I love runny-egg Porsches to a fault. I appreciate the runny-egg look so much that I recently came a little too close to buying a cheap broken-down 986 Boxster from Copart. I’m glad I didn’t, because what I bought instead is in immensely better shape and is a perfect platform for my future plans. But still, there’s something about those headlights on that era of Porsche that can lead to some very poor financial decisions.

  • Car : 996 Porsche 911
  • Location : Southern California
  • Photog : Peter Nelson ( Instagram )
  • Camera : iPhone 7

When you combine that style with Porsche red (presumably Guards Red), kick-ass wheels, and a factory aero body kit , my jaw instantly drops to the ground. This is such an all-around good-looking Porsche. Other cars are awfully overrated when painted in red, but this is just wonderful.