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If you’re like many people who have invested a lot of time and money into their ideal RV, you want to take good care of it at all times, but especially in the off-season when a garage isn’t available. If leaving it outside and exposed to harsh elements doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to consider investing in a high-quality RV Cover. It will act as a security blanket (quite literally) for your rig, guarding against harsh UV rays, damaging sap, moisture, debris, and more. There are plenty of options available when it comes to RV covers, but some are definitely better than others. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve taken the liberty of coming up with our top choices, as well as an in-depth buying guide to show you which boxes to check to ensure you’re getting the ideal RV cover to suit your needs.

Best RV Covers Reviews & Recommendations

We’ll kick off with this RV cover from ADCO, which in the RV community is byword for quality and providing a high degree of protection of all its covers. This model is specifically designed for use in a moderate climate with high moisture, which means that the standout feature is the roofing material, as that is going to provide the most protection from rainfall. It achieves this by employing a triple-layer, Aqua Shed top panel designed to keep your RV as dry as possible.

Tough polypropylene side panels to protect RV walls accompany the roof panel and those side panels also feature multiple zipped entry points so you can easily gain access to your RV whenever you need. Reinforced buckles, straps, and flaps protect against wind damage and prevent slack material. The cover only provides moderate protection from UV damage, however, so if you live in a very sunny area, it may not be the right one for you. But for the vast majority of people, this is a high-quality RV cover for an attractive mid-range price.

  • Brand ADCO
  • Model 52245
  • Weight 25 pounds

Great moisture protection

Fits a huge range of RVs and campers

Zipper side entries


Not ideal for strong sun exposure

Seam stitching could be stronger

Not meant for long-term storage or extreme climates

Our next model comes from Classic Accessories, with a camper trailer cover designed with a wetter climate in mind. Because of that, the stand-out feature with the cover is a well-designed triple-ply top layer providing the highest levels of protection against rain & snow. In addition to that, the cover has been designed with a venting system to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Adjustable front and rear tension panels are also a nice touch, as they will really help you to achieve a secure fit, minimizing the potential for wind damage from flapping material. As we said, this cover is certainly designed with wetter climates in mind, so the UV protection is a little lacking. The cover also has a price tag that’s easier on the wallet than a lot of other options. That said, if you need to store an RV or trailer through a wet winter this could be a solid investment. This cover has a reputation for wearing out its side panels prematurely, but since it’s backed by a solid three-year warranty, the risk is minimal.

  • Brand Classic Accessories
  • Model 73163
  • Weight 25 pounds

Adjustable panels for secure fit

Good moisture protection

Three-year warranty


Designed mainly for wet weather

Side panels could be more durable

Seam stitching is weak in some places

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO Cover is a high-end product that offers some premium features. The big stand out has to be the material itself as the company forewent polypropylene construction, and instead relying on woven polyester. That means this cover is extremely strong, rip-resistant, and provides high-level UV protection, snow, and animal debris damage. Rainfall and snow aren’t issues either, as the cover is designed to be quick drying. Add that to the highly effective built-in venting system and you can push fears of mold and mildew to the back of your mind.

Installation is designed to be very easy, which is partly due to the tough but lightweight material, but also because of nice touches like the weighted toss bag and extra-long zipper tie handles. This is not a product that comes cheap and it is, in fact, the most expensive cover on the list. But if you are in the market for a truly high-end cover – and money is no object – it’s frankly hard to look past this model.

  • Brand Classic Accessories
  • Model 80-139-191001-00
  • Weight 25.7 pounds

Strong ripstop material

Close to custom fit

Easy installation



Some issues with chart sizing not being completely accurate

Comes folded inside out from the factory

The Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover is a great choice for those who live in super sunny or very windy climates. Despite that though it has a number of useful features.
We have 4-ply top fabric for example, with rugged UV protection and a waterproof membrane. The zippered panels are very wide on this model of cover, allowing for great access to the RV stored underneath and the corners of the cover are both elasticized for a secure fit and reinforced to protect against weather damage to the cover itself.

Tension panels and strapping allow for a secure fit, though they’re not quite as durable or secure as a more expensive product. Four reflective strips in the front and rear let you easily see this cover at night. Even better, it is more of a budget model, with a price tag toward the lower end of the spectrum and the 24-month warranty period is a nice added touch. The one drawback is that this company is not known for its stellar customer service skills.

  • Brand Leader Accessories
  • Model 90101004
  • Weight 34.8 pounds

Good value for money

Decent elastic strapping

Double stitched zippers


Sizing chart is off

Questionable customer service

Doesn’t include an assistance pole for easy installation

The Summates Travel Trailer Cover is a great mid-level product that offers straightforward protection for your RV without a lot of extraneous bells and whistles and a price tag to match.
The usual triple-ply roof is paired with a single-ply (but relatively thick) side panel, all made of polypropylene. Strapping is well placed and made of strong Nylon webbing, and adjustable panels to the front and rear allow for a snug fit. Side panels lift up for easy access to the RV, too.

