-used second home from home. The last thing you want is for someone else to decide to take it for their own. Securing your RV is an essential to keeping it out of the wrong hands and any way to make it harder to break into has got to be a good investment.

With one security risk to RVs being their factory-default locks which have standard keys, a good idea is to look at switching your current physical key system to a keyless RV door lock which is much harder to crack. Plus, a keyless system takes away the worry of losing your keys and finding yourself locked out of your RV after a long day on the road. To help you make the switch away from keys, we take a look at some of the best touch pad RV keyless entry systems you can currently buy.

The Best RV Keyless Entry System

A shoo-in for most standard sized RV door locks and with a tough build, our best Choice is an easy to install and use keypad system that’s worth the mid-priced money.

The V4 from RVLock is a solid way to upgrade your camper’s security and will look sleek and neat on most RVs, thanks to the weather-resistant black powder-coated finish. The model also comes pre-loaded with the required batteries so you can be up and keyless running in less than 20 minutes. You get an integrated eight-key pad system as well as two fob remotes, although you can add up to 10 additional fobs for your family and friends. Plus, just in case of a ‘I forgot my code/lost my fob’ emergency, you also get a set of conventional mechanical keys. You will need to buy the extra fobs however but that’s not really a deal-breaker with our keyless RV door lock top pick.

Key Features
  • Keyless system with integrated keypad
  • Comes with two wireless fobs
  • Mechanical keys supplied
  • Runs on 4 x AA batteries
  • Easy install and maintenance
  • Brand RVLock
  • Weight 2.35 pounds

Keypad system that can also be used with the supplied key fobs

Quick and easy to install and use


The entry beep is a little loud

For a well-priced keyless entry system that fits most RVs and gives you simple but effective touch pad access, we say check out this RV Deadbolt Door Lock from AP Products. Straight-forward in both looks and functionality, the five-button pad sits in the door handle, and the operation is simple and smooth. With a four-digit pin, you control the deadbolt, with a back-up set of mechanical keys should there ever be a problem with opening the door. The RV keyless entry is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), the buttons are nicely sized, and the keypad also lights up so you can gain access to your RV at night. There is no wiring required with the RV Deadbolt Door Lock and as it should fit most standard RVs, installation is pretty easy. A decent keyless RV entry door lock for the money.

Key Features
  • ‘Touch Tech’ RV door latch
  • Low-profile design
  • Keypad takes 4-digit code
  • Illuminates for easy reading
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries
  • Brand AP Products
  • Model 013-509
  • Weight 3 pounds

The light-up keypad makes it easy to use at night


Doesn’t come supplied with the required batteries

Designed to fit most class C and many class A RVs with standard right-hinged doors, this heavy-duty RV entry door lock is a smart addition to your camper’s security. It’s at the top end of our best RV keyless entry system review, but the build is quality and you get a lock that feels, acts and looks secure.

The easy open handle has a low-profile touch keypad that can take one of a potential one million code combinations. Or choose to use the remote fob (you can add up to 10 to the system) for remote access. Plus, you get a set of mechanical keys and a hideaway section as a manual back-up. This camper door lock works on 4 AA batteries which come pre-loaded and all the mounting kit is also supplied. Yes, it is over $250 but this is a robust and durable keyless entry system that is reliable to use and comes powder-coated so it can stand up to the elements.

Key Features
  • Fits most class C and A RVs
  • Low-profile and quick to install
  • Holds up to 1 million code combinations
  • Includes fob system and spare keys
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries
  • Brand RVLock
  • Weight 5 pounds

Quick installation and a versatile system to fit most standard RVs


Expensive – at the top end of our review budget

If you’re on a budget but looking to upgrade to keyless, then this high security RV door lock from Mictuning is worth a look. For just over 100 bucks you get all the core functionality of a keyless RV door lock and while it may not be as heavy-duty or low-profile in looks as other models, it certainly works.

For your money you get a keypad and fob entry system, along with a spare set of physical keys. And the wireless range for the fob is not bad, and you can unlock your RV some 20m away. Made from zinc alloy, with a flame-retardant nylon, it is also waterproof and designed to fit most standard door RVs. And with a decent backlight, you can also read the pad under cover of darkness after a late night out. The set comes with everything you need to get up and running, including batteries and mounting kit plus you get a one-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Designed for most standard door RVs
  • Touch keypad plus two wireless fobs
  • Made from zinc-alloy and nylon
  • 20m wireless control distance
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries
  • Model 4350431781
  • Weight 3.3 pounds

Good value and easy to set up and install


Battery life could be better

Underpinned by a solid base of zinc alloy, the RUPSE is a solid chunk of a keyless RV door lock that looks and feels reassuringly secure. With a full metal handle, waterproof and rust-proof powder coating and fire protection rated, you get a solid piece of keyless kit for a mid-priced budget.