Speaking of installation, that really is where this product shines as it is much easier to get this cover in place compared to some other products on this list, and the instructions are simple and straightforward. This is not an Earth-shattering cover boasting a laundry list of new features but it is a well-designed, competent cover with a good price tag.

  • Brand Summates
  • Model 21004001-21004009
  • Weight 21 pounds

Secure fit

Mid-range price

Simple installation


Corners could be reinforced better

Not the best for severe climates and harsh weather

Installation instructions are difficult to understand

How We Selected The Products

There were dozens of different options for RV covers to choose from. In order to narrow down and select only the best options, we chose products that came from reputable manufacturers with a solid history of producing reliable and innovative RV products. We wanted to offer a diverse selection of full coverage options that are specifically designed for larger RVs. For pricing strategy, we also wanted to offer a wide range to suit any budget, so you’ll see products ranging from $200 to the upper end of the spectrum.

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.

Buying Guide/What To Look For

In our buying guide, we’ll take you through the features that you should keep an eye out for when picking out the best RV Cover for you. We’ll walk you through what to look for to ensure you get a durable, long-lasting, and reliable cover that won’t let you down midway through the off-season.

Things to Look For In An RV Cover

Roof Protection

One of the most important elements of the design is roof protection. Think about it, the roof is really going to bear the brunt of potentially damaging weather conditions like rain. Look for a high-quality, 3- or 4- ply top that features a waterproof membrane.

Access Panels

If you know you will want to get inside the RV during its storage period, look for a cover with zippered access panels. You don’t want to be removing the cover every time you remember that you locked the spare truck keys in the RV.


You simply must let the vehicle breathe beneath its cover, or you are going to get an infestation of mold and mildew. Look for a cover with good air venting to prevent this. Ventilation also allows the breeze to travel through the cover so that strong winds don’t scoot underneath it and lift the cover off the rig.


Properly positioned ties and straps will help to keep the cover on the RV rather than blowing off and disappearing down the road. Look for covers with a snug fit provided by well-designed and placed fabric ties and strapping that feature strong, reinforced stitching.

RV Cover Tips and Tricks

As with something you do for decades upon decades, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way in terms of selecting the right product, and/or using it. That’s the case with us and RV covers. To help you bridge the information gap, here’s a selection of what we’ve learned along the way.

  • Put tape or foam on any sharp edges along your RV’s sides before installing the cover in order to protect against accidental ripping of the material.
  • Make sure your RV is completely clean and dry prior to installing the cover in order to prevent mold and moisture from building up underneath it.
  • While installation can often be done by one person, it’s always easier and quicker with a buddy.
  • Lay the cover out on the ground to inspect for any tears or damage once you take it out of the package, in case you need to cash in on that warranty.


Q: Will a cover scratch my vehicle’s paint job?

The short answer to this is no, it won’t damage the paint of your vehicle so long as you are careful during the installation process. Be mindful of strapping and buckles, though.

Q: Are RV covers waterproof?

Many covers are, but this is not universally so. A cover with high UV protection, for example, may provide less protection from moisture damage since it is designed for use in a dryer, high sun environment. If you live in a wetter area look for a cover that specifically states it is designed for use in this environment.

Q: Is it OK to cover my vehicle with a plastic tarp?

While you can always choose to cover your vehicle with whatever you like, a simple tarp will not offer nearly the protection that a specially designed RV cover will. It won’t stay put as well in strong winds and rains, either.

Q: How do I wash a cover?

Many covers will come with washing instructions in the installation instructions that will be bespoke to the construction material. Generally speaking, the best way to clean a cover is to lay it on the ground or over a washing line. Rinse down with a hose then gently scrub any staining with a soft brush and warm water. Leave to dry thoroughly before placing it onto your vehicle.

Q: How do I measure my RV for a cover?

When measuring your RV, make sure that you include the bumper in your measurements but not the hitch. If you have a roof-mounted AC unit, then you need to add about a foot to the total length to allow extra material to cover the AC. Also, make sure to include the length of any add-on RC accessories like a rear-mounted spare tire or bike rack.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a rugged, dependable RV cover that doesn’t come with a huge price tag, our top pick overall has to be the ADCO Designer Series Aqua Shed RV Cover . This model is a full-coverage option that’s specifically designed for use in a moderate climate with high moisture.

For a great budget-conscious option that will still provide reliable protection, check out the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO Trailer Cover . This cover features a well-designed triple ply top layer that’s intended to provide the highest levels of protection against rain and snow.