Quick to install, the RUPSE RV keyless entry door lock is also compatible with most class A and C RVs as well as trailers and campers, just check with your vehicle spec first before you buy. The keypad is large enough for easy use and takes a four-digit password or you could opt for the keyless fob, which has a 20m wireless range. A full set of mechanical keys complete the package as a handy back-up. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) you also have a low battery alarm, so you know when to re-power your door security system.

Key Features
  • Solid zinc alloy base and handle
  • Waterproof, rust proof and fire protected
  • Touch pad, wireless fob and key system
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries/low power alarm
  • Fit most A and C class RVs
  • Brand RUPSE
  • Weight 4.19 pounds

Solid zinc alloy construction that durable and easy to use

Low power alarm keeps you ahead of the batteries


Initial code programming can be a little hit or miss

Double up on your RV’s new keyless security by adding this baggage compartment door lock system into the mix. Added to your camper alongside a change of key lock on the main doors will keep your RV and precious cargo safe and secure.

Designed to fit most standard RV, trailer, motorhome and camper baggage and storage compartments, this keyless system is made with a steel core and is finished with a weather resistant powder coated exterior finish. Use the 8-digit keypad to access the compartment by personal code or opt for the quick and convenient wireless fob, while you get a set of mechanical keys as back-up. It is easy to install and the whole unit comes pre-loaded with the required 4 AA batteries to keep it powered up.

Key Features
  • Keyless lock system for baggage compartments
  • Designed for most standard RVs, campers and trailers
  • Steel core and powder-coated exterior
  • Keypad, two fobs and back up keys
  • Comes with one-year warranty
  • Brand RVLock
  • Weight 4.19 pounds

An effective storage partner for your RV main door keyless entry system


Check the thickness of your storage door to ensure it will fit

Double down on that locked door with this ‘intelligent’ keyless entry system that works out the position of the deadbolt in your RV’s door and locks down when the door is firmly shut. Powered by four AA batteries, the unit will also let you know when the juice is low so you and feedback when the door is successfully engaged and shut.

Designed to fit most 2-Pin Motorized RV entry doors, the touch button system is slick and easy to program and use, and proximity sensors illuminate the buttons for clear code entry. Meanwhile, you also get a spare set of mechanical keys as back-up in case you forget your personal entry code. And while this is quite a chunky, heavy dude, the Bauer fits surprisingly snug and flush, giving a relatively low profile on your RV door.

Key Features
  • Fits most 2-pin motorized RV doors
  • Intelligent system locates the deadbolt
  • Keypad entry with illuminating pad
  • Back-up set of mechanical keys
  • Low battery power warning
  • Brand AP Products
  • Model 013-531
  • Weight 6 pounds

A solid keyless deadlock bolt lock for most class A and C RVs


On the expensive side and doesn’t come complete with batteries

RV Keyless Entry System Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an RV Keyless Door Lock

When buying a new RV keyless entry system, you need to take into account the model of your RV as well as other key factors:

Size and type – all RVs are not made equal so you’ll need to know the specific dimensions for your RV and its door locks so you can match the right size keyless entry model. You will also need to check whether your RV is only compatible with certain brands or styles of RV keyless entry. You want minimum impact on your RV when fitting the new keyless system, so compatibility is essential.

Ease of fitting – if the keyless unit is the right size for your RV’s door and existing door lock space, then you should have no problem fitting and programming the new unit yourself. Check that your preferred model is easy to fit and that you have the tools and know-how to do it yourself, otherwise seek professional advice to get it up and running correctly.

Access method – consider which type of high security RV door locks is best for you and, if relevant, your family to ensure you can all use the system safely and happily. For adults, and keypad and smartphone app system is secure and easy to use while for a family with young kids, a single keypad system may be the better option. Going through the pros and cons of each access method will help you choose the right one for your own set up.

Backup keys – if you’re concerned about being left without access if your keyless RV entry door lock fails or you forget the code, then check if the system you are choosing has a back-up key slot so you can use a physical key to gain access. However, if you are wanting maximum access security for your camper, there are totally keyless options available, just check what the back-up plan is should there be a system malfunction.

Extra features – for ease of use, some models have extra functionality, including wireless key fobs, fingerprint access or Bluetooth control. You can also purchase additional latches for other doors in your RV so you can use them all on the same keyless entry system.

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Benefits of a High Security RV Door Locks

While chances are the main reason you are looking at a keyless RV entry door lock is for improving security on your RV, there are other benefits to ditching the physical key:

Convenience – pure and simple. You no longer have to worry about where your keys are or carry them around, running the risk of losing them on a long hike. You don’t have to worry about having a spare key and working out where to hide it, then remembering where you put it!

Control over access – you shouldn’t take your RV’s security lightly and with a keyless entry system you’re firmly in the driving seat. With RV keyless entry, you can create your own unique passwords and assign them to the people you want entering your camper. You can also provide one-off entry to your RV – for dog walkers, visitors or tradespeople for example – without getting more keys cut. Then you can change the codes once they have left to keep everything safe and secure.

No need for a spare key – spare keys are so easy to misplace or lose track of who you have given them to, but with a RV keyless entry system for your RV you no longer have to worry. Thieves will also look around to find where you may have hidden a spare key outside your RV, but with a totally keyless system, they will always be out of luck.

Different Types of RV Keyless Entry

Yes, you are getting rid of the need for a physical key with an RV keyless entry system, but there are different methods to replace that key. The main types of RV keyless entry are:

Keypad – these are usually present in all types of keyless entry systems, either as the main or sole way of entry or as a back-up/failsafe to the below. Simple to use, you type in your own unique entry code to gain access and can change the code at any time.  Smart technology means you can also get some keyless entry models that respond to your fingerprint, which is pre-programmed in, similar to the fingerprint system you can use to unlock your smartphone.

Wireless – available as a fob, similar to the one you use for your car, wireless access allows you to remotely lock and unlock your RV by pressing the fob button.

Bluetooth – these keyless systems link to an app on your smartphone or device, in the same way smart door locks work in your home.

Best RV Keyless Entry System FAQ:

Q: What is an RV keyless door lock and how does it work?

The RV is so much more than a way to get from A to B. You set it up as your home from home and will most probably have a lot of personal belongings, of both personal and financial value, stored away inside. Your RV can be left unsupervised for periods of a time when you get to your destination or park site which is why effective security for your RV is essential. And while a key system can work, you can really up the ante with keyless RV door locks on your camper or RV. A keyless RV door lock does away with the need for a physical key and lets you limit access to who you choose. The system should sit in place of your existing RV door lock and uses either a keypad or remote access (eg. an App on your smart phone or a fob) to let you in and out and to lock down your RV when you are sleeping or are not at home.  Keyless door locks use a small part called an actuator which connects the door bolt or cylinder to a small motor within the door lock unit. This motor is controlled by an electrical impulse which can be controlled in a number of keyless ways – including a keypad or a wireless remote-control sensor. You will then need a pin code (for the keypad) or a fob or smartphone app (for the wireless system) to gain access to your RV and to lock it back up again. Caravan trailer on a green lawn

Q: How do I install my RV keyless entry system?

Installing an RV keyless entry system will depend on the type of lock you have purchased and the brand, so always ensure it’s the correct model for your vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, after removing your existing RV or camper door lock, the basic installation method of a keyless system for your RV will require:
– The RV door to be set in an open position, held or secured so it doesn’t close.
– Ensure the cut-out space left in your door where the key system has been matches the size of your new keyless lock pad.
– The font unit is then inserted, making sure the door’s deadbolt and levers fit properly
– The connections to the back panel then need to be plugged in, before the back assembly is screwed into place.
– You will then need to program your new RV keyless entry system as indicated in the instruction manual.

Q: How do I reset the code on an RV lock?

First up, read the instruction manual for your particular RV keyless entry model to get it right first time. Your system will come with a default factory setting – more often than not 1-2-3-4. As a general rule of thumb, most RV lock codes can be set by using the following:
– Hold down the 8 key (or key as instructed) and the lock button and release at the same time
– Enter the default or existing code then press lock
– Type in your new code (usually up to 8 digits) then press lock.
– Hold until you get confirmation the code has been accepted – typically a long beep.
– The new code should now open your RV door.

Our Top Pick

The V4 Keyless Entry Handle from RVLock scoops our top pick as it is a straight-up RV keyless door lock that is well-priced, performs well and fits most standard RV door locks. With an easy to use keypad entry system, you also get the option of also using a remote fob, with a physical set of keys to keep as spare. Easy to install and robust, this is an RV door lock that will stand up to long-term use and keep your RV secure.